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Let’s Get This Party Started!!!

The Rita and Golden Heart nominee calls go out today. Come join us at Rita/GH 2011 to “squee” along with the nominees.

And you just might find an editor or agent (or two, or three or four…) hanging out.

Did you enter the contest? Did you get the call? Do you know someone who did? Post it in the comments, or email me at JudiFennell (at) JudiFennell (dot) com!

Let’s chat about it on the Rita/GH 2011 page!


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for doing this, Judi. Sending early congrats to all the nominees.

  2. I entered two manuscripts into two different categories. Will see how it goes. I’m already proud of the work and my courage to send them out. I’m celebrating all day with smiles and support for all the writers who entered the GH/RITAs

  3. Good morning, everyone. I didn’t enter the RITAs this year, but I’m wishing everyone good luck in the GH and RITA.

  4. Just heard that chapter mate Sheri Adkins finalled in YA with her exceedingly fun book, The Dead Guy Downstairs (I think that’s the right title). We’re jumping up and down and screaming for her!!

  5. BTW, Sheri says she wishes she could be here, but she’s busy with, um, dead guys today. Really. Her hubs is a mortician, she helps him out, and she really, truly DOES live over a funeral home! And she’s crying and yelling and doing the GH dance!

  6. Good luck to all!

  7. I just heard that one of my chaptermates, Julie Brannagh, is a finalist in the GH single title contemporary category with her ms Love and Football. Out here on the West Coast we’re a little behind everyone else so I hope we’ll have more finalists soon!

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