Rita/GH ’10

Today’s the day we’ve all been dreading/anticipating! Will “we” get A CALL? Will “our” name be on that list? Will “we” win the coveted Rita or Golden Heart? Pull up a blank window on your electronics of choice, and hang out with us as we wait to hear! Anyone who gets A Call today, or whose CP/chaptermate/BFF gets A Call, email me at JudiFennell@gmail.com or post it here in the comments. Please be sure to include your FULL NAME, RITA or GH, and the CATEGORY, along with your TITLE.  Agents, editors, publicists… everyone is invited!

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1. Beth Andrews, A Not-So-Perfect Past

2. Helen Brenna, From The Outside

3. Teresa Hill, Single Mom Seeks …

4. Kelly Hunter, Revealed; A Prince and a Pregnancy

5. Christie Ridgway, I Still Do

6. Linda Goodnight, The Snow-Kissed Bride

7. Jennie Lucas, The Christmas Love-Child

8. Anne McAllister, One-Night Mistress… Convenient Wife

9. Jane Porter, Duty, Desire and the Desert King

1. Jessica Andersen, Mountain Investigation

2. Beth Cornelison, The Christmas Stranger

3. Cindy Dees, The Soldier’s Secret Daughter

4. Kathleen Eagle, In Care of Sam Beaudry

5. Loreth Anne White, Cold Case Affair

6. Elle Kennedy, Silent Watch

7.  Tracy Wolff, The Christmas Present

1. Kristan Higgins, Too Good To Be True

2. Joy Nash, Little Night Magic

3. Victoria Dahl, Talk Me Down

4. Julia Harper, For the Love of Pete

5. Christie Ridgway, Dirty Sexy Knitting

6. Rachel Gibson, True Love and Other Disasters

7. Jill Shalvis, Instant Attraction

8. Susan Wiggs, Fireside

1. Elizabeth Hoyt, To Beguile a Beast

2. Sherry Thomas, Not Quite a Husband

3. Liz Carlyle, Wicked All Day

4. Jodi Thomas, The Lone Texan

5. Bettina Krahn, Make Me Yours

6. Laura Lee Guhrke, With Seduction in Mind

7. Margaret Mallory, Knight of Pleasure

8. Michelle Willingham, Taming Her Irish Warrior

1. Carolyn Jewel, Scandal

2. Tessa Dare, Surrender of a Siren

3. Alissa Johnson, Tempting Fate

4. Caroline Linden, A View To A Kiss

5. Kate Noble, Revealed

6. Julia Quinn, What Happens In London

7. Elizabeth Rolls, Lord Braybrook’s Penniless Bride

1. Kelly Gay, The Better Part of Darkness

2. Barbara O’Neal, The Lost Recipe for Happiness

3. Gemma Halliday, Scandal Sheet

4. Pamela Morsi, Red’s Hot Honky Tonk Bar

5. Deanna Rayburn, Silent on the Moor

6. Wendy Wax, The Accidental Best Seller

7. Jeane Westin, The Virgin’s Daughters: In The Court of Elizabeth I

8. Susan Wiggs, Lakeshore Christmas

1. Eileen Wilks, Mortal Sins

2. Laurie Brown, What Would Jane Austen Do?

3. Carolyn Jewel, My Forbidden Desire

4. Alexis Morgan, Darkness Unknown

5. Anne Mallory, For The Earl’s Pleasure

6. Marjorie M. Liu, The Fire King

7. JR Ward, Covet

8. Kresley Cole, Kiss of a Demon King

9. Kresley Cole, Untouchable in Deep Kiss of Winter

1. Carla Capshaw,  The Gladiator

2. Tamera Alexander, The Inheritance

3. Margaret Brownley, A Lady Like Sarah

4. Judy Duarte, Entertaining Angels

5. Irene Hannon, An Eye For An Eye

6. Julie Klassen, The Silent Governess

7. Diann Mills, Breach of Trust

8. Kathleen Y’Barbo, The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper

1. Bronwyn Parry, Dark Country

2.  Kate Brady, One Scream Away

3. Kylie Brant, Waking The Dead

4. J.D. Robb, Promises in Death

5. Karen Rose, Kill For Me

6. Laura Griffin, Whisper of Warning

7. Margaret Carroll, A Dark Love

8. Elisabeth Naughton, Stolen Fury

1. Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

2. Jennifer Echols, Going Too Far

3. Tina Ferraro, The ABCs of Kissing Boys

4. Cyn Balog, Fairy Tale

5. Ally Carter, Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover

6. Lauren Strasnick, Nothing Like You

1. Amanda McCabe, Charlotte and the Wicked Lord, in The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor

2. Courtney Milan, This Wicked Gift in The Heart of Christmas

3. Marjorie M. Liu, The Robber Bride in Huntress

