Congratulations to a Good Reader!

I participated in GoodReads’ Giveaway program and gave away a signed copy of In Over Her Head and the winner is:

tammy rigney goodreads winner IOHH

Congratulations, Tammy! Look for the book to arrive in your mail soon, and many thanks to everyone who played along.

And never fear, there will be two more contests, one for the release of Wild Blue Under (taking place now) and Catch of a Lifetime (in January), so stop by and register to win!


And We Have a Winnah! But Wait! There’s More!

And the winner of the Mermaid Cell Phone charm as posted on  is:


Cheryl M.!!!


Congratulations, Cheryl, and thanks for playing along!


Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday and commented on my interview with Smart Bitch Sarah. We have picked the winner of a copy of Beyond Heaving Bosoms, and it is:

(drum roll…)


Sia McKye!!



Sia is a member of The Writing Wombats and has her own blog: Sia McKye’s Thoughts On…

Congratulations, Sia!

And there’s more!


If you’d like a shot at winning something else, today I’m featured at for National Humor Month and you can win your very own Mermaid!

On the site, scroll down below the box listing the author’s names and dates to see the rules . Here are some important ones:


APRIL 15th Prize:  Mermaid cell phone charm
Today’s scavenger hunt question:  What is the name of the podcast Judi did with Rowena Cherry?  Find the answer on Judi Fennell‘s site.

Email us the answer (Note:  You MUST use “scavenger hunt” in your email subject or your entry will be deleted as spam)


Fine print for all LASR contests: 

  • The winner’s name will be posted on our website.

  • Your entry is your acknowledgement that you are at least 18 years-old at the time of this contest.

  • For all winners outside the US and Canada, an eBook of our choice may be substituted for any print book or other tangible prizes.