My New Office

For those just stopping by (my friends have heard all about this already), we just converted our dining room to my new office. Now I can have both my writing business and the running-of-the-home stuff in one location. Plus I get lots more natural light, which I’m finding I need the more I am in front of the computer screen.

So here are the pictures. I took some at night and some during the day for a better contrast. My view out my window is very pretty, but, sadly, you can’t see it at night, and when I try to take a picture through the windows, the light is too bright. Not a problem I’m complaining about, btw.

Pictures need to be hung, a bookcase might need to be bought, and I’m still jonesing for that massage chair that we had to cancel the order for a year and a half ago (they kept shipping the wrong one then wanted $600 more to ship the one we ordered. Um… I don’t think so.) I’ve found another one, beige, which will go nicely. Now to get Hubs on board with that suggestion after we just spent umpteen dollars on this… That might take a while. But in the meantime, I’m thoroughly enjoying this cheerful space.

My desk (obviously). See the lamp on the credenza? It’s made of purple glass. I found it at Home Goods years ago and was using it as a salad bowl in my dining room. I plugged the hole with hot glue and it worked like a charm. So when it came time for a lampshade, all I had to do was remove the plug and voila! back to its original purpose. Oh, and if you look really closely, you’ll see my tiara around the base of the glass vase.

Door to the family room

I love this workstation. It’s designed to fit a computer/monitor in the long middle section, but that’s where I’m keeping my paper cutter and promo materials – all in one spot with a handy pull-down work center. Love love love this! It was the last piece to arrive and took me about 4 hours to put together. And it holds that blue glass genie bottle I found at Home Good recently. Love that genie bottle, but it was too bad they didn’t have it in purple.

Vixen enjoying her favorite spot. And Pagan enjoying hers. The chair is part of my dining room set that’s going to go when I sell it, but I’m hoping to put a massage chair here. I may never have to leave the room! (There’s a powder room right next door!)

I love this picture. A princess, a castle, a dragon and a unicorn. Is it me, or what????

I love twinkling lights in trees. I still have the ones in my outside dwarf Alberta spruces that flank my front stoop. And I don’t think I’m taking them down at all. In this tree I have a Christmas ornament my husband gave me. It’s a Disney collectible – Cinderella’s Castle and the coach. Supposedly you plug the attachment into one of the light sockets and the coach goes around the castle, but I have yet to see that work – and I’ve tried many a light socket. Oh well. I also have a mermaid in an oyster shell ornament given to me by my friend, Carla Faker when I sold my Mer trilogy. I need some more commemorative ornaments...

Double doors to the foyer that weren’t here two weeks ago. You can see more lights through the left one. I have two topiaries flanking the front door and, yep, they have twinkling lights in them. I have another silk tree in the foyer by the staircase that also has the lights. These were great when I worked my night job and didn’t get home until 1 am. They were still on so I wasn’t coming home to an entirely dark house.

and, the amethyst glass door knobs. I was so lucky to find a seller who had three pairs available (and those were the only ones I could find, so I’m guessing it was meant to be.)

Don’t forget to come back to visit on Thursday, March 25 for the Rita/Golden Heart Nominee “Squee” Party that I’m hosting on my blog. Third year running. See you then!


O.M. Gosh! A FIRST OFFICIAL: Blog Award!!

*Snoopy dancing here!

Many, many thanks to Hawk, aka Houston A.W. Knight for loving my blog enough to award me the “I Love Your Blog” emblem!i_love_your_blog_award-from-a-w-knight






(Josephine Piraneo at Glass Slipper Web Designs who did such an amazing job with both the template for the blog and my website. Thank you, Jo!!)

Woo hoo!!!

And I’ll pass it on to five others:

Sia McKye

Stephanie Julian

Adele Dubois (Classic Hunk of the Month, anyone??)

Jenny Gardiner

Killer Fiction Writers


They won! They won! They won!eagles-logo

With our regular season record, who could have foreseen this!!!

What a sweet game today. Close until the 4th quarter; it was a little too nail-biting until then for my liking.

After the World Series win (and my inability to get into the city due to the Septa train system – don’t get me started!), it’d be great to have another chance to get to a parade this year.

Okay, I know that’s a little optimistic at this point, but, hey, you gotta dream.


Guilty Pleasure


Okay, I have to admit it: besides Survivor, Lost and Desperate Housewives, my other guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of (insert appropriate city here). I caught first season of the original in Orange County about three episodes in and had to do a mad scramble to catch up and get the whole backstory.

Why? I have no idea. Some of it is so silly, some of it so utterly painful (k-a-t comes to mind)… I liken it to the show (and, sorry, I can’t remember the name) where people thought they were going to be on an American Idol-like show. Except those contestants couldn’t sing. But they thought they could. I only watched it once because all I kept thinking was, “Don’t these people have any friends? Family? Someone to tell them, ‘Look, I’m really glad you like to sing, but the truth is, keep it in the shower.'”

