Mer Sex… Really?

Okay, please. Someone. Tell me WHY you’re googling Mer Sex?

You know who you are. All of you. Every day.

Seriously. E-v-e-r-y day.

I read my site stats. Every day there is a search for Mer Sex and at least one person ends up on my blog. There are also searches for MerSex. and Sex Mer. And SexMer.

What could you possibly be looking for? I mean, I get when my first book came out, that was the big question: How do my Mer men have sex with Humans? I have to admit to being surprised by the question because, to me, it was a no brainer. (And, no, I’m not going to answer that; you’ll have to read the book.) But I seriously never saw that question coming. So, when it did, I admit to having some fun with it and that’s why I wrote the post: Everything You Wanted to Know About Mer Sex But Were Afraid to Ask. It was fun and it was funny.

But that was TWO years ago. Two YEARS. Who is searching mer sex these days? It’s certainly not to get to my books. My new series about genies is out. And just because Pirates of the Caribbean featured mermaids doesn’t mean that sex with Mers (notice: the search is not for sex with merMAIDS) is a hot search topic. So why? What are you possibly hoping to discover? What made you think of it in the first place? And what else are you finding when you google it?

If anyone can answer this, I’d be much obliged because it really is a head-scratcher for me. I know you can find out just about anything on the internet, but I have to wonder HOW someone even thinks to search Mer Sex.


Julie & Julia… and Judi

Okay, perhaps not the most innovative title, but appropro nonetheless.julie_and_julia_ver2_xlg

Last night, a few of my Survivor Girls and I went to see the movie starring Amy Adams and Meryl Streep (yes, I put Amy’s name first on purpose. No disrespect meant to Meryl, but Amy is Giselle from the movie Disney made JUST FOR ME.)

I did not want to see this movie. I had zero interest. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I’ve never been a big fan of Julia Child. (I almost apologized for this to the J.C. fans, but then realized that I don’t have to apologize. I’m allowed to not be a fan of hers.) Anyhow, I went along because I’ve had my nose buried in my laptop working on the first book in my genie series, I Dream of Genies, and needed a break. The kids were monitoring the new kitten, the dogs were napping and Hubs & Friend were playing chess with the Eagles’ Pre-Game hoopla on, so yes, I’d go out with the girls.

Like I said, I’m not a fan of Julia Child and even though I love Amy Adams’ work, that whole “bon appetit” in Julie Child’s odd voice just didn’t sound appetizing (pun not intended, but, boy hey, I’ll take it). I figured some popcorn, a soda (no diet – might as well really blow the diet with butter and sugar), some time out… I’ll have a good time

Boy, how wrong I was.

I had a GREAT time! The movie was so not what I thought it’d be. Now, it still hasn’t made me a fan of Julia Child (I much prefer the Dan Akroyd version – and full props to Nora Ephron for that wonderful clip!!!), but I loved the REAL story behind the movie.

It’s a movie about writers. How Julia Child came to write her cookbook and how Julie Powell came to write her book.

And Julie – if you ever read this, I want you to know I was cheering right along with you – and had more than a few tears in my eyes – for those 65 phone messages!

What a surprise! What an experience!  I was NOT expecting this at all.

To have someone (Julie) go from “want to be a writer” to becoming one… well, those of us striving for that will get it.

As for both Julie and Julia’s husbands, I have to say, mine fits right in. Their support, their encouragement, their belief in their wives… it really helps to have someone who is as confident – if not MORE – than you are when you’re trying to make it happen. They don’t go through the “what if this sucks?” thoughts. They don’t have the “no one will ever read this,” or “why do I think I know what I’m doing?” thoughts. They’re there, they’ve got our backs and they’ll prop us up when we need it. [And major kudos for the Casting Director for Chris Messina and Stanley Tucci!]

So today I did some online research and I was glad to see Julie’s “Project” blog was still up. (Julie’s current blog.) I like her post about Julia Child’s death. I haven’t had the chance to read it, and don’t know that I will, but maybe when I need a break from my own writing, I’ll stop by and read a few posts.

I followed the link for the ABC interview. Have to say, I’m a bit disappointed by the tidbit they revealed that’s going to show up in Julie’s next book (and, thank goodness, that hasn’t happened in my life), which sort of took the blush off the apple for me a bit. I guess I wanted the heroine to be perfect, and perhaps, like Julie’s revelation about Julia, so too did I have one about Julie…

But as for the experience of the movie – even if you’re not a fan of Julia Child but are a writer looking for publication, or are in the midst of it, you will get this movie. And you will rejoice right along with both ladies.

Twilight at Twilight

twilightI saw Twilight.

I would like to say “Brava!” to the casting executive for, of course, Edward, but also James, Laurent and Jacob. I hadn’t been expecting that and, well, thanks. 🙂


As for the movie, I know it’s set in a dreary town in Washington state, but did it have to be so dark? I felt like I was sitting in the rain on a cold afternoon and it made me kinda sleepy. It didn’t help that the movie theater was too cold – which, if you know me, is saying something. I was huddled under my coat with my Movie-Mate, too cold to drink our soda.

So, did it live up to the book? Pretty close. I liked the scenes they added to show us the other vampires at “work” which Stephenie Meyer couldn’t do in the book since it was first person and Bella would have no way of “seeing” those scenes. The scene with Edward in the sunlight was cool – how I imagined it when I read that, but it was nice to see it. Reminds me of the first wand shop scene in the original Harry Potter movie – I remember being blown away by Olivander’s because they’d recreated it so perfectly, it was as if they’d taken what was in my head and put it on the screen. I’m sure JK Rowling had to have been thrilled with such a wonderful rendition of her book.

We went to the 3:45 show on opening day and since the theater I’d originally bought tickets for had lost power and we had to go to one of the most populated areas around AND stand in line for tickets (totally negating the reason I’d bought them in advance in the first place!), I was surprised that we only had to wait behind 2 other people AND that we could get tickets since we got there at about 3:40. HOWEVER, when we walked out of the theater (and I like to read the credits so we were the last ones out of the theater which was crawling with theater workers (in a way I’d never seen – so many!) cleaning up to get ready for the next batch…wow. Hundreds of girls lined up and the main ticket taker guy whistling to get everyone’s attention to give them orders about how they had to orderly enter the theater…

Someday…If only I could someday write a book to garner this much attention…

Major kudos to Stephenie Meyer. Enjoy the success, lady!