OFFICIAL FIRST: Sighting of In Over Her Head in a bookstore!

Beth Hill, fellow Wombat, editor and author extraordinaire, and all around amazing human being, took these photos at her local Barnes & Noble near Atlanta.

All I can say (amidst the tears) is Thank You, Beth.

(and now please allow for some sappy self-indulgence…)

Atlanta BN tower _ 1st by Beth Hill



Atlanta BN tower _ 2nd by Beth HillAtlanta BN tower _ 3rd by Beth Hill _ Wombat 1


11 Responses

  1. Isn’t Beth a goddess?!! We love you Beth!

    Have you seen it in public yourself yet, Judi? How exciting!

  2. Sooo cool! Love the book tower! Love the wombat!!!

  3. YAY!!! Great photos, and Beth is, indeed, a Goddess (and an editing whiz!)


    Guess they okay’d you for the newbie tower after all!


  5. I’ll be posting the pictures I took today – yes, I was out signing stock at my local stores. Totally surprised to see it on the New Release tower at Borders as well as Barnes & Noble. Was NOT expecting that!

    Thanks for checking in!

  6. AWESOME!!!

    You must be flying high Judi, enjoy the ride – you’ve worked hard for it. Soar!

  7. YOU, Judi Fennell, on the new release tower!! Breathless moment. Was it surreal seeing it for yourself?

  8. Fabulous photos! A wonderful reward for all your hard work. I know you’re over the moon with this news!

  9. So you know, there are multiple copies center of Romance New Releases row in B&N Burbank, CA. In America and the world this is Media City. As they say where I come from, “Ya done good.”

  10. Wow, thanks for letting me know!

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