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Our Big Adventure Out West – Part II

Now on to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and the return trip. For those of you who might not know, I made a very similar trip with my parents/siblings 31 years ago. I said this trip for me was more about watching my husband and kids enjoy the sights.

Yellowstone landscape

Dragon's mouth/breath/cave. Something like that. Our first steam vent.

thermal vents. Some really interesting colors

Bison sighting

rainbow on the upper falls

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

lower falls - 10 ramps to walk down; 90 million back up. What an incline.

More Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Love the reflection of the bison in the water.

Coyote. It was eating 2 Richardson ground squirrels.

Grizzly mama and cubs on the opposite side of the road. Sooooooo many idiots got out of their cars - and even worse, they let their KIDS get out of their cars. Unbelievable.

My "The Hills Are Alive" moment. 🙂 The mountain meadows are just gorgeous!

You remember how much I love snow? I especially love it in July. Even more since I played in snow 31 years ago in July. History repeating itself.

SNOWBALL! Yes, we had a snowball fight.

The bison held up traffic at the top of the mountain. After all, where else is a bison going to walk at the top of a mountain but on the road?

Emerald Green thermal pool

more thermal pools

sulfur is not the best smell...

3 female moose are laying on the opposite side of the creek.

Old Faithful

Interior of Yellowstone Lodge

3 elk crossed the road right in front of us. Seems to be a theme for this vacation. We weren't complaining.

rainbows galore

love these clouds


2 Responses

  1. A mama grizzly and cubs? I’ve been to Yellowstone over and over, and for some reason bears never, ever come out for me! Nice. You had great wildlife sightings!

  2. Loved Yellowstone and the Tetons. We weren’t lucky enough to see a grizzly, but did see a mother black bear and her cubs on the side of the road. The bison were everywhere. Like you, I couldn’t believe how stupid people could be about the animals. They were walking up to bull elk and bison trying to get better pictures. At Yellowstone, they didn’t pay attention to the signs an stay off the thermal areas.
    We saw tons of bison at Yellowstone and in the Tetons, but very few in Custer National Park which is supposed to have a large herd.

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