4. Molly O’Keefe, The Christmas Eve Promise in The Night Before Christmas

5. Allyson James, A Little Night Magic in Hot for the Holidays

6. Deb Marlowe, Annalise and the Scandalous Rake in The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor

7. Brenda Novack, On a Snowy Christmas in The Night Before Christmas

1. Kelly Gay, The Better Part of Darkness

2. Carla Capshaw, The Gladiator

3. Therese Walsh, The Last Will of Moira Leahy

4. Viola Estrella, Angel Vindicated

5. Elisabeth Naughton, Stolen Fury

6. Mary Brady, Her Calls Her Doc

7. Kate Brady, One Scream Away

8. Lauren Strasnick, Nothing Like You

*Golden Heart Finalists – a YahooLoop has been started for you at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/2010GHFinalists

Please join!

1. Laurie Kellogg, Honey, I’m Home!

2. Tina Joyce, Caught Beneath the Mistletoe

3. Joleen Wieser James, Hometown Star

4. Cat Schield, Fake Fiancee, Real Love

5. Nancy Holland, Games Without Rules

6. Cara McKenna, The Reluctant Nude

7. Mary Oldham, Laura Takes a Lover

8. Paula Stelluto, The Magic Man

1. Tina Joyce, Wanted: Dead

2. Kimberly Ann Howe, Breathless

3. Rochelle Staab, Hollywood Hoodoo

4. Angela Platt, See Jane Run

1. Hope Ramsay, Rules of the Road

2. Elizabeth Bemis, For Love or Money

3. Nan Dixon, Steel Hearts

4. Paula Stelluto, Three Little Words

5. Laura Graham Booth, Sharing Spaces

6. Lizbeth Selvig, Songbird

7. Gayle Sharp, Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy

8. Carolyn Ann Whitecarver, Seattle’s Best

1. Alison Atwater, Good Timin’ Man

2. Gail Zerraude, Overlander

3. Jessice Ann Darago, The Serpent’s Tooth

4. Mary Lawrence, In Longfellow’s Keep

5. Jennifer Jakes, Rafe’s Redemption

6. Elisabeth Burke, The Healer

7. Jacqui Nelson, Between Heaven and Hell

8. Linda Bailey, Wild Flower

1. Heather Snow, Sweet Enemy

2. Gillian Layne, To Seduce a Proper Rogue

3. Aurora Grace, Her Husband’s Harlot

4. Robyn Enlund, A Whiff of Scandal

5. Elisa Beatty, A Most Improper Gentleman

6. Elizabeth Stock, My Dearest Rogue

1.  Gabrielle Luthy, The Lake Effect

2. Jean Willett, Rescuing Rembrandt

3. Jane Sevier,  Fortune’s Fool

4. Christine Keniston, When the Bough Breaks

5. Maureen McGowan, Switching Sides

6. Patricia O’Dea Rosen, A Place At The Table

7. Lisa Connelly, The Sinners

8. Barbara Binns, Damaged Goods

1. Kylie Griffin, Blood-Born, Book One in the Light Blade Series

2. Donnell Epperson, Glorious Misfortune

3. Katrina Snow, The Perfect Adventure

4. A.N. Conway, Something Wicked

5. Sharon Lynn Fisher, Shadowed

6. J. Keely Thrall, Honor Bound

7. Robin Weaver, Ancient Skills

8. Morgan Karpiel, The Divine Gate

1. CJ Eernisse Chase, Unforgiven

2. Keli Gwyn, Violets & Violins

3. Kristin Leigh Wallace, Here Comes The Wedding Planner

1. Lena Diaz, He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not

2.Greta MacEachern, Dangerous Summer

3. Donnell Ann Bell, Deadly Recall

4. Kendra Elliot, Stronger Than Bone

5. Linda Lovely, Counterfeit

6. G. Jillian Stone, The Yard Man

7. Sharon Brenna Wray, Midnight Guardian

8. Kenneth Zak, The Poet’s Secret

1. Vanessa Barneveld, Ghost Ridden

2. Shea Berkley, Shattered

3. Carey Denise Corp, The Halo Chronicles, The Guardian

4. Jennifer McAndrews, Spelling and Glamour

5. Shelley Coriell, bloom

6. Shelley Coriell, Welcome Caller, This is Chloe

7. Kimberly Eve MacCarron, Squeeze Three Times

8. Erica Daniel O’Rourke, Unchosen

*thanks to http://www.glitterbank.com for the sparkly letters 🙂


176 Responses

  1. Hi everyone! Welcome to the Third Annual “Squee” Party for the Oscars of the Romance World!

    Wishing everyone good luck! And in the event you don’t get The Call, you still have a chance to win – I’m giving away two signed SETS of my Mer trilogy. Yep, that’s right, all 3 books to two commenters. Winners announced sometime over the weekend (lots of yard work calling my name), but will definitely be up by Monday, the 29th, so check back!

