Mer Sex, Mer Life and Mer Food – Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Ever since the First Chapters Romance Contest when I posted the first two chapters of In Over Her Head, one question has continually been asked: How do Mers “do it.”

You really think I’m going to answer that here? ;}coming June 2009, available for pre-order

Read the book (which comes out in 2 1/2 months – not that I’m counting or anything). (Shameless plug and link to pre-order)

But something I can answer: What does the discerning Mer eat?

Many things come to mind: sushi, crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, etc. But what the REALLY discerning Mer eats can be found here:

Casababes’ Book Recipes and the Publisher’s Weekly Romance Party (complete with some eye candy for dessert!)

bon appetit!


13 Responses

  1. Hey Judi

    You know, I really want to know how they “do it”!


  2. Yes, how do they do it?

    And how do they cook all that food? Are there mer-kitchens that cook with cold?

  3. I know people do. All I’m going to say is, “think of the mythology about mers.”

    as for cooking, I think I cooked up something pretty good for that. (bad pun, I know!)

  4. Hi Judi:

    I just pre-ordered your book. Can’t wait to read it!. Your recipe looked really good.


  5. Okay, Judi, you hooked me at “how do Mers do it?” I am acting upon the shameless plug and pre-ordering your book right now, in exchange for allowing me a shameless plug for my own release, “Fire at Midnight” a sexy historical romance just released this month by Medallion Press,

    Good luck on your release….the book will be out before you know it!

  6. Good luck! The book looks yummy and the thought of mer food is somehow…strangely appealing. 🙂

  7. Insert “sperm whale” joke here!

  8. Wow, I just realized-that was more like a quadruple entrendre!

  9. Judi, I can’t wait until this comes out. I am so very proud of you. Just think, I can say I knew you before you were really big as an author.

    Good luck always and how do they do it?

  10. judi – what fun!! thanks!

  11. Thanks for stopping by, everyone! And thanks, too, for the pre-orders – you caused my ranking to JUMP 200,000 places! woo hoo!

    ah, carolyn, quadruple entendre and the joke – too funny!

    Lisa, plug away, sweetie! you bought my book; I figure that’s good enough for a plug! (but I would have let you plug it even w/o the buy!)

    Patti – from your fingertips to God’s, and the NYT’s, ears!

    Miriam – feel free to try out the recipe!

  12. Very cute post, Judi. I enjoyed the conversation at NJRW last month. Hope you sell an ocean full of Mer-books. It sounds like a great series. Best of luck, and come visit us again in New Jersey!
    Mickey flagg

  13. […] coming. So, when it did, I admit to having some fun with it and that’s why I wrote the post: Everything You Wanted to Know About Mer Sex But Were Afraid to Ask. It was fun and it was […]

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