RT 2010- aka Kate Douglas Likes My Ass

Gotcha, huh? We’ll get to the Kate Douglas part in a bit, but I wanted to give a recap of my RT adventure.

I had been planning to blog while I was at RT, as i have for the past 3 years but I honestly didn’t have time (nor internet–why do the hotels have to charge us $10/day for internet? I know, because they can, but ever since I got my baby Jennifer, I can check my email without paying that).

So here are the pictures. And I’ll apologize in advance for the lack of them. It really was a whirlwind week.

Cover model Jimmy Thomas. Sadly, I had to leave on Saturday before he did his cover shoot workshop. Luckily, I got the chance for my own photo shoot with him on Wednesday.

Mary Janice Davidson and Charlaine Harris carried on with their workshop even though Jim Butcher’s plane had him stuck in Chicago. A definite comedy show not to be missed.

Sabrina Jeffries is a hoot! If you ever get the chance to have a chat with her, I highly recommend it.

An Ohio Wombatogether: Pat and Sia. We spent the night at Pat’s house, and, honestly, it was too short!!

Wombat and blogger extraordinaire, Sia McKye, and my critique partner, Stephanie Julian, dressed for the vampire ball.

Jim Butcher signing at the e–book expo

I like seeing my name on the same box as these two. πŸ™‚

I was so pleasantly surprised at the people who brought my books in for me to sign them, and for all the people who stopped by to pick up any/all of my Mer series.

and here’s one of them, Jill Fazio

Now to the part about Kate Douglas, who is a wonderful lady. And funny!! A joy to have lunch with.

So, a few days after our lunch and running into each other during the conference, I was sitting in the bar (ooh, big surprise, I know), with my back to the meeting rooms lobby, when Kate walks up behind me and says, “I knew that was you. I recognized your ass.”

um… ok??? That’s one I haven’t heard. I normally get, “I recognized you from your hair,” so I’m prepared for that. But my ass???? LOL.

And then she proceeds to tell me it’s a nice ass.

Thank you, Kate. πŸ™‚Β  As I told you in our emails, though, I’ll trade you my ass for your build. πŸ™‚

Ah, the friends you make at conferences – and the bonds you share. πŸ™‚


26 Responses

  1. Judi ~~ great pics!! It was such a joy meeting you!! And I cannot WAIT for the genie books ~~ btw, was checking out your website, and spied the I dream of Genie bottle in your office!! I love it!!

  2. It looks like such fun. I wish I could go to one of the conventions. RWA was going to be close enough but now I have nonrefundable reservations in Nashville and RWA is in Orlando.
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope to see you at an event someday.

  3. HAHA! That’s awesome! Looks like a grand time was had by all!

  4. Hey! I made your blog! I’m a stah!

    Seriously, you were so sweet, and I love your books. Didn’t really check out your ass, but hell, I’m not gonna argue with Kate, she should know a good ass when she sees one.

  5. Hey Mimmi862 – Great meeting you, too! I actually have 2 bottles. I’ll have to get a picture of the other one.

    Librarypat – that stinks that you can’t make it to Orlando! Although, I’m going to be hard pressed not to play hooky all the time!

    OtherLisa – why did I know you’d comment on this? LOL. Yep, a definite good time.

    Jill – darhlink, you were a stah even before the blog appearance! And I’ll defer to Kate, too. LOL

  6. Judi, it IS a funny story. I hadn’t met Kate prior to this. The look on your face when she said recognized that ass and knew it was you. It was hilarious. With that comment, I knew I was gonna like this woman. Five minutes in her company, it was confirmed. Funny, pithy and I loved her!

    The pic with Jimmy turned out well. I think we took about, what, 4? Still a shame you wouldn’t let me get more of Cover clinch. Party Pooper.

    thanks for introducing me to the vampire ball, it truly was…memorable and not something I’ll forget anytime soon. πŸ˜‰

  7. Damn, I shoulda known that comment was going to come back and bite me in the ahhhhhhh…never mind! It was so good to see you, and especially fun to meet Sia and Stephanie. You guys looked absolutely gorgeous! Since I was in my room writing every night by seven or so, I missed all the evening activities, but when those deadlines go flying by without even ruffling your hair, it’s time to work.

    Only four pics of Jimmy? The man is utterly gorgeous, and a real sweetheart as well. I am jealous of that pic!

    This was a great RT, and the old friends you see and the new ones you meet are exactly what makes them such fun. And please, Judi…don’t be insulted that I recognized your butt. It’s a very NICE butt! πŸ™‚

  8. snort! Kate you can notice my butt as much as you want! It’s nice to be known for something other than my hair. Though I am waiting for the day that it’s my name/books!!! LOL.

    See you at BEA!

  9. Great photos and it looks like a fun time was had by all!

  10. LOL…enjoy the hair, Judi. Mine’s all falling out, and before long I’ going to look like my bald brothers.

    This getting old sucks. It is SO not for sissies…but neither is the writing life. And we will definitely connect at BEA–I’ll keep an eye out for your, uh…never mind.

  11. Which reminds me–I DO know you for your books. That’s how I met you! Now, if you had a mermaid’s tail, it would make for an even more memorable ass…

  12. If I could get into a mermaid costume without embarrassing myself, believe me, I would. πŸ™‚

  13. Judi, if I ever get rich, I would buy my tail from here:

    I figure there needs to be pudgy mers too, right?

  14. oh, wow, that’s a seriously cool site. But what in God’s name do people use them for? Unless they have a cutout in the bottom so you can actually walk, they seem pretty, but useless.

    but, yeah, I want one. AFter I lose some weight.

  15. I dunno, Judi. I was so disappointed that there are no “mer-accessories.” I mean, what the HELL is a mer accessory? I so wanted to find out…

    And why would you want to lose weight? You look wonderful! And if you did, your mer-tail might fall off…

  16. yeah, I was kinda wondering what mer accessories were too. Like, maybe… Mermen??? πŸ˜‰

    smooches, Kate! I love you πŸ™‚

  17. See? You are so much smarter than me! I never even thought of mermen. More along the lines of jewelry and waterproof makeup…I am SUCH a dolt!

    Love you too, m’dear. And damn but you’ve got such a cute ass…

    kate, running in search of a rock to hide under…

  18. *lmao

    and trying DESPERATELY to get some writing done!

    what other accessory would a mermaid need BUT a merman?

  19. You’re absolutely right, of course. And to think I write the hot stuff…where IS my brain?

  20. Great stories, Judi!

    Are you going to RWA nationals? Specifically, the Literacy Signing? If you are, I’m going to find you and buy books. If not, I guess a book store will have to do.

    (I remember you from the First Chapters contest on Gather and am SO glad you got published.)


  21. Hi Abigail. Yes, I will be at the Literacy Signing. I have no idea which books will be there. And I know Sourcebooks will be doing a signing for conference attendees, but, again, i have no idea which books they’ll have.

    Can’t wait to meet you!

  22. Sigh. I love seeing your pics and hearing the reports especially b/c I can never get to these national conferences. Hopefully that’ll change next year!

    And now, I really wanna meet Kate Douglas! πŸ˜‰ Glad you had such an awesome time! You look gorgeous – ass and all!

  23. Thanks, Kiersten. I think… πŸ™‚

    Kate’s AWESOME!

  24. Yay, Judi and the Literacy Signing. Boo that you don’t know which books. But that’s okay. I’m still excited. πŸ™‚

  25. Thanks! And enjoy your conference!

  26. I just caught this post. Hysterical.

    I like the mertails, very nice. Desperately awaiting Genies.

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