Our Big Adventure Out West – Part II

Now on to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and the return trip. For those of you who might not know, I made a very similar trip with my parents/siblings 31 years ago. I said this trip for me was more about watching my husband and kids enjoy the sights.

Yellowstone landscape

Dragon's mouth/breath/cave. Something like that. Our first steam vent.

thermal vents. Some really interesting colors

Bison sighting

rainbow on the upper falls

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

lower falls - 10 ramps to walk down; 90 million back up. What an incline.

More Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Love the reflection of the bison in the water.

Coyote. It was eating 2 Richardson ground squirrels.

Grizzly mama and cubs on the opposite side of the road. Sooooooo many idiots got out of their cars - and even worse, they let their KIDS get out of their cars. Unbelievable.

My "The Hills Are Alive" moment. 🙂 The mountain meadows are just gorgeous!

You remember how much I love snow? I especially love it in July. Even more since I played in snow 31 years ago in July. History repeating itself.

SNOWBALL! Yes, we had a snowball fight.

The bison held up traffic at the top of the mountain. After all, where else is a bison going to walk at the top of a mountain but on the road?

Emerald Green thermal pool

more thermal pools

sulfur is not the best smell...

3 female moose are laying on the opposite side of the creek.

Old Faithful

Interior of Yellowstone Lodge

3 elk crossed the road right in front of us. Seems to be a theme for this vacation. We weren't complaining.

rainbows galore

love these clouds