Mer Sex… Really?

Okay, please. Someone. Tell me WHY you’re googling Mer Sex?

You know who you are. All of you. Every day.

Seriously. E-v-e-r-y day.

I read my site stats. Every day there is a search for Mer Sex and at least one person ends up on my blog. There are also searches for MerSex. and Sex Mer. And SexMer.

What could you possibly be looking for? I mean, I get when my first book came out, that was the big question: How do my Mer men have sex with Humans? I have to admit to being surprised by the question because, to me, it was a no brainer. (And, no, I’m not going to answer that; you’ll have to read the book.) But I seriously never saw that question coming. So, when it did, I admit to having some fun with it and that’s why I wrote the post: Everything You Wanted to Know About Mer Sex But Were Afraid to Ask. It was fun and it was funny.

But that was TWO years ago. Two YEARS. Who is searching mer sex these days? It’s certainly not to get to my books. My new series about genies is out. And just because Pirates of the Caribbean featured mermaids doesn’t mean that sex with Mers (notice: the search is not for sex with merMAIDS) is a hot search topic. So why? What are you possibly hoping to discover? What made you think of it in the first place? And what else are you finding when you google it?

If anyone can answer this, I’d be much obliged because it really is a head-scratcher for me. I know you can find out just about anything on the internet, but I have to wonder HOW someone even thinks to search Mer Sex.


It’s Official

‘Cause the boss said so.


Some of you know I recently got a full time day job. It’s with a growing company whose owner thinks outside the box. He’s even given himself the title of “Senior Dreamweaver.” There’s a “Dreamweaver in Training,” a “Duke of Sales,”  and the engineers are “E1” and “E2.” You get the picture.

So, when he recently asked what my title should be, I jokingly gave him the one my sister gave me a few years ago on a tshirt for Christmas. He loved it and dubbed me:



I quite enjoy that, thankyouverymuch. It’s now outside my office.

Carry on.

My Very First Look at In Over Her Head


 FIRST OFFICIAL: Look at my book!

I’m going to be participating in an online auction to benefit a homeless family and I’ll be auctioning off an ARC (advanced reading copy) of In Over Her Head (a full four and a half months before it shows up in book stores). Today my copy arrived and thrilled just doesn’t begin to cover the emotions. For a writer to say the feeling is indescribable should give you some idea.

Dancing Pinocchio

The holidays can be a fun and crazy time. Toss in Wii Fit with a guy who can’t hula-hoop, and, well, the laughs just start.

Here’s my brother in law, AKA Dancing Pinocchio as his wife named him, giving us just one round of hilarity.

Guilty Pleasure


Okay, I have to admit it: besides Survivor, Lost and Desperate Housewives, my other guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of (insert appropriate city here). I caught first season of the original in Orange County about three episodes in and had to do a mad scramble to catch up and get the whole backstory.

Why? I have no idea. Some of it is so silly, some of it so utterly painful (k-a-t comes to mind)… I liken it to the show (and, sorry, I can’t remember the name) where people thought they were going to be on an American Idol-like show. Except those contestants couldn’t sing. But they thought they could. I only watched it once because all I kept thinking was, “Don’t these people have any friends? Family? Someone to tell them, ‘Look, I’m really glad you like to sing, but the truth is, keep it in the shower.'”

Same thing with these Real Housewives. I can see them wanting to do it for the publicity. But at what point do you consider that, maybe, enough is enough? How much do you want people to really know about you? None of us is perfect, but most of us get to keep our mistakes confined to just us and maybe a few select friends.

I didn’t get a chance to see the new season opener of the Orange County ladies, who, I have to say, as a whole are a less-painful watch than the other two groups. But yes, I will be scanning the DVR for it. Why? Because there’s just something that keeps you coming back for more. I wish I could figure it out. I think many more episodes are required until I can (LOL).

A few things anyone considering doing this show might want to think about before committing: if you have to say you have class, then, really, you don’t. If someone tells you you need to work on the basics of singing, it means you can’t sing. And the word is “ASK” not “AKS.” Oh, and saying “money buys you prestige” publicly can’t possibly be the image you want to promote when looking for prestige… is it?

But thank you for going out of my comfort zone, ladies! It’s highly entertaining and I hope you get from it whatever it is that you went into it wanting.

Happy New Year

Yes, I’ve been a bad girl. It’s been over a month since my last blog, but what a month! I’m, of course, talking about the holidays. Gift shopping, meal planning, wrapping, of course work, and round 3 of American Title. Promo is sooo much work. But, boy is it fun to read emails from people I’ve never met who’ve heard about me through this friend, or that co-worker, or that alumnus…The absolute best part of this contest is hearing from people who say they like my story. It makes it all worthwhile. I really hope to someday have this story published and get comments like that from readers who’ve read the whole thing!

