Rita/GH ’09

CHECK BACK MARCH 25, 2010 FOR YET ANOTHER FUN-FILLED DAY OF SQUEEING WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FELLOW NOMINEES!!! I’ll be fielding the names for the third year in a row! See you then!

To be awarded in Washington, DC, RWA National Conference July 15-18, 2009

Post your full name below, your book/manuscript title and what category (include Rita/GH) and I’ll update the list as I get them.

Congratulations to everyone!

And bookmark this page, because I’ll be doing it again next year (when I’ll be awaiting the call…)



(images from www.RWANational.org where the official list will be published at 2 PM central time on 3/25/09

Disclaimer: These results are NOT official and are based on the comments posted below and emails I receive. I arbitrarily chose 8 finalists per category for formatting purposes; there may be more or less. Category information was gathered from the RWA National website. Please check www.RWANational.org for the official list.

Here we go…

Rita Finalists

Contemporary Series Romance

1. A Mother’s Wish, Karen Templeton

2. Adopted: Outback Baby, Barbara Hannay

3. Antonides’ Forbidden Wife, Anne McAllister

4. Falling for the Lone Wolf, Crystal Green

5. Last-Minute Proposal, Jessica Hart

6. Texas Heir, Linda Warren

7. The Children’s Doctor and The Single Mom, Lillian Darcy

8. The Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle, RaeAnne Thayne

9. The Right Mr. Wrong, Cindi Myers

Contemporary Series: Suspense/Adventure

1. Cold Case Connection, Kathleen Long

2. The Man Behind the Cop, Janice Kay Johnson

3. The Secret Soldier, Jennifer Morey

4. Lethal Attraction, Diana Duncan

5. Twin Targets, Jessica Anderson

6. Tall, Dark and Lethal, Dana Marton

7. A Sexy Time of It, Cara Summers

8. Strangers in the Night, Kerry Connor

9. Danger Signals, Kathleen Creighton

Contemporary Single Title

1. Tall Tales & Wedding Veils, Jane Graves

2. Not Another Bad Date, Rachel Gibson

3. Sweet Talk, Susan Mallery

4.Out of Time, Samantha Graves

5. Snowfall at Willow Lake, Susan Wiggs

6. Twenty Wishes, Debbie Macomber

7. Your Roots Are Showing, Elise Chidley

8. No Good Girls, Jean Marie Pierson

Historical Romance

1. To Seduce a Sinner, Elizabeth Hoyt

2. In Bed With The Devil, Lorraine Heath

3. Duchess by Night, Eloisa James

4. Private Arrangements, Sherry Thomas

5. The Spymaster’s Lady, Joanna Bourne

6. Where the Heart Leads, Stephanie Laurens

7.Seduce Me at Sunrise, Lisa Kleypas

8. The Edge of Impropiety, Pam Rosenthal

Regency Historical Romance

1. The Dangerous Duke, Christine Wells

2. Duke Most Wanted, Celeste Bradley

3. Mr. Cavendish I Presume, Julia Quinn

4. My Lord and Spymaster, Joanna Bourne

5. The Edge of Desire, Stephanie Laurens

6. Three Nights of Sin, Anne Mallory

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements

1. The Winter Sea, Susanna Kearsely

2. Tribute, Nora Roberts

3. Where Serpents Sleep, C.S. Harris

4. Last Dance at Jitterbug Lounge, Pamela Morsi

5. The Shape of Mercy, Susan Meissner

6. The Paper Marriage, Susan Kay Law

7. The House on Tradd Street, Karen White

Paranormal Romance

1. Mine to Possess, Nalini Singh

2. The Darkest Night, Gena Showalter

3. The Healer, Sharon Sala

4. Dragon Wytch, Yasmine Galenorn

5. The Undead Next Door, Kerrelyn Sparks

6. Thunder Moon, Lori Handeland

7. Moonstruck, Susan Grant

8. Seducing Mr. Darcy, Gwen Cready

Inspirational Romance

1. Deep in the Heart of Trouble, Deeanne Gist

2. Faking Grace, Tamara Leigh

3. Finding Stefanie, Susan May Warren

4. Love Starts with Elle, Rachel Hauck

5. Mulberry Park, Judy Duarte

6. The Perfect Life, Robin Lee Hatcher

7. Where Love Abides, Irene Hannon

8. The Convenient Groom, Denise Hunter

Romantic Suspense

1. Killing Fear, Allison Brennan

2. Now You Die, Roxanne St. Claire

3. Scream for Me, Karen Rose

4. Stop Me, Brenda Novak

5. Triple Exposure, Colleen Thompson

6. The Angel, Carla Neggers

7. Take No Prisoners, Cindy Gerard

8. Night Secrets, Cherry Adair

Young Adult Romance

1. How to Hook a Hottie, Tina Ferraro

2. Oh. My. Gods.  by Tera Lynn Childs

3. Hell Week, Rosemary Clement-Moore

Romance Novella

1. BLAME IT ON THE MISTLETOE in One Candlelit Christmas, Terri Brisbin

2. PENANCE in Aftershock, Sharon Sala

3. ALL HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS in Heating Up the Holidays, Jill Shalvis

4. ONLY YOU in It Happened One Night, Jacquie D’Alessandro

5. OUR DAY in The Valentine Gift, Jean Brashear

6. SNOWY NIGHT WITH A HIGHLANDER in Snowy Night with a Stranger, Julia London

7. THE FALL OF ROGUE GERARD in It Happened One Night, Stephanie Laurens

8. THICKER THAN BLOOD, in First Blood, Meljean Brook

Best First Book

1.Oh. My. Gods.  by Tera Lynn Childs

2. Passionate, Anthea Lawson

3. No Good Girls, Jean Marie Pierson

4. Private Arrangements, Sherry Thomas

5. Strangers in the Night, Kerry Connor

6. The Secret Soldier, Jennifer Morey

7. Your Roots are Showing, Elise Chidley

8. Her One Desire, Kimberly Killion

Golden Heart Finalists

Liz Bemis started a chat loop for the GH finalists. Sign up today!