Same thing with these Real Housewives. I can see them wanting to do it for the publicity. But at what point do you consider that, maybe, enough is enough? How much do you want people to really know about you? None of us is perfect, but most of us get to keep our mistakes confined to just us and maybe a few select friends.

I didn’t get a chance to see the new season opener of the Orange County ladies, who, I have to say, as a whole are a less-painful watch than the other two groups. But yes, I will be scanning the DVR for it. Why? Because there’s just something that keeps you coming back for more. I wish I could figure it out. I think many more episodes are required until I can (LOL).

A few things anyone considering doing this show might want to think about before committing: if you have to say you have class, then, really, you don’t. If someone tells you you need to work on the basics of singing, it means you can’t sing. And the word is “ASK” not “AKS.” Oh, and saying “money buys you prestige” publicly can’t possibly be the image you want to promote when looking for prestige… is it?

But thank you for going out of my comfort zone, ladies! It’s highly entertaining and I hope you get from it whatever it is that you went into it wanting.

Twilight at Twilight

twilightI saw Twilight.

I would like to say “Brava!” to the casting executive for, of course, Edward, but also James, Laurent and Jacob. I hadn’t been expecting that and, well, thanks. 🙂


As for the movie, I know it’s set in a dreary town in Washington state, but did it have to be so dark? I felt like I was sitting in the rain on a cold afternoon and it made me kinda sleepy. It didn’t help that the movie theater was too cold – which, if you know me, is saying something. I was huddled under my coat with my Movie-Mate, too cold to drink our soda.

So, did it live up to the book? Pretty close. I liked the scenes they added to show us the other vampires at “work” which Stephenie Meyer couldn’t do in the book since it was first person and Bella would have no way of “seeing” those scenes. The scene with Edward in the sunlight was cool – how I imagined it when I read that, but it was nice to see it. Reminds me of the first wand shop scene in the original Harry Potter movie – I remember being blown away by Olivander’s because they’d recreated it so perfectly, it was as if they’d taken what was in my head and put it on the screen. I’m sure JK Rowling had to have been thrilled with such a wonderful rendition of her book.

We went to the 3:45 show on opening day and since the theater I’d originally bought tickets for had lost power and we had to go to one of the most populated areas around AND stand in line for tickets (totally negating the reason I’d bought them in advance in the first place!), I was surprised that we only had to wait behind 2 other people AND that we could get tickets since we got there at about 3:40. HOWEVER, when we walked out of the theater (and I like to read the credits so we were the last ones out of the theater which was crawling with theater workers (in a way I’d never seen – so many!) cleaning up to get ready for the next batch…wow. Hundreds of girls lined up and the main ticket taker guy whistling to get everyone’s attention to give them orders about how they had to orderly enter the theater…

Someday…If only I could someday write a book to garner this much attention…

Major kudos to Stephenie Meyer. Enjoy the success, lady!

Manatees of Love

You’re looking at that picture, going, “Love? Really? Them? I don’t get it.”

Bear with me.

Manatees, for those of you who don’t know, are mammals that live in the ocean but do, on occasion, venture into fresh water rivers and inlets. Many coastal states of the southeast have speed and propeller directives on their waterways to prevent injuries to manatees. Sadly, many injuries still occur.

But what does this have to do with love?

Here you go: manatees, believe it or not, are the original mermaids. You gotta wonder what those sailors were drinking or how long they’d been at sea to consider these sea cows (and, no, I’m not being harsh – they actually are classified as ungulates, the same as Jersey and Herefords and all the rest and are actually called sea cows) sexy.

Now, from mermaids, we get other mermaids and, of course, everyone knows to make new mermaids, you need mermen. You see where this is going, don’t you?

November is also Manatee Awareness Month and author Rowena Cherry is having a chat on her radio podcast this Sunday night, November 9 from 9-11 eastern time with several authors (moi included) about manatees and, of course, our books. The chat is A Cherry Picking Special – Manatees and Mermaids

I’d love for you to “stop” by – listeners can call in and chat with us. Here’s the info you need and I encourage you to stop by the site now, and take a look at the slideshow of our book titles.
Look under the drop down menu Host – Rowena Cherry

New, listeners can call in for free to ask questions:
PIVTR’s new toll free number, 866-97P-IVTR, is for LISTENERS to call in and ASK question(s) of talk show host and their guest(s). Limit is 5 minutes. 

Host Rowena Cherry will be chatting with Romance authors Sandy Lender, Judi Fennell, Joey W Hill, and Jo Webnar

Around 9:45 we’re supposed to get to my book, In Over Her Head, specifically and one of the questions is if it’s won any awards, so I’ll be talking about the First Chapters Romance Contest.

Thanks and hope to talk to you on air!