On Sale for $2.97! I Dream of Genies!

Lots happening these days. First, and foremost, for a limited time, Amazon is offering both the paperback and Kindle versions of I Dream of Genies for $2.97 and $2.82 respectively, so grab ’em while they’re hot:

Links :

Kindle for $2.82 at: http://amzn.to/muzMfY

Paperback for $2.97 at: http://amzn.to/knEkvi

This book received a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly:
“Cute as a pink Persian kitten, this scamper of a romance is populated by a whimsical cast of characters: Humphrey the baby dragon, Obo the talking cat, a villainous vizier, a cross-dressing High Master genie, the Egyptian goddess Bastet, and a hunky carpenter. Centuries-old genie Eden (her name one of several nods to the book’s namesake TV show) escapes her bottle only to fall for Matt Ewing, the handsome jogger she’s been watching from her glass prison’s position in the window of Murphy’s Antiques. When Eden’s magic malfunctions, the nonstop cinematic gee-whiz results will keep the reader enraptured. Fennell (Catch of a Lifetime) also tosses in sultry sex scenes, a bubble-gum–sweet but passionate romance, quick-moving action, and a variety of puns and riddle-making beasts, many of which are sure to reappear in the two planned sequels.”

Also happening:

I, and many other authors, editors and agents are offering critiques for bidders in Brenda Novak’s Online Auction to benefit Juvenile Diabetes. The auction runs for the month of May and has some AMAZING items: 2 tickets and Meet & Greet with Celine Dion, Hawaiian Getaways, iPad 2, vacations, autographed books, crafts, jewelry, etc. There are daily one-day special items to bid on and so many wonderful things I can’t list them all here.

Plus, of course, a 30-page manuscript critique from moi.

This is the 7th year for Brenda’s auction and last year, it broke the $1M mark. This is my 3rd year participating both donating and bidding, and I can tell you, it’s a lot of fun on both ends.

Stop by, take a look, and maybe you’ll win that critique that will start you on your career or break out the one you already have.


RWA Saturday

Sourcebooks book signing and Rita/GH Awards – Congrats to all the winners!

RWA Friday

Just t

he pictures b/c I’m running out for a panel.

“The Call” story


So many people have asked for more details, so I’ll share them here.

My publisher is Sourcebooks and my editor is Deb Werksman. Deb and I met at the 2007 National Conference when she had been a Golden Heart judge and LOVED my friend Robin Kaye’s finalling manuscript, Romeo, Romeo. She offered Robin a contract AT National. Robin and I, not knowing a whole heck of a lot about Sourcebooks, went to their Spotlight and were blown away by Dominique Raccah’s (publisher) and Deb’s enthusiasm and publishing history. Robin was thrilled to accept the contract and I was thrilled for her!

What does Robin’s sale have to do with mine? Well, I’ll tell you. Deb hung out with us a lot during National. I got to know her; she got to know me. I had already submitted a time travel to her so that was sitting in her queue. She got to it a few weeks after National, sadly, rejecting it. But that was okay.

Flash forward to October 2007 at the New Jersey Conference. Deb was there. We chatted. She sat at my table for lunch and I proceeded to drag pitches from everyone at our table b/c I knew Deb wanted to hear them (this is why you need to work on that “elevator pitch”/high concept thing so you can do it at a lunch setting). I happened to mention that In Over Her Head was probably going to end up in the Top 5 of the Gather.com First Chapters Romance Contest. Deb wanted to know why I hadn’t submitted it to her and I said I couldn’t, according to the rules of the contest, but if it didn’t make it to the Top 5, I’d send it along. It made it to the Top 5.

Life got hectic when it was in the Top 5. I worked that final into agent interest, garnering multiple agent offers (the winner of the contest was guaranteed to be published), and accepting the offer from Jennifer Schober of Spencerhill Associates.

Something to note: one of the final judges for the contest was Sue Grimshaw, Romance Buyer for Borders. I introduced myself to her at a conference after the contest was over (and I hadn’t won) and Sue proceeded to give my story such praise that it stunned me into silence. (If you know me, you’ll know that this feat doesn’t happen all that often. Maybe twice before in my life. Seriously.) She gave me some advice to make the book marketable and I made the change.

I also saw Deb at the Long Island Luncheon where we, again, sat next to each other and I dragged pitches from everyone at the table for her. I also mentioned to someone at the table that I had two partials of the next two Mer stories ready and waiting. Deb jumped – “It’s a trilogy?”

Now, you know, we all hear to only pitch one book. Will an editor really take a chance on three books by a debut author? Here I had an editor asking me about all three when she already had book 1 in her queue. The books are stand-alones, but contain characters that you hear about in the other books, so I mentioned it. She wanted the partials.