Contemporary Series Romance

1. The Great Bedroom War, Laurie Kellogg

2. Second Chance for Family, Kim Law

3. Angel in Training, Lindsey Brookes

4. Beneath the Surface, Katherine Danniele Worsham

5. Into the Night, Melissa Jackson Brister

6. Meet Your Mate, Jacqueline M. Floyd

7. The Greek’s Mistress Revenge, Anastasia Huff

8. For Love or Ravioli, Laurie DeSalvo

Contemporary Series: Suspense/Adventure

1. His Witness, Dianne Gerber w/a Autumn Jordon

2. Breathless, Kim Howe

3. Romance or Retribution, Jamie T. Holland

Contemporary Single Title

1. Lights…Camera…Marriage! by Elizabeth Bemis

2. Love & Oreos, br Elizabeth Bemis

3. Operation: Date Escape, Lindsey Brookes

4. Easy Money, Vivi Andrews

5. For Love or Money, Robin Lanier

6. Island Healing, Virginia McCullough

7. Summer in Austin, Kathryn Anne Graykowski

8. Texas Hold’er, June Love

Historical Romance

1. Forfeit’s Lady, Pat Detweiler

2. The Art of a Lady, Kathryn Parker

3. The Other Brother, CJ Eernisse

4. Butterfly Swords, Jeannie Lin

5. Highland Honor, Jenna Stuart

6. Lily’s Outlaw, Tatia Talbot

7. Upon a Moonlit Sea, Jennifer Whitney Bray-Weber

8. My Lady Knight, Carol Lisa Hayes

9. The Devil’s Virtue, Xenia Navarre

Regency Historical Romance

1. Defiant, by Elizabeth Baldwin

2. An Inconvenient Marriage, Sara Wampler

3. The Raven’s Heart,  Pamela Lynn Bolton-Holifield

4. Midnight Promises, Anne Barton

5. No Shrinking Violet, Amy Talley

6. Shameless, Elisa Griffith Beatty

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements

1. One Shot, Two Kills, Kim Howe

2. Until Midnight, L. A. Mitchell

3. Color My Horse, Bev Pettersen

4. Home Waters, Elizabeth Devlin

5. Dark Secrets, Sherri Buerkle

6. Call Sign Scarlett, Julie Katherine Whitby

7. Death, Taxes and a French Manicure, Diane O’Brien Kelly

8. Pleasant Lake, P.D., Kelly Geneve Fitzpatrick

Paranormal Romance

1. Ghost Planet, Sharon Fisher

2. Kismet’s Kiss, Cate Rowan

3. Underbelly, Tammy Hoganson

4. First Grave on the Right, Darynda Jones

5. Heart of the Dragon, Morgan Karpiel

6. Just in Time, Nancy Litzau

7. Magic Man, Jacqui Jacoby

8. Magick, Heather Dawn McCollum

Inspirational Romance

1. Montana Rainbow, Yvonne Harris

2. Kitty’s Fire, Kelly Ann Riley

3. Kasey’s Secret, Kayla Lynn Westra

4. Love on a Dime, Cara Slaughter

Romantic Suspense

1. The Surrogate, Tina Joyce Butts

2. Trust No One, Diane Della Maggiora

3. Safe in Enemy Arms, Joan Swan

4. Guardian Angel, Rita O. Henuber

5. Trust Fall, Sally Randel Eggert

6. Intrusion, Cynthia Justin

7. Only Fear, Anne Marie Becker

8. The Broken, Shelley S. Coriell

Young Adult Romance

1. Codename: Dancer, Amanda Brice

2. Stage Fright, Shoshana Brown

3. I Wished, Elizabeth Langston

4. My Big Fat Rockin’ Reality, Addison Fox

5. Call Me Crazy, Vanessa Barneveld


180 Responses

  1. This is really nerve wracking and I am not in it this year. Good luck to all entrants. :o)

  2. I just got the call! Forfeit’s Lady is a finalist in the long historical category!!!!!!

  3. Oh Pat!!!! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations, Sweetie!

    Hugs….Robin 🙂

  4. I have no horse in this race but was a GH judge and so thanks for posting this site and letting all of us in on the fun!

    And congrats, Pat—you are the first finalist I’ve seen! (Didn’t judge your category, btw.) 🙂 Forfeit’s Lady is a great title.

    Off to work, but will be sneaking peeks all day….

  5. Just got the call. MONTANA RAINBOW is a finalist in the Inspirational Romance category.


