And then there were 3

Christmas, my birthday, my anniversary and any other celebratory day you care to mention came to my house today, and my FedEx delivery person played Santa. Here’s why:


My 3 books

The ARC for Catch of a Lifetime arrived, putting all three of my books in my hand.

To say I squee’d would be an understatement.

(and if you’ll notice, I’ve also included my genie bottle for my next series – for which I am almost finished book #1. Woo hoo!)


8 Responses

  1. Oh YAY! What a fantastic feeling this must be! And every single cover is gorgeous!

  2. Absolutely PERFECT!!!!

    Judi, this is marvelous.

  3. YAYAYAYAY! That was a single comment, by the way.

  4. Judi, truly a joyous occasion. We celebrate with you.

  5. Love this picture and what it means! All three in hand, your dear wombat representin’ us all, and your beautiful Genie bottle, love it! Congratulations Judi on all your hard work and how it’s paying off.
    hugs girl

  6. The books look fabulous, Judi! I can understand your excitement. You have every right to be thrilled. You’ve worked incredibly hard. Big congrats!


  7. Thanks for stopping by to celebrate everyone!

  8. That is great. Each book puts me that much closer to We will call yours Behind the words like VH1 Behind the Music !

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