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Ocean View

Got this in an email from a friend of mine. She wanted to know which Mer brother this was. Your guess?


Ocean View

I have no idea how this works, I have never been that good at these optical illusion pictures!!!!�� But the friend who sent me this said if you stare at it long enough, you should be able to see the ocean.�� I tried for a while.�� I can’t see any stupid ocean!
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13 Responses

  1. You do find the most “interesting” photos. I’m with you, though I don’t think there’s an ocean there. Looks more like dessert to me.

  2. So which one is he?

    Nice rolling hills, but I do spot a nice place to cool off in the background. Swim anyone?

  3. Was there supposed to be an ocean in that pic? There was a guy in the way. Could someone ask him to turn around; maybe I’ve missed something.

  4. snort. you guys are funny.

    Carla, if you can get him to turn around… be my guest! 🙂

  5. LOL!! Doesn’t really matter which Mer he is. He still qualifies for sexy hero. And yep, I’m still trying to spot that ocean!

  6. Btw. this is why I like Greek art so much, the aesthetics of beauty with the male figure being revered as the penultimate expression. Any culture that has come with mathematical equations for beauty is my kind people.

    All he needs is a laurel crown and to turn around!

  7. Hot damn! Love it!

  8. Well, since no one’s guessing ( guess you all forgot the question when your tongues flopped out…), this is Reel. He’s the brother who has legs near water. 🙂

  9. I kept my focus Judi, briefly, but I kept it. Since they’re twins does it really matter? Especially from this view.

  10. Ocean? I didn’t see no ocean! I should know, I live right by the ocean so if I can’t see it, it ain’t there! LOL

  11. There was a question? I missed that, guess I was concentrating too hard on finding the ocean you mentioned. Oh well 🙂

  12. All I noticed was the moon…after awhile I noticed water, ah the ocean. Then I looked across the bay and wondered how many women had binocs trained on that beach…I really want…uh, what was I saying? Oh yah, I want the binoculars…yah

  13. Too funny! I saw the ocean, barely (snort) but totally missed the question! 🙂

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