    And now, let the squeeing begin!


  3. Way to get us all wound up. I’m so excited for you. Good luck Judi!

  4. This promises to be a fabulous party. Look at all those bright white spaces just waiting to be filled with lucky names! All set to squeee! here for all the finalists who get “the call.”

    Will also be participating in the GH Announcement Party for Paranormal Romance category on the Paranormalists site.

    It’s March Madness for Writers!

  5. I was planning on hiding under the bed all day. Now I’ll have to come out just to see what you all are doing. Thanks for hosting this, Judi!

  6. Oh well. I was hoping to NOT know about RITA day until I either got the call or it was all over. Now I know ahead of time. So…I guess I’ll just have to hang here and watch it unfold!

  7. Yeah, I’d considered trying to NOT think about it too, but it’s just too much fun to come here and have this big Party. Thanks Judi!

  8. What a cool idea! I’m ready to squee! Positive thinking, everyone!

  9. Best o f luck Judi! I thinK you will win!!!

  10. By this time tomorrow we’ll be seeing some of that white space go away.

    Thanks Judi — you make this so much fun! Can’t wait to see who makes the list this year.
    [Group hug!]

  11. I love seeing all the excitement already! Good luck to all entrants and congratulations ahead of time to the finalists!

  12. It’s funny because I haven’t been thinking about tomorrow too much until….today. Looking forward to hearing all the good news! Good lluck to everyone who entered either contest!

  13. Judi,
    Thanks so much for doing the blog on this. Its such an exciting day. I wimped out of entering the GH but just love seeing who’s finalled. Roll on the 25th!!!!

  14. Good luck to everyone who has a horse in the running! And thanks, Judi, for hosting the party again!
    I’ll be tuning in tomorrow to see all the fab finalists. Hugs~

  15. It is already tomorrow here in aus. But still have to wait till tomorrow. Have I confused you. Doubt I will be getting much sleep tonight while I watch it all unfold.

  16. Fantastic! it looks like I get to be the first to squee! I got the GH call at 3.40PM Australian DST that my entry, The Lake Effect, is a finalist in the NSRE category. The best part was, I’d just climbed into bed at 3.30 loaded up with cold meds and intending to sleep until tomorrow morning. Now, I need someone to scrape me off the ceiling.

    Wishing you all great news!! (and thanks, Judi, for hosting this!)

  17. Congratulations Gabrielle! Fantastic news.

  18. You’re back home, Gabrielle?Although now planning a trip to Nashville, no doubt. Yippee on the first call!!!

  19. Woohoo, Gabi! Huge congratulations.

  20. Gabrielle – fantastic news and yay for fellow Aussie being the first to squee.

  21. Gabrielle! So thrilled for you! Congratulations!!!

  22. Congrats Gabrielle.
    An aussie finalist!!!
    Woo Hoo.
    Best of luck.

  23. congrats on the finalists u all deserve all the good warm sucess and well wishes!

  24. Oh wow! We’ve got one already! Congrats Gabrielle! I’ll update the lust as soon as I get my shower, rev up the laptop, and get the kids off to school. (love my iPhone right bow!)

  25. I love waking up and seeing good news already! Congratulations Gabrielle!

  26. Congrats (again) on your final, Gabrielle. (Just came from the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood site.)

    How fun having an early surprise this morning!

  27. Congrats, Gabrielle! Hoping to see some of my faves make the list. Good luck Judi. Hoping to see my BFF Jacki Frank make it this year!

  28. Thanks for hosting this, Judy, and congrats to Gabrielle on being the first to hear

  29. Big congrats to my Ruby Slippered Sister, Vanessa Barneveld for being a GH finalist in the YA category AGAIN!!! I don’t know the name of her manuscript, but this sister from down under got a call.

