San Fran by Foot

The past two days have been full of walking and seeing the sights. And some more walking.


Did I mention walking?


Plus I worked out in the gym here at the hotel. I think I’ve bought myself about five years’ worth of working out credit from all the walking we’ve done. The public transportation is pretty crowded if you don’t get on at the beginning of the line, so I’ve walked back from the wharf twice. Once is enough.


Monday was spent in Chinatown with Jenny Gardiner, author of Sleeping With Ward Cleaver. We had lunch at the Oriental Pearl Restaurant, which the concierge at our hotel said was off the beaten tourist path. Um….no. Still, it was good food and good service.


Tuesday was spent with Daria Yanez on Alcatraz Island. The weather was beautiful, if a bit windy, on the bay and I highly recommend taking one of the ranger tours. We took one on the escape attempts from The Rock. Our guide, Al Bank, was very entertaining and knowledgeable. Those men had to be desperate to get into that water. And it seemed like they all took their clothes off to do it. More naked men…go figure.


Judi and Jenny do Chinatown

Judi and Jenny do Chinatown

My hero's last name in In Over Her Head is Tritone. Couldn't pass this up!
My hero’s last name in In Over Her Head is Tritone. Couldn’t pass this up!

Then we went to The Rock: