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Guess What Arrived!

YES!!! My author copies!!

Don’t mind me, I’m just squeeing!!!

AND  Sourcebooks put excerpts from both In Over Her Head and Wild Blue Under inside, AND I see a review of Wild Blue Under on the back cover that I’ve never seen before. Pretty darn cool.

(Photo taken on my “new baby Jennifer“)


10 Responses

  1. YIPEE! I’m sooo happy for you! 🙂 What a great ending to this series–Next up Genie-right! 🙂

  2. Hey! It looks like somebody took one already.


  3. Most excellent!

  4. Ruth – here’s hoping it’s not the end, just a hiatus for a whole new world. (Hey, I just HAD to say that!)

    Rand – yep, it’s in my office on my shelf with the other two. Then I thought to take a picture. 🙂

    Jamie – thank you! Just you wait, woman!

  5. Oh goody. That means the stores should have them soon. Just in time, I was just finishing another Wombat book on the exercise bike today.

    They’re gorgeous Judi. YAY!!!

  6. Oh a treasure trove! I’ve moved COAL up to the front of my to-buy list…well, tied with DAI by Pat Bertram for the first of Feb!

    And I truly hope its not the end of the road for the Mers but just the beginning!

    And may I say they are gorgeous! Gems in a treasure chest.


  7. They’re beautiful, Judi! Just gorgeous. (He’s not bad either.) Congrats on the newest!!!

  8. YAY!! They look beautiful! Congrats!

  9. It’s a trifecta! Rock on! Congrats!

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