My New Office

For those just stopping by (my friends have heard all about this already), we just converted our dining room to my new office. Now I can have both my writing business and the running-of-the-home stuff in one location. Plus I get lots more natural light, which I’m finding I need the more I am in front of the computer screen.

So here are the pictures. I took some at night and some during the day for a better contrast. My view out my window is very pretty, but, sadly, you can’t see it at night, and when I try to take a picture through the windows, the light is too bright. Not a problem I’m complaining about, btw.

Pictures need to be hung, a bookcase might need to be bought, and I’m still jonesing for that massage chair that we had to cancel the order for a year and a half ago (they kept shipping the wrong one then wanted $600 more to ship the one we ordered. Um… I don’t think so.) I’ve found another one, beige, which will go nicely. Now to get Hubs on board with that suggestion after we just spent umpteen dollars on this… That might take a while. But in the meantime, I’m thoroughly enjoying this cheerful space.

My desk (obviously). See the lamp on the credenza? It’s made of purple glass. I found it at Home Goods years ago and was using it as a salad bowl in my dining room. I plugged the hole with hot glue and it worked like a charm. So when it came time for a lampshade, all I had to do was remove the plug and voila! back to its original purpose. Oh, and if you look really closely, you’ll see my tiara around the base of the glass vase.

Door to the family room

I love this workstation. It’s designed to fit a computer/monitor in the long middle section, but that’s where I’m keeping my paper cutter and promo materials – all in one spot with a handy pull-down work center. Love love love this! It was the last piece to arrive and took me about 4 hours to put together. And it holds that blue glass genie bottle I found at Home Good recently. Love that genie bottle, but it was too bad they didn’t have it in purple.

Vixen enjoying her favorite spot. And Pagan enjoying hers. The chair is part of my dining room set that’s going to go when I sell it, but I’m hoping to put a massage chair here. I may never have to leave the room! (There’s a powder room right next door!)

I love this picture. A princess, a castle, a dragon and a unicorn. Is it me, or what????

I love twinkling lights in trees. I still have the ones in my outside dwarf Alberta spruces that flank my front stoop. And I don’t think I’m taking them down at all. In this tree I have a Christmas ornament my husband gave me. It’s a Disney collectible – Cinderella’s Castle and the coach. Supposedly you plug the attachment into one of the light sockets and the coach goes around the castle, but I have yet to see that work – and I’ve tried many a light socket. Oh well. I also have a mermaid in an oyster shell ornament given to me by my friend, Carla Faker when I sold my Mer trilogy. I need some more commemorative ornaments...

Double doors to the foyer that weren’t here two weeks ago. You can see more lights through the left one. I have two topiaries flanking the front door and, yep, they have twinkling lights in them. I have another silk tree in the foyer by the staircase that also has the lights. These were great when I worked my night job and didn’t get home until 1 am. They were still on so I wasn’t coming home to an entirely dark house.

and, the amethyst glass door knobs. I was so lucky to find a seller who had three pairs available (and those were the only ones I could find, so I’m guessing it was meant to be.)

Don’t forget to come back to visit on Thursday, March 25 for the Rita/Golden Heart Nominee “Squee” Party that I’m hosting on my blog. Third year running. See you then!