Bloody Judi Strikes Again!

For those of you who have ever had the (mis?)fortune of getting a critique/edit by me, I wanted to alleviate some of your pain. I’ve warned you all that I’m called Bloody Judi, and there’s a reason.

Well, if you want to feel better, see the picture below and know that I also bloody up my own manuscripts. This is the last round of edits before I sent the third genie book, Leave It To Genie, into my editor. I print it out and go through with a red magic marker. This is the result.

Leave It To Genie--once Bloody Judi got her hands on it.

I can’t even claim to have sorted out the worst of the pages; this is a random sampling. I’ve done this with each of my manuscripts before sending it to my editor, and then, of course, she works her magic on the pages.

As you can see, it’s a process.

So take heart if I give you a critique. You are not alone in cleaning up a mess. ๐Ÿ™‚


8 Responses

  1. Ouch! I thought you’d be kinder to yourself than you were to me. This is your last round edit? What did the first round look like? The process must work. It certainly helped me when you uncapped that pen on my ms. By the way, thanks again.

  2. Wow, looking at this I can see you were actually easier on me! Whatever you do, it’s working. I love the way your books turn out!

  3. Thank you, ma’am! May I have another!

    That’s harsh, Judi.

  4. Jeannine – the first round edit was actually done on screen. I love Track Changes with the Insert Comment feature. Sometimes I have a full 2 pages with comments, though, in all fairness, I do comment as I’m writing. I might remind myself to include something in an earlier/later scene but don’t want to stop the flow of writing to go back and put it in. Once the first draft is completed, I go back and make those changes. Then I print it out and bloody-it-up. And you’re welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kat – that’s because yours didn’t need as much work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Viv – anytime, lady!

  5. The notes you gave me on my synopsis made me think, re-write, and then re-write again, AND thank you so kindly. Anyone who ever gets offered a critique by you should not only say yes, but hell yes, wohoo.

  6. gosh, how nice is it to be thanked for bloodying people? ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’re welcome Elizabeth!

  7. In spite of all these bloody edits, do errors/mistakes still show up in your books? If so, how do you react? How do readers react? What more can be done? (More blood?!)

  8. Hi Anne,

    I’m sure there are errors in most books because after reading them sooooo many times, it gets harder to edit. A good copy editor will catch them, but even they are human. I did have a misspelling on a quoted author’s name happen on the cover, (I didn’t get to proof that part before printing, unfortunately). I apologized to her (luckily, she knows how the system works, but still…) and if the book goes to reprints, it should be corrected.

    I’d say that a few errors per 100K words is to be expected, but continuous, egregious ones? Absolutely not – people pay good, hard-earned money for our books; our books should deliver the value people are paying for. I can’t stress enough the value of a good editor and copy editor. What you’re seeing in this picture is what my ms looked like BEFORE I turned it in to my editor. She will, of course, come back with an editorial letter. Hopefully, we’ll only have one round of edits and then it will be off to copy editing. And once I make those edits, it will go to the galley stage, which is the last chance to catch mistakes. I will say, though, that there are at least 3 separate readers after me (my editor, the copy editor, the production manager), and hopefully we all catch them.

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