How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Well, one day of it. That’s about all of the vacation I got if you don’t count reader and writer events (which, actually, I do count because I definitely consider them a break from my “real” life).

The family and I went up to Alexandria Bay, NY to take a two hour tour (cue Gilligan’s Island theme) of the Thousand Islands region, ending up at Boldt Castle on Heart Island.

Quick history: George Boldt (of Waldorf-Astoria and Bellevue-Stratford fame) built this home for his wife Louise. Sadly, Louise died before it was finished and George halted construction. The buildings on the island fell into disrepair and victim to the elements. Then the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority bought it in 1977 and are still in the process of restoring it. This past weekend, the main floor and main bedrooms on the second floor are completed, but the “basement” with the Roman bath/indoor swimming pool and upper 3 floors are still a work in progress.

This was my first trip to the Thousand Islands and, OMG, it is gorgeous. Millionaires’ Row and the 99% pure crystal blue water, the beautiful weather (sandwiched between two wicked storms), the Pirates’ Weekend in Alexandria Bay, and the great time with the kids… this is a weekend we will always remember. I hope you enjoy the pictures. You can check out the official website of Boldt Island at

Heart Island

Millionaires' Row

I'll take this one

and, of course, what would the well-appointed mansion be without a yacht...?

The Gazebo on Heart Island. At least 4 weddings were held while we were there

From the 4th floor balcony

Me and the Pump House

Dome in the foyer

The Grand Staircase


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  1. This is a trip we will have to take. I am originally from northern NY and have never been through the Finger Lakes region. This is exactly the type of thing we enjoy – beautiful buildings and great scenic area.
    My aunt and uncle used to camp in Alexandria Bay every year. Now I can understand why.

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