Thank God for SNL’s writers. This is utterly brilliant!

Real Housewives of Disney, SNL


In Celebration (AKA I love my Husband!)

I Dream of Jeannie Bottle

Yep, I now own this.

Silly, I know. But I LOVED I Dream of Jeannie and now that I’m writing a genie trilogy, well, it was a no brainer.

I have to say thank you to my wonderful husband who not only didn’t roll his eyes when I found this online, but was the one to say, “Go ahead and buy it. You deserve it and it’s cool.”

Really, is it any wonder where my heroes in my stories come from?

Thanks for sharing the excitement!

Mermaid Sighting?

Talk about perfect timing! My first book, In Over Her Head, features an entire undersea world of Atlantis with Mer men and women. It’s got talking fish. Grumpy starfish. Nasty sharks and a sea monster or two.

Turns out, I might not be that far off.

Some folks are claiming to have seen a “girl with a tail” smiling at them off the coast of Israel and it’s giving tourism in the town quite a boost.

And for anyone who gets a picture of this mermaid, it’ll give their bank account quite a boost: one million of them.

I couldn’t NOT put this on my blog. Enjoy and let me know what you think:


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Link to video since I can’t embed it for some reason

Guilty Pleasure


Okay, I have to admit it: besides Survivor, Lost and Desperate Housewives, my other guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of (insert appropriate city here). I caught first season of the original in Orange County about three episodes in and had to do a mad scramble to catch up and get the whole backstory.

Why? I have no idea. Some of it is so silly, some of it so utterly painful (k-a-t comes to mind)… I liken it to the show (and, sorry, I can’t remember the name) where people thought they were going to be on an American Idol-like show. Except those contestants couldn’t sing. But they thought they could. I only watched it once because all I kept thinking was, “Don’t these people have any friends? Family? Someone to tell them, ‘Look, I’m really glad you like to sing, but the truth is, keep it in the shower.'”

Same thing with these Real Housewives. I can see them wanting to do it for the publicity. But at what point do you consider that, maybe, enough is enough? How much do you want people to really know about you? None of us is perfect, but most of us get to keep our mistakes confined to just us and maybe a few select friends.

I didn’t get a chance to see the new season opener of the Orange County ladies, who, I have to say, as a whole are a less-painful watch than the other two groups. But yes, I will be scanning the DVR for it. Why? Because there’s just something that keeps you coming back for more. I wish I could figure it out. I think many more episodes are required until I can (LOL).

A few things anyone considering doing this show might want to think about before committing: if you have to say you have class, then, really, you don’t. If someone tells you you need to work on the basics of singing, it means you can’t sing. And the word is “ASK” not “AKS.” Oh, and saying “money buys you prestige” publicly can’t possibly be the image you want to promote when looking for prestige… is it?

But thank you for going out of my comfort zone, ladies! It’s highly entertaining and I hope you get from it whatever it is that you went into it wanting.