  30. Good luck to all. I guess that I should wait a while for the list to fill in :>)

  31. So exciting! I love a good party!!! Congrats Garbielle and Vanessa. Can’t wait to see the lists fill up!

  32. Congratulations Gabrielle.
    Judy, As just a reader, I’m going to enjloy seeing the lists filled in today.
    I can only check in occasionally as I’m at work now.

  33. Congrats, everyone! 🙂

  34. […] Drop on in and share the fun. Meet some new-to-you authors, or connect with folk whose books you read and like. And mostly, see which books are being recognized as being the best of the best. […]

  35. oh this is too intense!!!

  36. I can’t wait to see who the finalists are! Good luck to all entrants. Even though I didn’t enter, I’ll be sure to check in often to squee my squee-i-est.

  37. Good luck, everyone! I’ll pop in from time to time to see the updated list.

  38. Wow, so far that’s three Aussies out of three results. How cool is that? (for an Aussie at least:-))

    Congrats to Gabrielle and Kylie and Vanessa. Finalling in the GH back in 2003 is one of those life events I hold dear. Here’s hoping this year’s final is as special to you!

  39. I’m on the East Coast and still making phone calls so there’s lots of good news yet to be delivered! (We try not to call before 8am local time….LOL!)

    Congrats to those who have posted here and to all the finalists! Huzzah!

    Terri B

  40. Can’t wait to follow the results!! Good luck to all. 🙂

  41. Should be fun! This is my first year to enter and while I know I won’t be getting A CALL, I can’t wait to hear who does!!!!!!!

  42. Good luck to everyone who entered!

  43. Had to say — Good Luck Judi!

  44. Many, many congrats, Gabrielle, and best of luck to all the hopefuls!

  45. Another one of my Ruby Sisters, CJ Eernisse Chase, is a finalist in the Inspirational category with her book Unforgiven

  46. Congrats Kylie, Gabrielle and Vanessa! And it’s great to see the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood making this year’s list already. (I’ve been in deep lurk, but I still love you guys!)

    Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear, especially my talented CP Lexi Connor! Thanks, Judi, for hosting the party again — good luck to you!

  47. Congrats, CJ!

  48. I love that one of our chaptermate from First Coast Romance Writers (Jacksonville and the rest of the North Florida/South Georgia area) has kicked off the GH Romantic Suspense list. Go, Lena! You have made us proud! Your hard work has paid off! Best of luck in the finals.

  49. My goodness, the party is rockin’ and it’s only 8:30 my time. Best of luck to all contenders.

  50. SQUEEEE!!!!! Guess what??? nothing… I’m just practicing in case I get the call.

    Hope you’re enjoying your coffee/champagne Judi! I wish I could hang there with you today! I guess I’ll just have to hang here instead…

    And yes…congrats to those who already have a reason to squee!

  51. Oh, goodie. We have winners already. Of course, you’re ALL winners, whether you end up being listed here or not 🙂

    Judi, thanks again for holding the party. And bunches of luck to you today, as well! Wouldn’t a Rita be a wonderful hostess gift to give to you? 🙂

  52. Jade – You gave me heart failure!!!!!

  53. One of the Golden Network members, Greta MacEachern, just posted to the database that she’s a finalist in the Romantic Suspense category with Dangerous Summer

  54. YAY!!! To Elizabeth Hoyt, she SO deserves it. *happy dance*

  55. Congratulations, Kylie and all the other finalists so far!

    Kylie, Paranormalists is waiting to congratulate the Paranormal GH finalists if you want to stop by. (My name is linked to it.)

    Congrats again!!!!

  56. Congrats to Laurie, our first TKA finalist for WHAT WOULD JANE AUSTEN DO? in the paranormal catagory, we’re so excited for you! Good luck to everyone else!

  57. Best of luck to all and congrats to the nominees!

  58. Yay, Laurie, a fellow Sourcebooks author!

  59. Good luck, Judi. I’m pulling for you!

  60. The slots are filling up quickly…
    Good luck to everyone and Congrats to the finalists

  61. Elizabeth Bemis (Liz) is another Ruby Sister who’s a finalist in the Single Title Category with For Love or Money

  62. Trying not to think too much about this day, but can’t help it–it’s like a great murder mystery that you can’t put down and you stay up all night to read. Heck with it – I’m taking the day off work. Best wishes to all the hopefuls and congrats to all the nominees! My fingers and toes are crossed for you! Thanks Judi for the fun!

  63. Carla Capshaw got a shout out for Best First Book for her LIH Gladiator. Whoo hoo! Congratulations, Carla!

  64. Just wanted to stop by and cheer everyone on. I’ll be checking in periodically to squee with the winners.

    Here’s to hoping you’re one of them, Judi!

