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FIRST OFFICIAL: Look at I Dream of Genies

The ARCs are here! The ARCs are here!

That’s Advanced Reading Copies. I have a few authors lined up to read the story for quotes, so my publicist sent me a few copies to send out.

Of course I had to hold the ARCs in my hot little hands, and, okay, maybe I snuggled with them a little, but they’re now all off to their respective readers.

I have to say, this STILL hasn’t lost its thrill after the 4th book!

And a special shout out to Kate Douglas for her awesome quote that my publisher put on the cover of the ARC:

“Filled with laughs, action, and an asolutely magical romance, this book is one for the keeper shelf.”

~Kate Douglas, best-selling author of Wolf Tales and The Demon Slayers


15 Responses

  1. AWESOME!!!!! Looks fantastic babe! Congrats!

  2. I’m with Kiersten, definitely awesome. Your covers are soooooo good, Judi. Glad you got to hold them close before sending them out into the world. Here’s to a magically marvelous new series!

  3. Totally wicked!!!

    I bet it doesn’t get old. Looking good. They compliment each other well side by side.

    Congrats, Judi. When do us poor regular folk get to read IDOG?

  4. thanks, ladies! Viv, the release date is January 4, but if distribution happens the same as it did with my other books, look for it the week before Christmas – which is very nice timing, imo…

  5. Oh, how pretty! They look beautiful together, especially with the genie bottle!

  6. Congrats Judi! They look so nice there together, beside your Genie bottle.

  7. It looks fabulous! Perfectly coordinates with the lovely Mer series. YAY!!!

  8. The books look fabulous together, Judi. Big congrats! Can’t wait to read it.


  9. Congrats! The spine looks beautiful! I can only imagine how excited you are. Not to mention a lovely quote from the fab Kate Douglas! Can’t wait to grab this book once it’s out!

  10. Congrats Judi, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Love Genies..and mers..lol

  11. Thanks for checking it out everyone!

  12. Hey Judy, Congrats!!! I’m glad I finally got to your blog and I’m adding it to my list so I can follow you better. Now I gotta get to catching up on your books.

  13. Hey, Kris! Glad to “see” you!

  14. Can’t wait to read this book I love the title I dream of Genies

  15. Thanks, CJ! And thanks for stopping by!

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