  6. This is so exciting! Judi, thanks for this site – it’s the best! I didn’t enter this year, but several of my crit partners did, so I’m holding my breath for them!! 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

  7. Congrats, everyone! Please let me know Rita/GH!

  8. Oh, and congrats to Yvonne and Pat!

  9. Pat!!! And Terri!! Doing the happy dance for you both here downunder!

    (And now I’m off to bed, because it’s very late here – although I don’t want to miss all the excitement! I guess if I don’t sleep, I can get up again…)

    Huge congratulations to all the finalists!

  10. Hey Bronwyn – you piker – I am going to stay up for a while. Congrats to the finalists announced so far. Fingers crossed for some Pixie Chicks.

  11. Me too!!

    My novella BLAME IT ON THE MISTLETOE in One Candlelit Christmas is a RITA finalist in Best Novella!!


    And it was fun calling PAT this morning! Waving to my chaptermate!

    Terri Brisbin

  12. Terri! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

    Hugs….Robin 🙂

  13. Squeeeee!!!!!! Yay Pat!!! I’m so happy to see your name here. You go girl and good luck to everyone on pins and needles today. : )

  14. Whoo-hoo! Pat, I told you, didn’t I. Congratulations, sweetie. Terri, big congrats! Way to go ladies.


  15. Wooohooooo — love these early calls! Congrats ladies 🙂

  16. Good luck, everyone!!!! I’m not in this year as I’m not eligible for either one, but I’m as excited as if I were. Last year, getting that GH finalist call was amazing. And checking this blog, sharing the excitement, was the best. Thanks for doing this Judi!

    Congrats to those who’ve been called, and good luck to those waiting!!


  17. Kathryn Parker just got the call for The Art of a Lady – GH Historical, her second final! Yay, Kay! I’m so happy for you!

    Hugs…..Robin 🙂

  18. I finaled in the Historical GH with The Art of a Lady. I’m so excited.

  19. I’m not in this year but hope to be for next. Best of luck to all! And here’s some chocolate to ease the nerves of the day.

    Judi, thanks for making this fun for everyone. Extra chocolate for you. For strength, of course.

  20. I’m so excited for everyone! The Golden Heart changed my life last year and I can’t wait to watch a new batch of finalists have that same, wonderful experience. My fingers are crossed for all my GH /RITA friends! (Gosh, does that make it difficult to type.)

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Bron, Robin, Kim, Terri, and of course, CP extraordinaire, Laurie, I appreciate your good wishes and support. {{{HUGS}}}

  22. Hi Judy!

    Thanks so much for doing this. My manuscript, Until Midnight, finaled in the GH Novel w/Strong Romantic Elements category!

    Best of luck to those waiting to hear 🙂

  23. This is so exciting! I’m not in the contest, but I know someone who is and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her! And I was a judge, so I can’t wait to see how “my” entries did! Good luck to you all!

  24. Thanks Judy!

    My manuscript COLOR MY HORSE is a GH finalist in the Elements category. Congrats to all the other finalists and fingers crossed for those waiting.

  25. Judi — thanks so much for doing this again! Congrats to those already getting calls!! 🙂

  26. Congratulations to the nominees and good luck to all the entrants!!

  27. Congrats to everyone who is here that already has great news to celebrate! I’m excited to report that the Knight Agency has already gotten two great nominations:

    Nalini Singh’s MINE TO POSSESS as a Rita in the Paranormal Romance catagory


    Elizabeth Devlin’s HOME WATERS as a GH in Novel with Romantic Elements!