My agent sent everything out, and Deb jumped. I remember her words to me were, “Frankly, I’m surprised this hadn’t sold yet.” That makes a writer feel good, let me tell you!

Deb called on Monday that she was taking it into Editorial on Tuesday. I got an email from her IN the Editorial meeting that they wanted it and to have my agent call her, my agent did her agenting thing where it was on submission elsewhere (thank God I had an agent!), and on Thursday, July 17, we accepted the offer.

However, the offer wasn’t just for In Over Her Head. Deb also wanted the rest of the trilogy AND gave me release dates that I only dreamed about.

Now I’m hard at work polishing those other two stories so they sparkle like In Over Her Head. Look for all three books next summer: June, August and October – the perfect beach read since they, ya know, take place at/in the ocean.

In Over Her Head

Whale of a Tail

Catch of a Lifetime

Publisher Party

FIRST OFFICIAL: Publisher Party!

Thanks to my Casa-sisters for providing the pictures below from our party on Friday, October 1. Driven in limos from the SF Marriott to Ghiradelli Square, to the restaurant Ana Mandara with our publisher Dominique Raccah, editor Deb Werksman and her husband, and publicist, Danielle Jackson, about a dozen and a half Sourcebook authors had a GREAT time!

(back, L-R) Michele Ann Young, Linda Wisdom, Dominique, Gloria Skinner/Amelia Grey, Beth Cornielson, Sharon Lathan, Danielle  (FRONT L-R) Deb, Robin Kaye, Marie Force, Malena Lott, moi, Loucinda McGary

(back, L-R) Michele Ann Young, Linda Wisdom, Dominique, Gloria Skinner/Amelia Grey, Beth Cornielson, Sharon Lathan, Danielle (FRONT L-R) Deb, Robin Kaye, Marie Force, Malena Lott, moi, Loucinda McGary

my editor, Deb Werksman and my publisher, Dominique Raccah

my editor, Deb Werksman and my publisher, Dominique Raccah

Long Island Luncheon

Friday the 13th – always an ominous date, yes? Well, this year, several intrepid Valley Forge Romance Writers braved the odds and black cats and set sail (okay, we went by car, train and taxi) to the Long Island Luncheon sponsored by the Long Island Romance Writers.

Daria Yanez, Stephanie Julian, moi 

         Daria Yanez, Stephanie Julian, moi                               

 Carla Faker, Jen Blackwell-Yale

        Carla Kempert, Jen Blackwell-Yale

For those who have never been, let me just say that I make the trek every year. Some years by myself, others with friends. And I’ve never been disappointed. The Luncheon committee does a great job inviting enough industry professionals that you’re guaranteed to be seated at a table with at least two. Some years I’ve tried to pick my spot, other years I let Fate decide. Fate’s been as good, if not better, to me than my own picks. You never know if you’ll be having lunch with agent Ethan Ellenberg, or having an editor ask to taste your lunch to see if hers isn’t as good.

Ethan Ellenberg

        Ethan Ellenberg
You never know who you’ll meet and what they might be interested in that you just happen to have shoved under your bed thinking no one would ever want a futuristic shape-shifting leopard/woman head of the galactic FBI (no, sorry, I pulled that out of my hat – no one requested anything remotely like that).

And the hour long ride back into the city can be just as fabulous for getting to know the industry folk on a personal level. I’ve grown several relationships in just such a way.

Add to this great food, superb champagne punch (and non-champagne punch, but really, why bother?), and the friendly ladies of LIRW, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a great way to spend a Friday.

So get that champagne out, because I plan to be there next year!

A Password is a terrible thing to lose

Top 5 Finalist

Top 5 Finalist

Top 20 Finalist out of 2,676 entries

Top 20 Finalist


Yes, it’s been over a year since my last post. From the title of this post, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory why.

Sad, I know.

On the upside, it’s also been a productive year. I entered the original Gather.com/Simon&Schuster First Chapters contest with Beauty and The Best. It finished in the Top 20 out of over 2,700 entries and was the only Romance in the bunch. Then, Gather did another First Chapters contest, this time strictly for Romance. My latest story, In Over Her Head, finished in the Top 5, but more importantly, garnered me multiple agent offers and I signed with my agent – all in approximately two weeks. What a great two weeks that was!

So now I’m in wait mode as the manuscript makes the rounds in NY and I’m working on edits to other manuscripts and the muse is chatting away with new ideas.

I’m so thankful for all the support from those who emailed me to enter the First Chapters Romance contest – people who had only known of me through the original First Chapters contest and who embraced In Over Her Head every bit as much as they did Beauty and The Best. I write because I have to, but it’s so gratifying to have people enjoy my stories.

Here’s hoping by next year this time I’ll have book news to share. If not, I’ll still be writing.