Random Acts of Kindness


With all the nasty stuff happening in the world, I thought I’d concentrate on finding the good news.

So, if you’ve been the beneficiary of a Random Act of Kindness, have done a Random Act of Kindness, saw a Random Act of Kindness… well, you get the idea.

Let’s hear some good news for a change!

(I took this picture on our trip to Niagara Falls – a full rainbow. How gorgeous! How random! LOL)


12 Responses

  1. I’ll start. I’ve got one of each.

    Around Christmas I was in Dick’s Sporting Goods and had a few coupons from a coupon book from the local school. I used one of the $15 off $75 and figured I probably wouldn’t use the other. So I gave it to the woman in front of me. She was very appreciative.

    A few weeks later I was in a convenience store and had just put some food down on the counter, okay more than some, and realized one of the kids must have gone in my wallet b/c the cash was gone. Sigh. So I had to dig out the debit card. The guy behind me didn’t feel like waiting, so he paid for my stuff and his.


  2. I don’t often let others know I do this kind of stuff but here goes. A friend of mine who lives in Missouri had her car totaled. Luckily, she came out of he accident unharmed. She only carried liability insurance on the car so no payout to go towards a replacement. She couldn’t afford the down payment on anything she found in her area that was in decent condition. It didn’t matter to anyone that she could easily afford the monthly costs. So, being the mean person I am, I gave her the money for the down payment.

  3. I have one of each, too. Until I read Judi’s, I’d forgotten how connected they are.

    A couple weeks ago, I took a friend to lunch near the university where she works. We didn’t receive our ticket so we went up to the counter to see if we could pay without the ticket. The cashier was very sweet and said she could take our money without the ticket but the guy who was sitting next to us (one of the professors in my friend’s department) had already paid for us.

    Coming back from the wonderful PASIC Conference in NYC this past weekend, I volunteered my seat after the first flight and agreed to fly to Chicago and then to my home airport. On that last flight, my seatmate was a young engineer from Montreal who was going to a meeting. As we talked, he mentioned his route and the woman on the other side realized he’d be traveling on the turnpike. We asked if he had U.S. money to pay the toll and he said he planned to get his Canadian money exchanged at the airport – except our airport shuts down everything early evening that isn’t arrivals or baggage claims.

     I didn’t have a lot of cash left from my travels but the mom in me knew I couldn’t let him drive off in the dark, in a strange location, without some cash. I dug around in my purse and pockets and found enough dollars so that he could get to his location and trusted someone would help him get back. On my drive home, I kept thinking that must be the reason I made the switch on the seats, to be there for him like the professor was there for us.

  4. A few years ago, we once got a buy-one-adult ticket, get-a-child-ticket free deal at Universal Studios. But since our second child was only a year old, he didn’t need a ticket at all.

    I hated the idea of wasting the ticket, so at the entrance gate, I just walked up to a big family and gave our extra child’s ticket to them. It was probably worth $50 or $60 to them but was totally worthless to us. But it made me so happy to do something nice for a stranger.

  5. Stranded at a WDC airport because of weather, a complete stranger let me stay with her at her condo. She took me home ( a lovely condo in Georgetown, BTW), let me sleep in her spare room, gave me everything I needed for the night (this was to be a day trip so I hadn’t packed anything), fed me breakfast the next day and got me back to the airport (she was traveling on the same plane). Besides my profuse thanks, I sent her a large plant for her apartment, a basket of fruit and a bouquet of flowers. I didn’t know what else to do to thank her for her generosity—and her trust.

    She didn’t know me (I didn’t know her either but I was confident I was a good judge of people) and yet she opened her home to me. She took a chance and saved me from a nightmare of being alone and abandoned in an airport that was closing down for the night.

    Unfortunately, I lost track of her after a time. But I think of her often when I need a reminder of the goodness of ordinary people. And I try to live up to her standard.

    I even did a blog on this called the Kindness of Strangers which you can check out at http://www.annecarrole.blogspot.com

  6. OK. I too don’t often let anyone know what I do. A friend of mine has an autistic son who really needed some structure for the summer. My friend was really worried they wouldn’t be able to afford it and hoped the reduced rate based on their income would help. I called the camp and made arrangements for an additional “scholarship” so that her weekly fee came down to $15. The director and I came up with some story about a local business making a donation and lo and behold they pulled her son’s name out of the hat. She would be horrified if she knew I paid for it. So she won’t.

  7. Once I was driving home from the grocery store and there was an elderly woman, in a coat—it’s July in Louisiana—and carrying two bags of groceries. I gave her a lift home, which was several miles away. She was so sweet, even knew me by reputation, and was thrilled that I was driving her home.

    Another time, an older man with a dog in a box, whose head was sticking out was trying to hitch a ride. I don’t normally pick up hitch-hikers, but I figured he was okay…he had a dog. He told me he was going to the Air Force base and needed a ride in that direction. That was where I was going! He needed to check the dog into their kennel (I didn’t know they had one!) and then was going to the hospital. I think that I was supposed to help one of our aged veterans, I come from a military family and married a man in the military, and know that a helping hand is sometime needed.

    We’re all in this life together, if we don’t help each other, I think we lose a part of our humanity. If St. Peter uses ‘brownie points’ perhaps a random act will tip the scales in my favor. Lord knows I need help.

  8. These are great. I like the idea of paying it forward too. Last Friday dh and I got up after the snow storm to go to work. We had about 15 inches of snow. I had to work at the hospital that day and really needed to try to get in. Of course, dh couldn’t get the snowblower working so at 5:30am we started shoveling. We had 3 foot drifts and were shoveling for 2 hours. I was working my way toward the street when a Jeep with a plow pulled up and waved me out of the way. He finished out driveway for us. Don’t know who he was. On the way home, we expected to spend another couple hours shoveling sidewalks, walkways and steps. But were surprised. Everything was done! The neighbors had snowblown it all, even shoveled our steps. http://www.kathykulig.com

  9. Once during the winter, I saw an elderly woman walking in the road because there was snow on the ground. She was carrying a pizza in one hand and a cane in the other. I turned my car around and offered her a ride. We got to talking. She had been an nurse during WWII and both her husband and son had passed away leaving her to live alone. She thank me for helping her.

    Whenever it snowed, my daughter and I would shovel our driveway and walk. Then we would go next door and shovel my elderly, widow, neighbor’s drive. We didn’t tell her that we did it, though once she caught us outside her house shoveling. I had my daughter join me to show her that this is what you do, this is what’s right. Hopefully she’ll teach the same to her children.

    It’s really no big deal what I/we did but it’s the little things that make life good.

  10. Yesterday while at LAX waiting for my flight, I mentioned on the phone to my mom that I desperately needed coffee but was too tired to stand up and get it. The woman sitting next to me bought me a cup of coffee when she overheard that. Random of kindness that made my day!

  11. Random ACT of kindness.. 🙂

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