Pinch me! I must be dreaming – of genies!

It’s official! The cover is here!

What’s funny is, the cover is done and I have yet to get edits from my editor. It’s always a nerve-wracking time between handing the story in and waiting for edits. All sorts of questions pop up: Did I do it again? Does it work? Is the emotional story there as much as the action/adventure one or vice-versa? Does she like it? Will readers? Does it suck? Do I? Can I really do this? Who do I think I am to think I can do this? What if everyone hates it? What if I let everyone down – my readers, my editor, the Marketing Department, the Sales department, the buyers, Anne Cain the talented artist because the story can’t possibly match up to the beautiful cover she created?

I know; I go through this with every book and yet they still get published and end up on shelves, and people buy them and they email me about which one they liked the best or wonder if I’ll continue the series, and my editor wants more, and somehow these 4″x6″ congolomerations with pretty covers end up on my bookshelf with my name on them…

Self-doubt? Who, me? Surely you jest. πŸ™‚

All that angst aside, I have to thank Anne Cain for once again capturing my world in a way I never could. The cover is beautiful and huge shout-out again to Jill Barnett for her generosity and all-around wonderfulness for the support for this newbie. And, as always, to Deb Werksman who will take the words I gave her and come up with ways to make them better.


36 Responses

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see what the new series has in store. With the Mers, I had an idea before I dived in (pun intended), but this one will be a surprise.

  2. Gorgeous as usual! I believe it’s safe to say we *can* judge a book by the cover because what’s inside will no doubt be as good (if not better) than what’s on the outside!

  3. Jill – it was a surprise to me! I knew the tone of the book, but not the specifics. I had no clue how we were going to get where we were supposed to go, but it turned out to be a great ride (imo).

    Carla – thanks! πŸ™‚ Love the faith you have in me!

  4. Oh, Judi, those self-doubts sound so very familiar! I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    The cover is beautiful – really sensational. It’s going to sell a LOT of books!

  5. Thanks, Joanne!

    Look for my website to be updated shortly.

  6. Beautiful cover! Very eye catching. Best of luck.


  7. Oh it’s beautiful. I love the butterfly and the sparkly effect especially. Congrats!

  8. Fantastic cover! It has me sucked in already! AWESOME

  9. Gorgeous!!!

  10. Ooo, shiny! And butterflies! Absolutely gorgeous! I think the artist has captured this story perfectly!

  11. Congratulations, Judi! The cover is beautiful, can’t wait to read the book!

  12. Well done, once again.

  13. Congratulations, Judi! That’s a gorgeous cover.

    Caroline Clemmons

  14. I love this one–the colors and the font are just perfect. Raising my glass to another Judi Fennell series.

  15. Judi —

    Just gorgeous and it’s great that it matches your vision of the story!! Wooohooo!

    And welcome to the weird world of publishing — I received the cover of my first Brava before the book was written and the newest one just after I turned it in to my editor…. Talk about pressure! LOL!

    Congrats AGAIN on a beautiful cover AGAIN!


  16. Beautiful cover, Judi,

    Wishing you much success with the new release.

    Don’t forget I’ll be happy to post about it on Keta’s Keep, a heavily-trafficked blog when you’re ready!

    Best, Keta Diablo

  17. I’m primed to order ‘Jenie’ as soon as the pre-release purchase door opens up. I’m a little curious about this one, though. It sounds like a take-off on “Alladdin” [the animated one, featuring Jafar and his parrot] combined with “I dream of Genie complete with independent thinking and golden bracelets”. We shall see once the book has been read.

  18. if the story is as fun and gorgeous as the cover, you have the makings of an award-winning series on your hands (to me the Mer series is already award-winning)


  19. Aw, thanks, everyone! But I can’t take any credit for the cover – well, except for the title and the butterfly. But the artwork is all Anne’s. I just bow down in homage.

    Toby – you’re my new best friend! πŸ™‚

  20. Spectacular. Anne Cain did a wonderful job, most importantly the preeminent positioning of the bottle. Romantic, playful- just gorgeous. Can’t wait to read it Judi. I guess I’ll rub a couple of those old bottles I have lying around, after all…you never know πŸ˜‰

  21. Beautiful cover, Judi. Very eyecatching!

  22. Congrats on this beautiful cover. I can’t wait to read the book.. I know it will be terrific.

  23. Judi, this is fabulous!! I love it, very eye catching, and the colors are to die for. You are going to hit it big, my friend!

  24. Beautiful Cover!

  25. Thank you, everyone. πŸ™‚ Viv – you’ll have to let me know how that works for you!

    Thanks, Helen! Anne is a GODDESS, as far as I’m concerned.

    Brenda – thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m awaiting edits from my editor.

    Mary – from your fingertips to the NYT ears! LOL

    Thanks, Denise!

  26. Wow!! Gorgeous cover!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  27. Ohhh… congrats on the beautiful cover!

  28. Wow! That’s an awesome cover! Congrats Judi!

  29. The cover is fantastic! Sure to fly off the shelves!

  30. It’s beautiful! I absolutely love the colors. So eye-catching. Congrats!

  31. Judi the cover is beautiful, I love it! Congrats! I’m so looking forward to this new series, can’t wait til 2011!

  32. Oh, Judi, this is GORGEOUS!! Here is to hoping the copies just fly off the shelf!


  33. Unleash that inner genie! Great cover, Judi.

  34. Judi,
    Just saw you message on PASIC and wanted to check it out–it’s so lovely!!! CONGRATS!!

  35. Judi!

    OMG the new cover is awesome! Congrats to you Sweetie! Oh I can’t wait to read this one! I’m hoping you’ll let me feature it on my blog!


  36. Lovely cover. I still think she out did herself with the Mer covers.

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