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Julie & Julia… and Judi

Okay, perhaps not the most innovative title, but appropro nonetheless.julie_and_julia_ver2_xlg

Last night, a few of my Survivor Girls and I went to see the movie starring Amy Adams and Meryl Streep (yes, I put Amy’s name first on purpose. No disrespect meant to Meryl, but Amy is Giselle from the movie Disney made JUST FOR ME.)

I did not want to see this movie. I had zero interest. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I’ve never been a big fan of Julia Child. (I almost apologized for this to the J.C. fans, but then realized that I don’t have to apologize. I’m allowed to not be a fan of hers.) Anyhow, I went along because I’ve had my nose buried in my laptop working on the first book in my genie series, I Dream of Genies, and needed a break. The kids were monitoring the new kitten, the dogs were napping and Hubs & Friend were playing chess with the Eagles’ Pre-Game hoopla on, so yes, I’d go out with the girls.

Like I said, I’m not a fan of Julia Child and even though I love Amy Adams’ work, that whole “bon appetit” in Julie Child’s odd voice just didn’t sound appetizing (pun not intended, but, boy hey, I’ll take it). I figured some popcorn, a soda (no diet – might as well really blow the diet with butter and sugar), some time out… I’ll have a good time

Boy, how wrong I was.

I had a GREAT time! The movie was so not what I thought it’d be. Now, it still hasn’t made me a fan of Julia Child (I much prefer the Dan Akroyd version – and full props to Nora Ephron for that wonderful clip!!!), but I loved the REAL story behind the movie.

It’s a movie about writers. How Julia Child came to write her cookbook and how Julie Powell came to write her book.

And Julie – if you ever read this, I want you to know I was cheering right along with you – and had more than a few tears in my eyes – for those 65 phone messages!

What a surprise! What an experience!  I was NOT expecting this at all.

To have someone (Julie) go from “want to be a writer” to becoming one… well, those of us striving for that will get it.

As for both Julie and Julia’s husbands, I have to say, mine fits right in. Their support, their encouragement, their belief in their wives… it really helps to have someone who is as confident – if not MORE – than you are when you’re trying to make it happen. They don’t go through the “what if this sucks?” thoughts. They don’t have the “no one will ever read this,” or “why do I think I know what I’m doing?” thoughts. They’re there, they’ve got our backs and they’ll prop us up when we need it. [And major kudos for the Casting Director for Chris Messina and Stanley Tucci!]

So today I did some online research and I was glad to see Julie’s “Project” blog was still up. (Julie’s current blog.) I like her post about Julia Child’s death. I haven’t had the chance to read it, and don’t know that I will, but maybe when I need a break from my own writing, I’ll stop by and read a few posts.

I followed the link for the ABC interview. Have to say, I’m a bit disappointed by the tidbit they revealed that’s going to show up in Julie’s next book (and, thank goodness, that hasn’t happened in my life), which sort of took the blush off the apple for me a bit. I guess I wanted the heroine to be perfect, and perhaps, like Julie’s revelation about Julia, so too did I have one about Julie…

But as for the experience of the movie – even if you’re not a fan of Julia Child but are a writer looking for publication, or are in the midst of it, you will get this movie. And you will rejoice right along with both ladies.


10 Responses

  1. So, this was not on my radar, either, but you’ve made it sound like something I’m going to have to check into! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Meryl Streep doesn’t act in junk, so I knew the movie had merit. I’ve been wanting to see it as well. I also like Amy. I think the story behind Julia would be fascinating, especially given the time period it is set in when women were just reaching out for careers outside the home.

    I’m glad you and your survivor girls had a good time. I’ll let you know what I think when I see it.

    Happy writing. 🙂

  3. Interesting to see you love Julie so much. I expect to love Meryl and Julie but I don’t expect to love Amy and Julie nearly as much…but when I see it, I will let you know.

    I found Child annoying at first, but eventually grew to love her and her cooking, despite the butter, which at first I loved, then grew to not use at all.

  4. I meant Meryl and Julia in my second sentence. Can’t type for beans today.

  5. I’m one of Judi’s Survivor friends who went to see Julie & Julia.
    I wasn’t expecting the movie to be about each of them going through the writing process and finally getting published. It was great to see in the movie how exciting it is getting those calls/letters when a publisher finally says they love your book and want to publish it.

  6. Interesting review Judi. I will most likely wait for video, I’m not a huge theater person, but you make it sounds more appealing than I was expecting.

    I like Meryl Streep a lot, ever since watching her in Out of Africa which wrenched my heart and had me chain smoking and drinking straight shots of vodka (yes, I smoked for nine months once –fascinated by lighting the cigarette more than the cigarette itself), why I shouldn’t watch movies alone. Though she is distinctive, she blends into and invades the character which makes her just fascinating to watch. Plus it started me on an Isak Dinesen reading kick. I latch on to authors and consume their work in a gluttonous frenzy.

    Have I mentioned I’m hungry? Darn Wild Blue Yonder is still months away!

    So Judi, would you say your response to the call was similar to Julie or just the emotional rollercoaster ride?

  7. This movie caught my attention because of Meryl Streep, an amazing actor. I’m glad you had a good time Judi. I never watched Julia Child, but caught her biography, she was a truly amazing woman.

  8. I’ve actually been looking forward to seeing this movie and your post convinced me to go ASAP. Thanks!


  9. Yes, I agree about the Stanley Tucci casting. Loved him as Julia’s wife. He has this ability to key into any character. Cute, but not cloying, he was able to really provide some much-needed support to Streep.

  10. Always good to see a good movie, one we can’t get out of our mind. Great review, you’ve made it a very tempting movie to see.

    CJ xx

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