  65. Thanks, Jenna! And congrats to the finalists so far!

  66. Congrats to the early times zones, and fingers crossed ladies. I’m ready for some champagne even if I’m not entered.

  67. My manuscript WANTED:DEAD finaled in the contemporary series:suspense adventure category. Fingers crossed for those still waiting calls!!

  68. Another Ruby Sister, Tina Joyce, just got a call for her Contemporary Series/Suspense Adventure WANTED:DEAD Yea, Tina! Those Ruby Sisters are a talented bunch!

  69. Congrats to all the finalist so far! Enjoy the moment and the journey!

  70. My CP, Shea Berkley just got the call! Her book ‘Shattered’ finaled in the YA (GH)


  71. I just saw that Bronwyn Parry finaled in the Ritas – Dark Country, Romantic Suspense.

  72. My AustinRWA chapter mate Jane Sevier got the call: FORTUNE’S FOOL finaled in the GH Romantic Elements!

    Yay, Jane!

  73. Hi Judi, thinking of you today and hoping you get “The Call”! Good Luck!!

  74. Tina, that’s wonderful!! I’m so excited for you. Congrats!!


  75. And ARWA Laura Griffin’s WHISPER OF WARNING is a Rita finalist for romantic suspense!! Hooray, Laura!

  76. Hi Judi,

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you while happy dancing because I got the Golden Heart call this morning for RULES OF THE ROAD in single title contemporary. But you already knew that cause I phoned it in on Carla’s phone. This is a rockin’ site, kiddo.

  77. Congrats to another TKA’r, Jessica Andersen who just finaled in the Series Suspense/Adventure category with MOUNTAIN INVESTIGATION!

  78. We’ve had one other announcement in YA at http://www.rubyslipperedsisterhood.com Come one over an party when you have a chance.


    Congratulations, Carey!

  79. Carla Capshaw got another nomination on LIH Gladiator for Best Inspirational.

  80. Yeah Tina!!!! So excited for you!!! Can’t wait to cheer for you in Nashville!

  81. ARWA’s Sherry Thomas got the Rita call for NOT QUITE A HUSBAND – HISTORICAL. Congrats, Sherry!

    (Sigh, now I have to leave this great party — it was as much fun on the sidelines this year as it was playing in the game last year! Congrats to all who’ve made the list and good luck to all waiting to hear!)

  82. Great idea, Judi! Pretzeling that my CP gets a call today! Also wishing everyone luck and congratulations to those who have already gotten the call!

  83. One more: ARWA’s Tracy Wolff, The Christmas Present is up for Rita romantic suspense!!! Yay, Tracy!

    (Now I’m really signing off.)

  84. Congrats to all of you who got the nod, I was tickled to see soooo many names I recognized.
    The Mermen/maid trilogy rocks. Hope I get a signed set!!!

  85. LOL Lisa, I was just about to post that about seeing so many familiar names!

    Congrats to everyone who has the news so far; I’m biting my nails over who’s left! LOL 🙂

  86. I wonder how they do the calls. Does anyone know? Is it one person who makes all of the calls? Or is it one person for each category?

    Wouldn’t all the calls have gone out by now?

  87. One of my 007 sisters, Maureen McGowen is also a finalist in the Contemporary Series Adventure/Suspense with her novel Switching Sides

  88. WOO HOO! Eliz Hoyt’s alter ego — Julia Harper just got the call for FOR THE LOVE OF PETE in contemporary single title. And my other best bud, CIndy Dees just got the call for cont series adventure suspense for THE SOLDIER’S SECRET DAUGHTER (gotta love the harlequin titles!)

  89. My phone has obviously been read its Miranda rights and is exercising its right to remain silent

  90. Good luck Judi! In Over Her Head deserves to win! I loved that book and now have to read the next two!

  91. Congrats to all the finalists!! What an exciting day! 🙂

  92. Hi Judi–and all the other partiers and finalists. I’m Liz Selvig and SQUEEEEE! I just got a call that my novel “Songbird” finaled in the Single Title Contemporary category. This is my very first GH final so I am flying this morning. I saw earlier that Greta MacEachern finaled as well — she’s a fellow Midwest Fiction Writers member (one of Minnesota’s RWA chapters). Thanks, Judi, for hosting this party. I’m thrilled for all the finalists!!!

  93. popping in to say Hi. Exhausting work keeping the list updated. Thankfully, I’ve got two other hopefulls with me helping me keep track – Carla Kempert and Stephanie Julian! Here’s hoping ONE of us at least gets a call, but at least we’re having fun at our local Borders.

