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I’m A Princess

saved by monarchAnd no snarky comments from my friends – I meant that my name has been used by a friend as her heroine’s name in her just-released book.

My friend Dana Marton is a Harlequin Intrigue author and her new series, Defending the Crown, opens with Saved By The Monarch, complete with Prince Miklos and Princess-to-be Judi Marezzi.

Yep, that’s me. 🙂

I did a favor for Dana and she said “thank you” by putting my name in a book. I thought it was so sweet of her when she told me she would, but I was expecting a minor, secondary character. Not the heroine. And certainly not a princess. 🙂

Of course I wasn’t about to refuse!

Here’s the back cover blurb:

His bride came to Valtria on vacation and sound up a princess.Check out Dana’s website (www.danamarton.com) for an excerpt, information about the next books, and to see why she’s a

For Pince Miklos, a royal wedding was a royal duty, one more step toward saving his beloved, beleaguered country. Unfortunately, his chosen bride-to-be–beautifu, briany Judi Marezzi–didn’t realize that her vacation included an arranged marriage. n fact, from the moment they met, nothing went as planned. A dangerous conspiracy threw him and his princess together, and dragged the illmatched pair off to an Alpine prison. With his miliiatary training, Miklos took charge and made plans to bring them to safty. Danger surrounded them, but so did a shared passion–for his kingdom, for the honro f a free land and for a love that had been foretold since birth.



Yes, Dana’s book, Tall, Dark and Lethal has been nominated for the prestigious Rita award, Romance Writers of America’s TOP award for published authors. Winners will be announced at the Romance Writers of America’s National Conference in July.


4 Responses

  1. But, Judi, what else could you ever be besides a princess? Your friend knows that, so she cast you as the only possible character!

  2. Dana is very nice! I found two of her out of print books at a thrift store and loved them. Then I found her on myspace!

  3. Being a princess is fun, you get to tell the villagers “Let them have cake ” !!!

  4. Judi!

    Awesome National photos! You look simply beautiful sweetie!

    Good God girl, you make me feel special to be put up on your blog site to share the spot light with you and all of your famous friends! xoxox

    What I said in the comments on my blog about you is nothing but the truth…anyone lucky enough to meet you will find this out.

    Hugs dear friend!
    I adore you!

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