    WOOHOOO!!! We’re so excited for our clients and for everyone with such fun and fabulous news!

  28. Well, Judi, I guess I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d be here bright an early! My historical, Butterfly Swords, finaled in the Historical category!!!

    Congrats to all the other finalists and best of luck to everyone still waiting for the call!

  29. Huge congrats to all the finalists! It’s great to see so many friendly faces here today. Waving hello to everyone. 🙂

    I was lucky enough to get a call from the lovely Terri Brisbin regarding my rewritten version of ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS in the GH Strong Romantic Elements category. I’m thrilled to be a finalist!

  30. This is so cool! Good luck to everyone. Great to see your name, Kim.

  31. WAy to go Nalini – that is really exciting, Downunder girls strike again.

    Congrats to all other finalists.

  32. CODENAME: DANCER is a finalist in the YA category of the Golden Heart!!!!

    Major shout-out to my Pixie Chicks friends that I’ve seen on here, so far. Yay!!!!!

  33. Amanda, woohoo!!!!! Pixies rock!!!!

  34. More great news to pass along-

    Gena Showalter just learned that she is also up for a Rita in the paranormal catagory for THE DARKEST NIGHT, the first title in her Lords of the Underworld sereis!

    TKA clients are going to be duking it out, exciting stuff!

  35. You guys have no idea how much fun this is for me! Thanks for coming to my party! LOL

    Seriously, congrats to everyone and keep those names coming!

  36. Jeannie, YES!!!!!!! Didn’t I tell you Butterly Swords rocked?????

  37. CONGRATS to Amanda and Jeannie! YAYYYYYYY!! I am so thrilled for you guys!

  38. I judged GH but didn’t enter. Can’t wait to see if any of my excellent reads are here.

    Good luck everyone! And congrats to the finalists.

    Thanks Judy for doing this.

  39. Amanda – wooo hoo – go the p[ixie chicks

  40. I’m a finalist! Yea! My book The Great Bedroom War is a finalist in the Contemporary Series Romance.


  41. Congratulations Pat!!! I’m so very happy!! Enjoy!! And congrats to all!!

  42. I just got the call! “Second Chance for a Family” finaled in the GH Contemporary Series!!!! This will be my “coming out” as Kim Law also. Yay!!!

  43. OMG! Laurie!!! Congratulations, Girlfriend!

    Hugs….Robin 🙂

  44. It is my greatest pleasure to announce that my manuscripts, LIGHTS… CAMERA… MARRIAGE! and LOVE & OREOS are both finalists in the Single Title Category. (And yes, I am about to *SQUEEE* out of my skin!)

  45. From one of my DARA chapter mates

    Defiant is a Golden Heart Finalist for Regency Historical BY Elizabeth Baldwin

  46. Thanks Robin! Pat and I can’t wait to party with you again in Washington!


  47. Congrats to all the finalists, and a special shout out to my 2008 Pixie pals on the list so far: Amanda Brice, Bev Petterson, CJ Eernisse, Kathryn Parker and Kim Howe.

  48. Good luck to everyone!!! How EXCITING!!!

    Hugs, Jj

  49. I am so glad to see my NJRW, VFRW and Bucks County and PLRW chapter mates announcing here!! Woohoo — party!!

    And congrats to all the finalists!

    Terri B

  50. I just got the message that THE SURROGATE is a finalist in the Romantic Suspense category of the GH!

    I can’t believe it. Congratulations everyone!!!


  51. Good luck ladies and congratulations for the nomination.

  52. Based on what I’m reading on Twitter, most of the RITA nominees are not on this list. I don’t see Lori Handeland or Karen Templeton, for example.

  53. Hey, Judi! I’m still in tears and trying to breathe here, but had to share. I finalled in series contemporary with Angel In Training and in single title with Operation: Date Escape (my ATIII book)!!!

    Good luck everyone else waiting on calls!



    A MOTHER’S WISH is a RITA finalist (Series romance) by Karen Templeton

  55. Whoa, Kim and Liz–two! Congratulations


  56. Congratulations to all the finalists! I see one of the entries I judged made the finals! I’m soooo thrilled 🙂

    Thank you, Judi, for hosting this celebration!

    Hugs to Everyone!

