Fabio Is In The Building

No, unfortunately, not THIS Fabio…

(always looking for a way to post that picture LOL).

And definitely NOT this one (sorry, but nicknaming him Fabio is just WRONG!!! He’s Jud from Survivor Nicaragua)


But THIS Fabio is in my home:

Some of you may remember the Christmas gift that couldn’t be: Hubs had ordered it and the manufacturer (in Japan) kept shipping the wrong one and by the time they shipped the correct one, they’d upped the price by a good $600, so it was priced out of our range.

Hubs, wonderful man that he is, found another one. And it was delivered today. And I’ve been in it for the last five hours or so and I think I might just sleep here.

It does your back, your neck, your legs and your feet. And it’s a comfy writing chair when not using the massage function. A home run for Hubs in the gift-giving department. [And you can make of THAT sentence what you will 😉 ]

So now I have my very own Fabio, so named by my Writing Wombat friends and I can honestly say that since I can’t have the real one give me a massage, I’ll take this one.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to all!


11 Responses

  1. WOW, I know this Fabio will be oh soo soothing after a long day of writing! GOOD FOR YOU! I would love some details on Fabio…where can one find another, or is that a “hubs only” find?


  2. Actually, Ruth, it was a Costco find. Who knew? Hubs did, apparently.

    I am soooooooo enjoying it.

  3. I’m thinking, if I’m a guy, I’d want my wife’s back feeling good. You know. Yay for darling husbands!

  4. I can imagine myself reclining on that and enjoying all the wonderful tingly feelings.

    And the chair looks great, too!

  5. I’m so happy that you finally got your Fabio! I thought of your missing Fabio off and on since it didn’t appear when it was supposed. I always hoped you would finally get it. Wonderful!

  6. I knew you’d find a way to sleep with Fabio one day! Lol. Enjoy!

  7. Congrats! Do you rent him by the hour? I’ll take two, please. (And just try to pry me out of it after 120 minutes.) 🙂 May you two share many happy hours together.

    Reminds me of a favorite line from the Tim Allen TV show, when he adjusts the settings on the whirlpool: slow, fast, and “who needs a man” 🙂


    You SO deserve your own personal Fabio!

  9. Oh, the fabio hold you massage you and never let you go, chair looks great! And comfortable.

    I’m so glad you got it Judi. I know how disappointed you were when the price went up. Writing life should be easier. and I’m jealous. 🙂

  10. Viv – you nailed it, sweetie.

    Olivia – snork!

    Wanda – yes, it is wonderful!

    Adele – well, Hubs did say I could. I just didn’t actually have the nerve to let The Guy in on that little discussion. So I’m stuck with making do with the chair, I guess. LOL

    Carla – for you, the first 15 minutes are free. Of course, that’s all the cycle runs, so after that, you’re outta here! And,yeah, who needs a man now? LOL

    Lisa – everyone deserves their own personal Fabio, imo.

    Sia – Costco: it’s a good thing. Feel free to stop by anytime and try it out.

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