Third Time’s a Charm!

We have another winner!

For the third romantic beach getaway in West Palm Beach, Florida:

Congratulations, Natalie, and a HUGE thank you to my sponsors for this contest, Hibiscus House in West Palm Beach Florida, and The Atlantis Inn in Ocean City, NJ. I hope everyone enjoys their stays and their chance to dive into the romance!


11 Responses

  1. Wow – What a wonderful prize. I didn’t win…but I wish the winner loads of fun.

    Tammie King
    Night Owl Reviews

  2. Sigh. Natalie, I am green with envy, but I hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. Congratulations, Natalie. Do you need someone to carry your bags? lol. Enjoy the trip.

  4. Natalie, congratulations! Hope you have an awesome trip. And maybe you’ll find a Mer of your own.

  5. Now wait just a minute here. Didn’t Dana just get back from Hawaii? I think I should be much more envious than she is, being stuck here in cold and cloudy Nebraska.

    Congrats to Natalie!

  6. Congrats Natalie! Hope you have an awesome time!

  7. Congratulations Natalie! Maybe you’ll be swimming in the lovely water down there and find one of Judi’s characters to chat with. Just not Ceto, okay?

  8. Congratulations, Natalie! You are one lucky lady.
    I keep revisiting the sites for these two B & Bs and The Atlantis Inn is calling to me. I’ll have to kidnap my husband and take him there for a few “lost” days : )

  9. Lucky lady. Enjoy!

  10. Woo hoo again, Natalie! And I love it when I tell people they’ve won and they say, “I never win anything.”

    Can’t say that anymore…

    LibraryPat – give ’em a call. It really is a beautiful property. I was there last year during my beach vacation.

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