  57. BTW, caught your new book covers on your web site (JudiFennell.com) WOW! They are just gorgeous!

  58. Congratulations to Jeannie Lin, I read the opening to your story on Chase the Dream and loved it. Your success is well deserved!
    Gail Zerrade

  59. My manuscript EASY MONEY finaled in the Single Title Contemp category of the GH! Somebody pinch me!

  60. Gail: Thank you so much! And congrats on your win in Chase the Dream. You set the bar high.
    Jeannie Lin

  61. Kim & Liz! Two-fers!!!! Way to go!!!!

    I thought I’d be a bit more sanguine this time. NOT!!! I’m so thrilled for everyone, and recognizing so many names now makes it the fun exponential!!!!

  62. Laurie, congrats! Seems like I keep running into you on the contest circuit! 🙂


  63. Good luck to everyone. I entered paranormal, but don’t expect to final.

  64. Congrats to all the finalists!

    My book THE DANGEROUS DUKE has finaled in the Regency historical category.

    Christine Wells

  65. I got a call from the wonderful Terri Brisbin (yay, Terri, on your Rita final too!) My story Highland Honor finaled in the GH Historical.

    Congrats to all the GH / Rita finalists, especially Lindsey Brookes — my first and best-est contest judge :0) — on the double final!!

    And, ditto, Judi, you deserve extra chocolate! Thanks for doing this every year!
    Jenna Stuart

  66. I had the pleasure of reading Second Chance for a Family as one of my GH entries and it was WONDERFUL! Good luck Kim

  67. Way to go, Laurie, kim and Laura!! Congratulations! This is so exciting! Congrats to ALL the finalists!!!

  68. Yes, thanks so much, Judi!!!! It’s great to have somewhere to come to see what’s happening!

    Major congrats to all the finalists!

  69. I judged “Angel in Training” and loved it — so pleased to see it made the finalists!

  70. Christine,

    That’s a RITA final isn’t it? (Unless you aren’t the Christine Wells that wrote Scandal’s Daughter.) One way or the other, CONGRATS!

  71. Just heard from Elizabeth Hoyt! She’s a finalist with To Seduced a Sinner in Historical category.

    Congrats to ALL the finalists!

    Woo hoo!

  72. Go Lindsey! Congrats. TWO!


  73. Congratulations to all the finalist!

    I’m thrilled to say Terri Brisbin just called and said my story Dark Secrets is a Golden Heart finalist in Romantic Elements! Yay! — Sherri

  74. Congrats everyone! Sorry if I’m not chiming in with the woo hoos!, just trying to update the list and manage the emails!

    And enjoy your day, ladies!!!

  75. Congratulations Deb/Jenna from Divas and Christina Wells from Beau Monde!

    Cindy/Arianna, I entered paranormal too, never sure that’s the right category for my work. My phone is very quiet, except for my accountant … who I did not want to hear from today.

  76. I finalled! My name is Katherine Danniele Worsham, I finalled in the GH with Beneath the Surface in the Contemporary Series Romance Category!!!!!

  77. Um…Judi…that’s To Seduce a SINNER in Historical for Elizabeth Hoyt. Just fyi

  78. I GOT THE CALL TOO!!! I finalled in the Romantic Suspense category with my manuscript INTRUSION

    Cynthia Mealer (writing as Cynthia Justlin)

  79. Please add to the RITA finalists–Rachel Gibson–Contemporary Single Title–Not Another Bad Date

  80. Cynthia and Amanda congrats!!! I’m so thrilled to have been able to get a sneak peek at Codename: Dancer and Intrusion!

    Jeannie Lin

  81. Congratulations to all the finalists! Excellent work, ladies.

  82. I’m a Golden Heart finalist in the Inspirational Category with my manuscript LOVE

  83. Just got the call, PASSIONATE is up for best first book! This sensual Victorian-set historical took some chances– part of the story is set on a botanical expedition to Tunisia. It’s exciting to see the positive response.

    -Anthea Lawson

  84. I’m a Golden Heart finalist in the Inspirational Category for LOVE ON A DIME.

  85. Many, many congrats to the finalists! Even though I didn’t enter, I keep coming back and refreshing this page. It’s so much fun to watch!

  86. Congratulations to everyone who made the finals(especially the 2008 PIXIES who did it again)!

  87. So exciting to see the names being added to the lists. Congrats to all!

    Cheering for six more of my 2008 Pixie Pals in the 09 GH line-up: Anne Barton, Joan Swan, Jacqueline Floyd, Kelly Ann Riley, Kim Howe (a double finalist!), and Pamela Bolton-Holifield.

  88. Congrats to my chaptermate and website mate Danniele on her final.

    And way to go Lindsey on your double final! It’s been quite the month for you, hasn’t it, with our SSE pitches and requests.

  89. Jo Bourne!!!! I’m so excited. She was my Beaumonde writing mentor, and pre-pubbed at the time. Two books out and a RITA finalist! I do love this writing world, even if only my accountant called today.

