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Win Your Very Own Mermaid!


 I’m taking part in a Scavenger Hunt on April 15 at LongAndShortReviews, but all month long they are offering visitors the chance to win prizes.

30 Days

      30 Authors

            30 Prizes

You can win your very own mermaid from me:


This is one of a LIMITED number of cell phone charms (I’ve tried to get more, but no one seems to have them!) So, be one of the few to own this (I have one on my cell phone.)

Also, don’t forget that, through Mothers’ Day 2009, the promo code on this coupon is good for $150 off a weekend stay at the luxurious Atlantis Inn B&B in Ocean City, NJ.


Also, I’m offering the chance to win one of 3 romantic getaways, two of which are at the Atlantis Inn and the other is in West Palm Beach, FL at the Hibiscus House. So register today. Click on the links on the right to see all the details.


14 Responses

  1. OH YAY! YES I want a mermaid of my very own! How perfect!

  2. ME too, Me TOoo, I would love a mermaid

  3. The mermaids are adorable.

  4. Too Cute!!

  5. I do love my mermaid! If only I could find someone to make the darn things!!!

  6. Awww, thos are adorable!

  7. That is so cute and a great contest!

  8. A Magical Mermaid would be great!!!

  9. Love the mermaid. Would love to win one. The b&b ‘s are beautiful.

    What great gifts.

  10. OH! How can I get THAT MERMAID!!!! She is adorable!

    BTW – I love – LOVE the covers of the books that follow In Over Her Head! Awesome!


  11. The mermaids look amazing (: I would love to have one if possible.

    What a great tie-in to your books! Can’t wait to get my copy!

  12. Judi, I’ve loved your mermaids sice I first saw them. I’m always impressed with your sense of promotion and all the cool things you come up with as tie ins to your work. Your covers are awesome and eye catching. I can’t wait until this time next year, when we can see your successes all lined up for all to see!


  13. Judi!

    Come see my blog – I’ve got another award for you!



  14. Judi,

    I am a water baby and had a full-blown affari with Neptune. I sure wish I could remember those days with a charm. It would bring back wonderfully wet kiss memories. Now that is romantic. Maybe I should change back to a water baby. Great promo, you are the tops in that. Have fun and be safe. Ellen B

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