RT Convention – More Cover Models and Authors

Today was a whirlwind from club RT first thing in the morning – thanks to Steph Kwan and the others for stopping by – to the fun session with Judi McCoy, Dakota Cassidy, Mark Henry and others about humor in paranormals, to chatting with my editor and my very first panel – which, thanks to Catherine Mann’s great suggestion ended up in the outside cabana with our attendees, the day was packed. Luckily, I did manage to have my camera with me when Jimmy Thomas, who will be doing a cover shoot on Saturday, as well as raffle off breakfast in bed for one lucky winner, grabbed me for a photo:
Cover Model Jimmy Thomas.com

Cover Model Jimmy Thomas

American Title-ists I, II, and III

Judi (III), Gerri Russell (II) and Janice Lynn (I)

Judi, Gerri Russell and Janice Lynn

Humor in Paranormals Panelists, Michele Bardsley, Judi McCoy, Mark Henry



Then a few of us went to dinner:

RT meets Disney: Robin Kaye, Stephanie Julian

robin-and-her-new-friend nessie-eats-stephNessie eats Steph’s head









Dinner in Downtown Disney





And here’s my next mode of transportation:


This should come as no surprise to those who know me.

And so ends another fun, busy, entertaining, busy, informative, and did I mention busy day at the Romantic Times Convention.

Wonder what tomorrow will hold…


8 Responses

  1. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. And busy. Tell us more about the panel when you get the chance.

  2. Sounds like an amazing, fun, and productive day! Can’t wait to hear more about your panel experiences!

  3. Judi–I’m enjoying experiencing RT vicariously through you. I see you met up with my good friend Gerri Russell. It’s fun to see the pic of you with her. I’d love to hear some RT news and gossip when you have time.

  4. What exactly does breakfast consist of? YUM! I’m not a vegetarian so meat would be appreciated. How many tickets did you buy Judi? ‘Fess up.

    Looks like your having a blast. How was the panel session? Glad to have the opportunity to live it up with you Judi.

  5. Love your ‘next’ car, lolol! Ah yes, Princess, I could see your blonde tresses and a Cinderella dress sitting in there.

    Enjoying your pics. Tell Sarah, I got her book today. Great reading for recuperation time. lol!

  6. ‘Fess up Judi. How many tickets???

  7. funny, Viv!

    No tickets for me. Hubs might have an issue with that. He’s a good enough sport about all the model pictures, but breakfast in bed might be crossing the line. 🙂 Thanks for all the comments, lady!

  8. Doesn’t matter how much you window shop as long as you’re buying at home. 😉

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