  90. I love seeing so many of my Pixie pals and Divas on here!!!! Awesome!

    Congrats to all the finalists! DC is gonna rock. And not just because you’re all coming to my hometown, either. LOL!

  91. A chapter mate just posted this on our loop-

    Diane Obrien Kelly –

    “Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure” finaled in the GH Mainstream with Romantic Elements category

  92. Got it, Jade. It could be fun to seduce a duke, but probably more fun to seduce a sinner! 🙂

    thanks for the catch – I’m typing madly!

  93. A few more Knight Agency announcements:

    Rosemary Clement-Moore’s HELL WEEK for Young Adult Rita


    Crystal Green’s FALLING FOR THE LONE WOLF for Contemporary Series


  94. FOR LOVE OR RAVIOLI, by Laurie DeSalvo, finaled in the GH Contemporary Series Romance category

  95. Congrats to Anthea Lawson! You judged an excerpt of mine for a contest and were a great help. So nice to see you succeeding! Best of luck!

  96. Congratulations to everyone, including my friend Danniele! I’ll be cheering for you!

  97. Judi — heard you were keeping track! Thanks for doing this.

    I learned this morning that COLD CASE CONNECTION is a RITA finalist in Series Suspense/Adventure. ;o))

    I’m a bit stunned.

    Hooray for everyone and here’s to more great news!!

  98. Kath!!! Yay!!!! and to everyone else, too! (Kathleen is a chapter mate!)

  99. Judi, I thought interesting that I had read and enjoyed several of the Rita Finalist’s books. 🙂

    I also recognized a few Golden Hart’s stories and Authors.

    Congrats to the authors!

  100. I’ve started a Yahoo!Group for the 2009 GH Finalists: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/2009-GH-Finalists

    If you’ve gotten the call, please sign up!

  101. Congratulations, Susanna Kearsley on your Rita nomination! I’m so thrilled for you. It’s well deserved. What a fabulous read!

    Robin 🙂

  102. Are there no paranormal finalists reporting?

  103. Congrats to all of the nominees!

  104. I haven’t gotten any yet, Cathy. It was this way last year. The paranormal calls went out later. I feel your pain!

  105. Huge congrats to all my Pixie Chick sisters who are finaling again! And a special excited shout out to my Heart of Dixie sister, Katherine Danniele Worsham, who finaled in Series Contemporary! I’m so happy for you, Danniele! I’ve said it so much you’re sick of hearing it, but you’re going to have so much fun. 🙂

  106. The RITA romantic suspense calls are coming from California and just going out now. (I told the caller that we cling to that hope all morning long!!) Am so excited to have received one for NOW YOU DIE!


  107. There’s no paranormal listed on the RWA official page, either. I entered, but it’s a fantasy with erotic elements, so I’m not holding my breath 🙂

  108. “Arrrgghhh!!!” cries a paranormal entrant. The torture, oh the torture. Can you tell I’m not good at waiting? *G*

  109. Rocki, yay!!! So excited for you!!! 🙂

  110. The good news just keeps coming. I’m so excited for all the finalists. Congrats all around!

    Three more of my 2008 Pixie pals are on the 09 GH list: Julia Whitby, Shelley Coriell and Tatia Totorica. That makes 13 wtih 14 entries finaling. Woo hoo!

  111. Congrats, Rocki! It’s sooo well deserved, I’m reading it now and loving it!

    Hugs….Robin 🙂

  112. Rocki – I got it!

    Waiting for paranormal…. I soooo remember this from last year! I think all callers should have to be on the east coast. LOL

  113. I’m so thrilled to see so many names I recognize from various loops on the GH roles and favorite authors on the RITA list. Happy dances all around.

  114. Yay Rocki!!! I’m so excited for you! Love, love, love this book. 🙂

  115. And it is painful, Judi, I’ll admit. No sense pretending otherwise.

  116. Woo hoo to my TARA chapter mates Rocki St. Claire and Karen Rose for their Rom Suspense RITA nods!!! Judi, it was a real pleasure meeting you at PASIC last week.

    Fingers crossed for all entrants in the remaining categories!

    and special congrats to my playpal friends Kathleen Long for her RITA nod and Lindsey Brookes for her double GH final

  117. LOL Judi! I agree! All east coast callers. But those poor west coast finalists. Oh the horror of being woken up with news that they’re a finalist. 🙂

    FYI: I’m on east coast myself 🙂

  118. Well not east coast, but eastern time zone 🙂

  119. You too, C.L.!

    Sorry for the wonky formatting. I keep fixing it but then it goes right back to being wonky. sigh.