 But I digress. (I do that, just like my heroine of Beauty and The Best, Jolie.) The holidays – this year I didn’t have much on my wish list, just my new website and a ticket to the RT conference in Houston in April, both of which I got. But the best present I got this year was the look on everyone’s faces when they opened their gifts. It truly is better to give than to receive. Let’s just say, with all the holiday hoopla and who wants what and the budget and all that stuff, I done good. I got several “best gifts ever!” and there was even the cry of “Judi saved Christmas!” (Long story, lost gift cards, arguing family members…it wasn’t pretty.)

One of our friends lost his father Christmas Eve – that really puts the whole gift-giving thing in perspective. Truly, you can’t take it with you and what really counts are the memories you make. Those last a lifetime. All cliche, but so true. I’m a firm believer that it’s a cliche for a reason – everyone says it/knows it/thinks it so it becomes part of the vernacular.

So we’re on to 2007. Another year older, but then, age is just a number. Not that it’s how young you feel (another cliche that I totally get), but that it’s another number you’re around to celebrate. I’m thankful for every day with my family, every day seeing the sun or the clouds, the damp or the snow. Every day to worry over bills because at least I can. There’s so much to do in my life that I like to think I’m only 1/3 of the way through it, though statistics show I’m probably closer to 1/2. But that’s okay, because I’m where I want to be in my life, happy with the choices I’ve made, my family, my chosen career path (but that could move a little more quickly to suit me 🙂 ), my friends and relationships. Even my part time job.

So I’m looking forward to 2007. Another writer friend said that this is “our” year. I hope. I really do. But if it’s not, that’s okay too, because I’m having such a blast writing these stories, getting the great feedback from readers and contest judges, and even editors and agents. The journey is half the fun of getting there.

 Thanks for sharing this journey with me! May 2007 bring you all you wish and keep you safe, happy and healthy!


The World According to Judi

Wow, it’s been a while. I’m amazed at the folks who can blog every day. I can barely get myself organized every day. This working thing stinks. 🙂 Though I love my job – the guys are fun to work with. But writing, promo, blogging, physical therapy for the knee, house stuff, kids stuff, wife stuff, my stuff…I need more hours in the day. I just finished revisions on my time travel, Through The Leaded Glass, and man, what I wouldn’t give for my own time travel device. I used to do the train into the city thing BC (before children). Up early, shower, pack 1 lunch, drive myself to the train, spend 45 mins on the train, another five to ten getting to the office and I’d be majorly productive by 8 am. Now, I’m lucky to have most of the kids off to school, myself dressed, the hours I need to work in and lunches done. Thank goodness the DH is self-sufficient in the lunch department.

 How do you people who work full time and run a house and have kids find time to write? Heck, how do you people who work full time find time to do anything for yourself? My hat’s off to you.

 I have a friend who’s a single mom, works two jobs and is going to school. I don’t know how she does it. And her kid is well-adjusted. There’s a lot of love between the two of them, but honestly, I don’t know how she doesn’t collapse and call in sick for like a month. (Not that I advocate doing that, mind you, but talk about burning the candle at both ends!)

I guess the old adage is true – you do what you have to. But she, and others like her, have my full admiration. I “single parent” it every few weeks when the DH is travelling. It’s not bad with all the activities, but I have help. Grandparents are a good thing! Plus, there’s an end in sight. It can be done for a finite number of nights. With help. These folks who do it all alone, day in and day out, deserve medals of honor. Big, fat paychecks. The limelight. (Unlike some party-hopping heiresses who worry about which sparkly collar to put on their pet, but that’s another rant.)

Sometimes all the “to-do stuff” stresses me out about not having time to write is petty. And I probably shouldn’t even consider it stressful b/c, really, just don’t do it. Right? Well, yes, in a way, I guess. But then I think about it being my dream. My passion. What I want to be when I grow up. Then I say, “I’m allowed to stress out.” I want to do this for myself. I want to do it to show my kids that you can make your dreams come true, and, yes, most of the time, it’s through hard work and perserverance. It’s about making time for your dreams, but not taking time away from what’s important.

It’s funny, but reading what I just wrote, I realize that I do “time-travel.” I expand my limited hours to include what’s important to me, our family, our lives, work – and me. Kind of like each time you have a new baby. Your heart expands to include it without taking away from the others.

And on that thought, I’ll call it a night. It’s time for the “sleep” stuff.

Have a good Wednesday!