  94. Major congrats to my friend, Jen McAndrews, who is a GH finalist in YA. Can’t wait to see you again in Nashville! Your hard work has paid off! Congrats to all the other finalists, too. What a great day for all of you!

  95. […] the day the Golden Heart and Rita Award nominees are notified. Keep up with the finalists at Judi Fennell’s blog and congrats to all the nominees! Posted in Life in General. Tags: Golden Heart, RITA. Leave a […]

  96. This is all so exciting! Just remember everyone is a winner for submitting. Good luck to all in making the list.

  97. Ooops, I goofed. Maureen McGowan is a finalist, but in NSRE not Series Adventure/Suspense. Sorry, Maureen.

  98. It’s great to see the lists filling up. I love seeing names I recognize and now I will also have new authors to check out.
    Congratulations to all the authors who are nominees!

  99. The list keeps growing! Congrats to all the finalists!

  100. I just got a call from Sharon Sala! My entry “Shadowed” is a paranormal finalist. Can’t … breathe …

  101. OMG SHARON!!!! CONGRATS to my CB and Co-blogger!!!!!


  102. Liz –

    All or most the RWA Board members are assigned a category or two of finalists to call. Since we’re all over the country and the finalists are all over the world, we try to mesh time zones so we won’t wake anyone at an ungodly hour and that we call before the news is public on the RWA website.

    So, the calls seem to dribble out over the morning hours from 8am local time until the calls are all made or until the complete list is posted on the RWA website.

    It’s the most fun thing a board member gets to do in RWA, so I’m having a great morning making my calls! I just finished my 2 categories (one RITA/one GH) so more names will be posted on the website soon!

    Terri B

  103. Sorry – that was for the Golden Heart, not the Rita, forgot to say! Thanks for hosting the party again, Judi!

  104. 5. Sharon Fisher, Shadowed

    6. Anne Mallory, For The Earl’s Pleasure

    Do either of these belong in RITA paranormal category?

  105. Angela, I goofed on Sharon’s; she’s now under GH. Anne Mallory does. According to her website, this book is the only one of hers that has paranormal elements. And it’s on the RWA site.

  106. Sharon Lynn Fisher’s SHADOWED is Golden Heart -Paranormal.

  107. Never mind! I actually read the Amazon reviews of For the Earl’s Pleasure to see it is a paranormal!

  108. WOOOO HOOO! Add my client Tina Ferraro to the RITA list for YA category for THE ABC’s OF KISSING BOYS. CONGRATS TINA!

  109. Liz and all —

    Did my message come through about RWA board members each having a category or two of the RITA and GH contests to call the finalists? How we’re spread out all over the country and the finalists are spread out over the world so we try to mesh time zones and not call before 8am local time? And how the calls will dribble out all morning because of that and will all be posted on the RWA website by 2pm CST?

    That’s how it works with the calls! I just finished my categories and had the best morning doing those. Congrats to all our finalists!

    Terri B

  110. Okay, the series contemporary calls are going out. My book, Honey, I’m Home!, is a GH finalist! Woo-hoo! Big party in Nashville!


  111. Congratulations to all! What an exciting morning. Judi, thanks for hosting and keeping us up to speed. Good luck on yours!

  112. Congratulations to all who have had the call, and best of luck to all those anxiously waiting! Judi– you are a great host….

  113. Congratulations finalists! I wish I were among you. *grin*

    Special kudos to FCRW chaptermate Lena for her final in the romantic suspense category!!! Way to go!!!

  114. My series contemporary CAUGHT BENEATH THE MISTLETOE also finaled in the GH! Ack!

  115. I never knew there were so many categories. Congratulations to everyone and good luck!!!

  116. Jennifer Litteken, my MORWA chaptermate, finaled in the GH for Historical Romance!!

  117. GO Jennifer! Good luck to everyone who got the GH or RITA call!

  118. What a lot of categories and novels. I could fill my reading list for the next six months here. Congratulations. Good luck. Etc.

  119. Judi, I started a Yahoo loop for the GH 2010 finalists. Send them to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/2010GHFinalists

  120. This is the first time I have been here. I love reading books. This is nice there are so many books. Congratulations.

  121. Judi, thanks for doing this–I only have to go to one place! Good Luck and congratulations not only to the finalists but to all who entered.