  120. Thanks so much to all of my chaptermates and Writing Playground friends for their congrats. I’m so excited!!!!

  121. Rita Novellas and Series Suspense/Adv. updated

  122. Paranormal calls just started going out 8am California time, FYI. 🙂

    Congrats to all the finalists!

  123. What a great site of happy news, Congratulations everyone!

    I learned this morning that my ST romantic suspense Trust No One is a Golden Heart suspense. First time finalist for me, though I’ve entered…heck, I’ve entered 5 different manuscripts over the years. Probably 10 years worth. I’ve been a member of RWA, hang onto your hat, since 1992. No, I haven’t been writing all those years, life got in the way in a major way, and I seriously considered giving up writing.

    But after health problems early in 08, I decided it was do or die. Nothing like poor health to make you really rethink your priorities and follow your dreams. I’m happy to say everything is going great, and as a friend of mine like to say, “it’s all good.”

  124. Thanks, Anthea, but if it’s 1:30 here on the east coast, isn’t it 10:30 on the west?

  125. Diane, what an uplifting story! Thanks for sharing! Just goes to show, you should never ever ever give up (channeling my inner Winston Churchill here.)

  126. Will there be 8 in every category?? I judged a couple FANTASTIC inspirationals I don’t see listed yet — my fingers are crossed for them!

  127. Wow Diane. Congratulations! Well deserved!
    Jeannie Lin

  128. My novel Ghost Planet made the Golden Heart finals (paranormal category). Thanks for hosting the party!

    – Sharon

  129. Yes, Judi. I, um, am obviously a little behind today… 🙂 I suppose I meant news of the calls is starting to trickle onto loops about now. Cheers!

  130. Hooray, my fantasy romance KISMET’S KISS is a finalist in paranormal! It was also a finalist in ’07 under a different title (THE KISS OF FATE). Congrats to all the other finalists, and to everyone else who’s waiting–I hope you get a call today!

  131. Anthea, I hear ya! I had to double check my math! LOL

    Yay, Sharon and Cate!!

  132. Cate! I was waiting/hoping to see your name here! Congratulations!!!

    Congratulations to ALL of the 2009 finalists! Very exciting!

  133. Congrats Cate! I judged Kismet’s Kiss in the Molly and loved it.! Woo hoo!!!! Actually it got the highest score in my packet 🙂

  134. I just received notification that my paranormal, UNDERBELLY, was named a GH finalist!

    My fingernails are a mess.

  135. I see some other 007 Bond girls listed, too. wahoo!

    And suddenly, I’ve sprouted a first and middle name. Sneaky, Judy….very sneaky 🙂

  136. You want me to remove them? I can – RWA has them posted though, L.A.

  137. Hmm, hope they’re not trying to call me at my home number. Ha!

  138. YEAH! –My crit partner is a finalist! NO SHRINKING VIOLET in the Regency Historical.

  139. Woohoo to Rocki for her Rita nom. I LOVE that book!

  140. Thank you, Ms. T! You know I have my fingers in knots for you. And thank you Judi (The Sheila contest still holds a special place in my heart). Arianna, SQUEEE, thank you for helping KISS final in the Molly! That was a thrill, and I’m sending grateful hugs to you.

    L.A. Mitchell, I’m so glad to see you and some of the other Bond girls on the list! GO 007s.

    I have many friends waiting for Paranormal GH calls, so I’m wishing extra hard right now…

  141. It is so fantastic to see the names on this list!! Wahoo.. Enjoy every moment!!!!

  142. Everyone must be on pins and needles! Good luck to all the entrants and congratulations to the winners! What a fun blog, Judi!

  143. I’m having such a blast watching it all unfold here. Thanks for running this, Judi! But where are all the other RITA Regency gals? Christine, are you still all alone in your category?

  144. First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones
    Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher
    Heart of the Dragon by Morgan R. Karpiel
    Just in Time by Nancy J. Litzau
    Kismet’s Kiss by Katey Coffing
    Magic Man by Jacqui Jacoby
    Magick by Heather Dawn McCollum
    Underbelly by Tammy L Hoganson

  145. Doh, those are the paranormals right from RWA site

  146. I finaled with Kasey’s Secret in the inspirational category!


  147. Sorry, I decided I should probably take a shower at some point today. TMI? Oops, sorry. LOL

    But I’m back. And we’re updated.

  148. Guess I ain’t a finalist. LOL. Maybe next year. Oh wait, never mind. I will be ineligible next year. I plan to sell 🙂

  149. Ah, there they are on the RWA site now. Congrats everyone!

  150. Congrats to finalists! And especially to Jenna Stuart.

    I didn’t final either, Cindy/Arianna, but I’m writing today and that’s big.

