In Celebration (AKA I love my Husband!)

I Dream of Jeannie Bottle

Yep, I now own this.

Silly, I know. But I LOVED I Dream of Jeannie and now that I’m writing a genie trilogy, well, it was a no brainer.

I have to say thank you to my wonderful husband who not only didn’t roll his eyes when I found this online, but was the one to say, “Go ahead and buy it. You deserve it and it’s cool.”

Really, is it any wonder where my heroes in my stories come from?

Thanks for sharing the excitement!


12 Responses

  1. OMgosh, I love it! I loved I Dream of Jeannie when I was a kid. I actually caught one of the first episodes on television a few nights ago.

  2. Oooo, pretty! It should make for great inspiration, Judi. Do you think that’s a good excuse to buy myself a new electric guitar? Inspiration? I think it’s a good excuse. 🙂

  3. Adorable! Love it!


  4. Ooo, shiny! And just about perfect! Do you think MY hubs will let me bring home a pirate ship (or Johnny Depp), just for inspiration, don’t ya know. LOL!

  5. Love it! Hey, if you look inside, can you see Jeannie’s little couch?

  6. Ohhh, this is lovely! Perfect for inspiration and so pretty too. Your dear hubby is truly a hero.

  7. Beautiful lamp Judi. He’s a definite keeper. I know I’m wishing for more Fennell tales.

  8. Renee – I’ve been doing a lot of research on genies and found some neat trivia on the show. Check out The Brass Lamp on I bought it – funny and totally predictable. But worth the hour or so.

    Olivia – oh yes. Definitely a good reason. Buy it!

    Adele – thanks! I went “oooh!” the moment I saw it online. They had a pink one, too, but Hubs said to get purple since it’s my favorite color.

    Kat – I’m thinking Hubs might have a problem with Johnny Depp, but I’m sure the ship will float (pun totally intended). And you can bring Johnny for me 🙂

    Jill – yep. All pink and cushiony! Pink smoke comes out when you open it, too. 🙂

    Wanda & Viv – Yep. A keeper. Thanks for sharing the excitement!~

  9. If I were a genie, that would be the bottle I would want to live in!

    It’s beautiful, Judi!

  10. It’s pretty, but don’t get trapped inside!

  11. Judi! I love it. Much cuter than my celebatory snowshoe earrings my husband just bought me. Serves me right for setting my books in the Arctic.

  12. How cool is that?! May this provide you with many hours of inspiration as you work on the new series!

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