    GH finalist
    Contemporary Series: Suspense & Adventure

  123. I’m so excited to see so many names that I know. 🙂 Lots of my Twitter pals too. Confetti, champagne and chocolate for everyone who had the courage to even enter this contest. Kudos to those who did not final as well.

  124. Just found out my critique partner, Molly O’Keefe is a RITA nominated for “The Christmas Eve Promise” in the novella category! Woot!

  125. is a RITA nominated??? oops. You know what my fingers meant to type, right?

  126. Huge shout-out to my CP and ORWA Chapter mate Margaret Mallory for her RITA historical Final KNIGHT OF PLEASURE!! And a big wahoo to Sherry Thomas also! 🙂

  127. Didn’t even see it, Maureen! LOL

    I’m thinking I might want to write something Christmas themed…

  128. I just got the call, my Mainstream novel, DAMAGED GOODS, is a GH finalist in the Novel with Strong Romantic elements.

  129. YAY for my CP, Leigh Stites who finaled in Historical!!! You go, girl!

  130. Congratulations to all of the finalists. Remember to enjoy the ride.


  131. This is such a nail biting, but exciting day to watch unfold. Congrats to all the finalists! And to everyone who entered! Great party Judi!

  132. All the congrats on this site are so uplifting–what a fun party. I’m so proud that I have five chapter mates on the two finalist lists: From MFW in Minnesota, fellow GH finalists are Greta MacEachern in Romantic Suspense; Nancy Evertz in Single Title; Nancy Holland in short contemporary. And RITA finalists are: Kathleen Eagle and Helen Brenna in Contemporary Series. Woo hoo — the company in this whole group is phenomenal!

  133. It’s almost 3 and there are some very blank categories left, even on RWA’s website. Wonder if those have all been called?

    Many many many congrats to the finalists! 🙂 I wish all of you the best of luck.

  134. I just got the call. Regency GH. To Seduce A Proper Rogue. I’m in shock.

  135. Judi! Finally I get to squee & not just congratulate other squeers (is that a word?) I came to announce that I FINALLY GOT THE CALL for GH, but I see my name is already listed. For some reason I was thinking the calls went out tomorrow so at least I didn’t have to be anxious about it. It’s the 3rd time I’ve entered (with the same manuscript no less). Came close the last 2 year, but always had one score that knocked me out.

    I’m in the inspirational category, Here Comes the Wedding Planner.

  136. OMG!!!! Squee!!! Squee!!! I now have 2 critique partners who are Golden Heart finalists.

    Leigh Stites, The Healer
    Heather Snow, Sweet Enemy

    I’m so excited!

    Good luck, ladies and congratualtions to all the finalists.

  137. Thanks, Judi, for the party! I had to leave for a while and could hardly stand being away from the news. So many names I recognize!! Yeah and congrats to all.

    Special congrats to fellow chapter mates – Leigh Stites and Jennifer Litteken and to Beth Cornelison, a new Louisiana friend.

  138. I just got the call for Regency Historical GH!!!! Sweet Enemy. 😉 Call came after 2 p.m. CST, so keep your hopes alive!

  139. Oh my, this is unexpected and exciting! I just checked my email and found a message from one of the RWA Board of Directors asking that I call her.
    I’ve finaled in the GH Historical category with my novel BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL.

  140. Never got the call… but I just learned on the RWA website I finaled in Regency with A Most Improper Gentleman.

    They’ve got it listed under my real name, but my pen name is Elisa Beatty. Must go call Carol Ritter!

  141. I didn’t get a call, but KNIGHT OF PLEASURE is officially listed on the RWA site as a RITA finalist!! I’m beyond thrilled!!! Call or no call, I’m not letting them take it back. 😉

    Thanks for the party!

    Margaret Mallory

  142. And congrats to all the GH Finalists & to the other RITA nominees!!!


  143. Hi everyone! I’m squeeing too. 🙂 It’s been several hours since I got the call and I’m still in shock. Congrats to all the finalists!!! I’m so honored, I can’t even tell ya.

  144. Thanks, Judi, for having us. Congratulations to all the finalists. Good luck and enjoy every moment of the Rita/GH experience! The official list is up on RWA National’s site.

  145. Roll on Nashville!!!!

  146. Thanks, Judi, for the party. Keli Gwyn is a finalist in the inspirational category of Golden Heart . She’s a sweetheart and love her blog with published and yet to be published writers at Romance Writers on the Journey.

  147. Congratulations to all! I love seeing the names grow on the list.

  148. Thanks for hosting another great RITA/GH Bash, Judi. What fun!

    Congrats to all the finalists. Enjoy the thrill.

