Twilight at Twilight

twilightI saw Twilight.

I would like to say “Brava!” to the casting executive for, of course, Edward, but also James, Laurent and Jacob. I hadn’t been expecting that and, well, thanks. 🙂


As for the movie, I know it’s set in a dreary town in Washington state, but did it have to be so dark? I felt like I was sitting in the rain on a cold afternoon and it made me kinda sleepy. It didn’t help that the movie theater was too cold – which, if you know me, is saying something. I was huddled under my coat with my Movie-Mate, too cold to drink our soda.

So, did it live up to the book? Pretty close. I liked the scenes they added to show us the other vampires at “work” which Stephenie Meyer couldn’t do in the book since it was first person and Bella would have no way of “seeing” those scenes. The scene with Edward in the sunlight was cool – how I imagined it when I read that, but it was nice to see it. Reminds me of the first wand shop scene in the original Harry Potter movie – I remember being blown away by Olivander’s because they’d recreated it so perfectly, it was as if they’d taken what was in my head and put it on the screen. I’m sure JK Rowling had to have been thrilled with such a wonderful rendition of her book.

We went to the 3:45 show on opening day and since the theater I’d originally bought tickets for had lost power and we had to go to one of the most populated areas around AND stand in line for tickets (totally negating the reason I’d bought them in advance in the first place!), I was surprised that we only had to wait behind 2 other people AND that we could get tickets since we got there at about 3:40. HOWEVER, when we walked out of the theater (and I like to read the credits so we were the last ones out of the theater which was crawling with theater workers (in a way I’d never seen – so many!) cleaning up to get ready for the next batch…wow. Hundreds of girls lined up and the main ticket taker guy whistling to get everyone’s attention to give them orders about how they had to orderly enter the theater…

Someday…If only I could someday write a book to garner this much attention…

Major kudos to Stephenie Meyer. Enjoy the success, lady!