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First Official: I’m a Panelist!

Since this journey is all so new and exciting and fun and unknown, I thought I’d start chronicling all the firsts. I’m going to go back and rename some previous posts and re-categorize them under the First Official tags, but in the meantime, enjoy this offering:

My First Official time as a panelist on an industry panel.

Along with Leanne Banks, Catherine Mann, Beth Ciotta and Traci Hall, I’ll be presenting a workshop at the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando.


How to use setting, dialogue, new technology, places, events and other contemporary cultural points of reference to establish a “now” feel for your novel, appealing to readers of all ages while keeping it timeless for generations to come.

Since I write contemporary paranormals with lots of cultural references and plays off the “real” world, I figure this ought to be fun.

So now I’m getting my promo cap on and trying to come up with some ideas to get the word out about In Over Her Head since, sadly, the book won’t be available for the convention (but will shortly afterward). I do have a cute giveaway for some lucky attendee: a mermaid cell phone charm, just like the one on my cellphone:

Cell Phone Charms / Pendant  * MERMAID BLUE * X 10


16 Responses

  1. I remember seeing those, Judi. Great prom idea in getting with your theme. Mermaids…

    Congratulations on becoming a panelist. I give you congratulations but you get to do the work.

    You can always get one of those simple white tees and have your book cover screen printed on it. You can get the feminine white tee, which can be worn with some nice slacks and even a jacket. Or you could get a tee that is tie dyed three tones of blues to imitate ‘under the sea’ and have your book cover on it. You know, you won’t have your book out but you could probably have some simple white tees made up to give away…you can even sign them. Keep a stash of bookmarks, even some that are slightly larger than normal bookmarks that have a blurb and your cover on it. Anything to call attention to your book that they will be able to buy after the convention…

  2. Wonderful news, Judi! How exciting! I’m sure the attendees are going to have a wonderful time and learn lots!

  3. Judi,

    Excellent news. I’d imagine that you’ve participated in panels before, but now it’s from the author’s perspective, which is very cool. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like a fun, informative workshop, Judi. Good luck! Also, I LOVE your cell phone charm. How ah…charming! LOL.


  5. This shows how fast you can go from fan to pro. An inspiration, ain’t it?

  6. Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Some good ideas, Sia.

    Ken – fast? Um… okay. 🙂

  7. I so wish you were presenting this in DC! Congrats! You’ll be marvelous.

  8. Sounds like a great panel, Judi. I know you’ll have fun at RT.

  9. You are moving with the speed of light, girl. I wish I were going to be there to see you in action. Since I can’t be these “Firsts” will be a second best. Thanks and Good Luck.

  10. Sounds like a great panel, Judi. I was talking with my son last night about interjecting a reference to a “Rick Roll” in one of my contemporary YA novels. He said I was on the late news. Mom, that is sooooo last month. Rick Rolls aren’t “in” anymore, apparently — ruined by the Thanksgiving Day parade lameness. So do you go with last year’s trends or leave them out to avoid branding oneself as a lametard?

    *blatanty seeks expert advice from panelist, Judi, since sadly, I can’t attend the conference

  11. Judi, have a blast doing the panel! you’re a natural for them and will no doubt be a crowd pleaser!

  12. Jamie, there is a risk of going too pop culture; that by the time the book gets to print, the reference is “sooooo last month.” I try to stick to enduring things. I know I’ve seen a reference to Frau Blucher (Young Frankenstein) in one author’s work that totally worked for me. A lot of times you can put a line in, say, the character’s thoughts to confirm what you’re referencing. Like you could have a character think something like,

    So what if she turned him down? He could handle it. He was master of his domain.

    Yeah, that hadn’t worked so well for Kramer.

    Not everyone will get it, but at least you’re not leaving the reader hanging.

  13. Hey congrats!! The other panelists won’t know what hit them.

  14. nice seeing you at the meeting! thanks for the chat. I’m following your blog now, so i’m sure i’ll pop by occasionally and comment!!

  15. I love your site…that’s why I’ve given you an award. Stop by my blog sometime this week and get it.


  16. Judi you are amazing. I have no doubts you’ll sparkle and wow!

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