    Cyber hugs to those dealing with disappointment. My heart aches for you.

    And thanks, Pat, for the shout out and kind words.

  149. I can find the official RITA list at the RWA site, but the GH list doesn’t seem to be coming up, the page is blank. Anyone else having this problem? Do they just not have it up yet?

  150. It’s a glitch that happens with the content management system. They must have been updating it and the CMS published it blank. Give it a little time and refresh it–I’m sure whomever is updating it will figure it out and fix it. 🙂

  151. Thanks for hosting the party, Judi! (Wish I could have been celebrating with you and Steph and Carla in person today!)

  152. Thanks, Judi, for hosting such a great squee-fest. What a morning!

    Congratulations and good luck to all the finalists!

  153. Super congrats for all the finalists! This was such an exciting week of anticipation! I’m proud of each and every one of us who A.) finished a manuscript and B.) had the strength to submit it to such a selective contest! I hope to see you all back here again next year!

  154. Thanks. It is working now. I figured it was some sort of technical glitch, but wasn’t sure.

  155. Congrats to everyone! This looks to be the final list – I just checked RWA’s website.

    Thank you for stopping by – I know it made waiting for that call (that never came… sigh… there’s always next year) easier and a whole lot of fun “listening” to people squee.

    Don’t forget to check back by Monday for the winners of the two signed trilogies of my Mer stories.

    And look for the blog party to happen again next year! Thanks to the agents and editor who stopped by – we always love hearing from industry people!

  156. Well done, finalists! And for all those who entered, your day will come.

  157. Thank you very much for all the congratulations, you made my day even better 🙂 And I have to send out an “OMG!!” to Robyn Enlund, for her GH Regency final. Wonderful, wonderful news!

  158. Congrats to all the finalists and good luck!
    No matter what will happen, you all have won already.


  159. Dang! I missed most of the party. Still, congratulations to all winners! Judi, it looks like you hosted an amazing party as usual. Next stop…Nashville!

  160. Looks like I missed the party. Oh well! Congrats to all the finalists and the winners!!

  161. Congrats to everyone!

  162. Thanks for hosting this. I don’t recognize a lot of names which shocks me because I work in a book store and my favorite department is the Romance lol

    Congratulations to the winners and I at least 300 or 400 more authors I would add to these links! Good luck!

  163. What? No Nalini Singh or Meljean Brook? I can’t believe Alexis Morgan’s Darkness Unknown is even on the list? I barely recognize most of the names. Every year it’s the same old group, or should I say clique. Shameful.

  164. How exciting. Congratulations to all the nominees.

  165. Congratulations to all. My friend Michelle Willingham was also nominated for a Rita. It was cool to actually know someone.


  166. i must confes si havent heard of alot of these authors but now that i have i will be checking them out so congrats again to all the finalistsand i agree they r all winners

  167. I’m late too! I will keep checking in too!

  168. Better late than never!

    Just dropped by to say hi. Got the call that The Yard Man finaled at 8:30 in the morning PST, drove an hour to my dentist’s office. Sat in the chair and let the awesomeness of the GH final sink in and then partied with my sister. Shopping, dinner, a spilt of champagne, and girl talk.

    A hugely happy day, despite the dentist! Congrats to all of the finalists this year! Look forward to meeting some of you this summer!


  169. Congrats to all the winners! I realized after it was way too late that my cell phone was dead at work! 🙂 But then again, it didn’t matter! 🙂 Congratulations to all the finalists and to all those with the courage to enter! Everyone’s winners in my book!

  170. I did get a call later in the day, so they didn’t make a mistake in posting my book as a RITA finalist. 😉 Whew!

    Congrats again to all the other RITA & GH finalists!


  171. congrats everyone Margaret I love your knight books!

  172. Now that I’m finally recovered from all the excitement :), I can finally say CONGRATULATIONS to Laura (my yarn buddy) and Robin (my CP) on your finals! I hope you guys tie for the Single Title GH!! I love you both!!! (I’m a mom; I know better than to play favorites…)

    Thanks, Judi! I couldn’t have gotten through Thursday without you and Steph. Same time, next year? 🙂

  173. Congratulations to all the nominees. I’ve read some of the titles, have some on my TBR pile, have some on my To Buy List , and now have more to add.
    Thanks for hosting the party.
    I’m looking forward to your Genie series.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  174. […] to final, but I didn’t think much of it–until March 25.  Judi Fennell does a wonderful blog celebration in anticipation and eventually listing the Golden Heart and Rita finalists. I got […]

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