Many thanks to Joyce Lamb for allowing me some space in the HEA column in USA Today to talk about my new release in the Bottled Magic series, Magic Gone Wild.

Check it out!


Bloody Judi Strikes Again!

For those of you who have ever had the (mis?)fortune of getting a critique/edit by me, I wanted to alleviate some of your pain. I’ve warned you all that I’m called Bloody Judi, and there’s a reason.

Well, if you want to feel better, see the picture below and know that I also bloody up my own manuscripts. This is the last round of edits before I sent the third genie book, Leave It To Genie, into my editor. I print it out and go through with a red magic marker. This is the result.

Leave It To Genie--once Bloody Judi got her hands on it.

I can’t even claim to have sorted out the worst of the pages; this is a random sampling. I’ve done this with each of my manuscripts before sending it to my editor, and then, of course, she works her magic on the pages.

As you can see, it’s a process.

So take heart if I give you a critique. You are not alone in cleaning up a mess. 🙂

FIRST OFFICIAL: Sighting of Genie Knows Best on Amazon!

I had no idea it was going to be up for pre-order today. To say I’m thrilled is definitely an understatement. This book was a labor of love and I’m so excited for it to hit the shelves.

I’m also excited because I figured out how to do an Amazon page of my books, grouping all of them together. A lot of authors have started doing this – Amazon actually gives us a kickback, which, in this world of shrinking advances and print runs, really helps. Thanks to whomever ordered a Kindle copy of In Over Her Head through my Amazon store.

And thanks, once again, to the incredibly talented Anne Cain for the AWESOME cover! I incorporated Samantha’s cover outfit into the story because I liked what Anne came up with better than my original idea. 🙂

FIRST OFFICIAL: Look at I Dream of Genies

The ARCs are here! The ARCs are here!

That’s Advanced Reading Copies. I have a few authors lined up to read the story for quotes, so my publicist sent me a few copies to send out.

Of course I had to hold the ARCs in my hot little hands, and, okay, maybe I snuggled with them a little, but they’re now all off to their respective readers.

I have to say, this STILL hasn’t lost its thrill after the 4th book!

And a special shout out to Kate Douglas for her awesome quote that my publisher put on the cover of the ARC:

“Filled with laughs, action, and an asolutely magical romance, this book is one for the keeper shelf.”

~Kate Douglas, best-selling author of Wolf Tales and The Demon Slayers

FIRST OFFICIAL: Look at Genie Knows Best

Now that Genie Knows Best is with the beta readers and most of the copy edits have been finished on I Dream of Genies, and the house has been SCRUBBED from top to bottom, eleventy-million loads of laundry done, too much food has been bought, and all the bills have been paid, I figured it was time to post the amazingly gorgeous cover for Genie Knows Best. Thanks, again, to Anne Cain, artiste extraordinaire. She captures my world so beautifully!

For now, the blurb is:

Kal, the only genie ever to remove the gold bracelets that bind genies into The Service, has been on the run for over two thousand years, but when Samantha Blaine finds his lantern in a Moroccan bazaar, he’s got to get it back: whoever owns the lantern, owns him.

Finding out what a doormat she was for her soon-to-be fiancé was enough incentive for Samantha Blaine to break off the relationship and head off on a voyage of self discovery in Casablanca. And there’s no way she’s giving up the treasure she found to some guy, no matter how hot he is.

But when a shady antiques dealer breaks into her hotel room, Samantha has to take Kal up on his offer of help, but she’s adamant about it being on her terms.

The thing is, those terms just might include Kal and the words happily-ever-after.

Pinch me! I must be dreaming – of genies!

It’s official! The cover is here!

What’s funny is, the cover is done and I have yet to get edits from my editor. It’s always a nerve-wracking time between handing the story in and waiting for edits. All sorts of questions pop up: Did I do it again? Does it work? Is the emotional story there as much as the action/adventure one or vice-versa? Does she like it? Will readers? Does it suck? Do I? Can I really do this? Who do I think I am to think I can do this? What if everyone hates it? What if I let everyone down – my readers, my editor, the Marketing Department, the Sales department, the buyers, Anne Cain the talented artist because the story can’t possibly match up to the beautiful cover she created?

I know; I go through this with every book and yet they still get published and end up on shelves, and people buy them and they email me about which one they liked the best or wonder if I’ll continue the series, and my editor wants more, and somehow these 4″x6″ congolomerations with pretty covers end up on my bookshelf with my name on them…

Self-doubt? Who, me? Surely you jest. 🙂

All that angst aside, I have to thank Anne Cain for once again capturing my world in a way I never could. The cover is beautiful and huge shout-out again to Jill Barnett for her generosity and all-around wonderfulness for the support for this newbie. And, as always, to Deb Werksman who will take the words I gave her and come up with ways to make them better.

Well this made my day…

On, Wild Blue Under was the Most Popular book this week.

Thanks to Liz Pelletier for letting me know, and for everyone who made it the most popular! Wow.

Also in my email today, Joey W. Hill gave me a lovely review of In Over Her Head.

Okay, next up, In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell. This book was such fun. We have a heroine who is water-phobic, who, through a series of mishaps, ends up having to spend time under the sea with a really hot merman. The opening to this book is one of the best hooks I’ve read. I don’t know who could set it down after the first few pages. Since I’m not really a humor reader (I prefer to live on angsty, high stakes emotional conflict, etc in my reading, as well as my writing), that’s high praise.

I’d had the pleasure of sharing a forum with Judi at the Authors After Dark conference, and I wanted to try one of her books. Her undersea world building is incomparable – ten times richer than my own, and far more well integrated with the story, I have no problem admitting. Plus, her sense of humor is terrific – I laughed out loud quite a few times. As she progressed, I was pleased to see her transition from slapstick into a more fully fleshed emotional motivation for the hero, which helped me identify with him and start rooting for his success. This also deepened the impact of his relationship with our heroine. This is the first in a series of these books, so if you enjoy humorous, extremely well written paranormal mermaid romance, this is an excellent choice.

Yep, definitely a nice thing (times 2!) to wake up to. And coming on the heels of In Over Her Head being #2 on Publishers Weekly Beyond Her Book Readers Choice for Best Book 2009, well… Santa has come early this year.