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First Official: Book Signing at BEA


On Saturday, May 30, I went to BEA in NYC to do a book signing at the RWA Booth. It was so 

much fun to see people in line for my story,BEA signing 053009 and to see some familiar faces! Luckily, LibraryJoural caught a picture.

I also stopped by the Sourcebooks booth (more like a beautiful living room!) and saw the Casablanca Authors books on display. Very impressive and the covers look fabulous!

3 Mer books on top shelf


3 Mer books on top shelf

3 mer books

 our covers


Robin Kaye's

Robin 3



bookshelf of SB authors


4 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s so cool to see our booth like that! Thanks for sharing for those who didn’t get to go! 🙂 Love your outfit, matches your cover and the Caribbean blue ocean!

  2. Coooooool!!

  3. I love the smile on your face while you are autographing. You are totally in your element – and reveling in it!

    Take care!

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