FIRST OFFICIAL: Second Contract

I know, the title is a bit cumbersome, but it IS my first official second contract: I’ve agenie bottle charmccepted an offer for three more books from my publisher, Sourcebooks/Casablanca.

Nolamp earrings, it’s not a continuation of the Mer series (yet), but a new one. Think I Dream of Jeannie meets Indiana Jones.  (And, yes, I’ve already bought the charms you see on these pages for my celebration!)



Here are the working* titles and blurbs for the series:


 I Dream of Genies

     When Eden, a genie sentenced to her bottle for killing her previous master, suddenly finds herself freed 1400 years early, she knows it’s only a matter of time before Faruq, vizier to the High Master, tracks her down. Being magical, that shouldn’t be a problem, however, she A) lost her bottle and whoever controls that control her, B) wears the gold bracelets that act like homing devices, letting Faruq easily know exactly where she is and C) has lost her ability to perform magic so now things start happening and appearing when they shouldn’t.

     Matt Ewing, rescuer extraordinaire of lost cats and damsels in distress, offers to help her out—until she ruins his business, steals his cat, and puts him at the mercy of spurned-suitor Faruq.

     Throw in a cat with an agenda, and a chase through the magical city in the Sahara, and Eden and Matt must outwit Faruq to escape with their freedom, their  lives, and their love.


Genie Knows Best

      Kal, the only genie ever to remove the gold bracelets that bind genies into Service, has been on the run for over a thousand years, but when Samantha Blaine finds his lamp in a Moroccan bazaar, he’s got to get it back: whoever owns the lamp, owns him.

     Samantha Blaine was planning to come to Casablanca on her honeymoon, but when she caught her fiancé cheating on her, she decided to make it a honeymoon trip for one—and maybe finally take a good long look at her doormat tendencies, so no way is she giving up the treasure she found to some guy no matter how charming he is.

     But when a shady antiques dealer breaks into her hotel room, Sam has to take Kal up on his offer of help, but she’s adamant about it being on her terms.

     The thing is, those terms just might include Kal and the words happily-ever-after.


Leave It To Genie

     Zane Harrison opens an old trunk in the attic of his family’s ancestral home to find Vana. The genie. A famously inept genie as it turns out—which explains so much about why his great-great-grandfather was rumored to have been crazy.

     Vana never quite finished her genie training and, never really took to the idea of being in The Service, but she does get that she did a number on the Harrison repuration. Now that she’s out and about, it’s time to fix that.

     If only she could figure out how.

     And if only a new vizier hadn’t shown up to put that genie back where she belonged.

     Except, to Vana, where she belongs isn’t in a bottle or the magical city of the Sahara, or maybe even The Service at all. No, Vana’s convinced that the one place she does belong is in Zane’s arms.


Look for I Dream of Genies in Fall, 2010!

*titles subject to change