  151. Congrats to my chaptermate Nancy for finaling with Just in Time in the Paranormal category!

  152. I have so many buddies who have finaled in the RITAs and GHs that I’m not listing them (sending emails) – but I wanted to CONGRATULATE all of you on finaling this year. What a fun day watching everyone post. I’ll be in DC for the all the excitement. Good luck and cheers to all of you.

  153. This has been such fun! Thanks for sharing your excitement with me, ladies!

  154. Kayla and Cate! We Bond gals put in a showing. Congrats to everyone. Enjoy the ride.

  155. Hey bond girls, Pat and Kate! 007s – we’ll get there eventually!

  156. Thanks Cathy. Great way to persevere 🙂

    I got some major kudos earlier from an undisclosed source, so I’m not too bummed 🙂

  157. Only if you’re updating…it’s no big deal, Judy 🙂

  158. Thanks Cathy! That’s an excellent way to persevere. I haven’t been in writing mode, but need to get there. I’ve been in web design mode. Now I have a pretty website.

    I’m not too bummed about not finalling. I got some major kudos earlier from an undisclosed sources, so I’m pretty pumped.

  159. Thank you Judi!

    This was great being able to hang around with everyone here (instead of paying attention to my job).
    Congrats to all the GH and RITA finalists!

  160. And don’t forget to come back next year – even if RWA preempts me and posts the whole list early, we can still party here! I’ll keep this up so you can come back and relive the excitement!

  161. Super congrats to Katey and Kayla !!!! I’m so happy!!!

  162. Of course, work had to SUPER busy today, but I’m here and happy to say His WItness, my story, is also a Golden Heart finalist. Congrats to all the finalists, thanks to everyone cheering us on and thank you Judi for throwing a party. Tonight hubby, chesseburgers and champagne. WoooHooo.

  163. Congrats, Dianne! I’ll see you on the 2009 GH loop!

  164. Woo Hoo Brenda, Shelly and Allison!! Congrats! And anyone I’ve missed.I’m in between flights at the airport trying to watch this page. Hugs!!

  165. Thanks so much for hosting our party, Judi!

  166. It’s taken me this long to calm down. What an exciting morning. My book, Texas Heir, is a finalist for the Rita in Series Contemporary. Yay!

  167. Robin LInear finaled in the GH Single Title with For Love and Money! I’m so thrilled for her. Congrat’s Robin!

  168. OMG! OMG! OMG!
    I know I’m late to the party, but I just got home and got THE CALL!!!!! My debut book, HER ONE DESIRE, is a RITA nominee for Best First Book. Squeeee!

    I had my phone with me all day and had decided it wasn’t going to happen, then I got home and there was the flashing light on my phone teasing me…

    I rushed to the RWA sight and it wasn’t there so I called the person who had called me and said, “Are you sure, because I’m not listed…”

    2 seconds later, I’m listed and totally freaking out.
    Whew! Breathe…breathe…breathe….

    Congratulations to everyone and especially to Nancy Litzau and Jeannie Lin who finalled in the Golden Heart. We are going to have blast this year!!!

  169. Thanks for hosting the party, Judi! Much appreciated and congrats to all. So much fun as the names came in. Woohoo!!

  170. Got it, Kimberly! Congratulations! And feel free to freak out – I’m told it’s kinda mandatory! 🙂

  171. Congratulations to all the nominees! You’re all winners in my book!

    Shout out to Christine Wells and Kimberly Killion…I coulda told ya so!


  172. Hi LMW! 🙂

  173. Kimberly…way to give you a heart attack!

    Congratulations! Her One Desire rocked big time!

  174. Judi!

    Love the look of this blog!

    Congratulations to all!

    A special hug to Rocki – you’re a sweetie for sure. And a wave to Karen R…yahoo Tarans!


  175. Late to the party, but I wanted to congratulate all of the Rita Nominees AND the Golden Heart Class of 2009 !!

    Madeline Hunter called me at 8:18 AM this morning to tell me my manuscript The Raven’s Heart is a finalist in the Regency Historical Category of the Golden Heart !

    I don’t know which is more thrilling – getting a phone call from Madeline Hunter or being a Golden Heart finalist!!


  176. Louisa, that’s too funny: Madeline Hunter or GH! Congratulations! (and we have a squeeeeeeeee! folks!)

  177. What a list. Congratulations all of you! Hope those phones bring good news.

  178. Wow, such great novels all of them. Congratulations to all the finalists.

  179. […] with us, cyberly, and squee along with the nominees as they get the call! And maybe you will, too! Here’s the link to last year’s party. Hope to see you […]

  180. Will the owner of this blog please remove Cynthia Justlin’s real name?

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