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Manatees of Love


You’re looking at that picture, going, “Love? Really? Them? I don’t get it.”

Bear with me.

Manatees, for those of you who don’t know, are mammals that live in the ocean but do, on occasion, venture into fresh water rivers and inlets. Many coastal states of the southeast have speed and propeller directives on their waterways to prevent injuries to manatees. Sadly, many injuries still occur.

But what does this have to do with love?

Here you go: manatees, believe it or not, are the original mermaids. You gotta wonder what those sailors were drinking or how long they’d been at sea to consider these sea cows (and, no, I’m not being harsh – they actually are classified as ungulates, the same as Jersey and Herefords and all the rest and are actually called sea cows) sexy.

Now, from mermaids, we get other mermaids and, of course, everyone knows to make new mermaids, you need mermen. You see where this is going, don’t you?

November is also Manatee Awareness Month and author Rowena Cherry is having a chat on her radio podcast this Sunday night, November 9 from 9-11 eastern time with several authors (moi included) about manatees and, of course, our books. The chat is A Cherry Picking Special – Manatees and Mermaids

I’d love for you to “stop” by – listeners can call in and chat with us. Here’s the info you need and I encourage you to stop by the site now, http://www.internetvoicesradio.com/Arch-Rowena.htm and take a look at the slideshow of our book titles.

Look under the drop down menu Host – Rowena Cherry

New, listeners can call in for free to ask questions:
PIVTR’s new toll free number, 866-97P-IVTR, is for LISTENERS to call in and ASK question(s) of talk show host and their guest(s). Limit is 5 minutes. 

Host Rowena Cherry will be chatting with Romance authors Sandy Lender, Judi Fennell, Joey W Hill, and Jo Webnar

Around 9:45 we’re supposed to get to my book, In Over Her Head, specifically and one of the questions is if it’s won any awards, so I’ll be talking about the First Chapters Romance Contest.

Thanks and hope to talk to you on air!


4 Responses

  1. Have fun during the podcast. Hey, manatees, dolphins, whales swim in pods, not schools, so isn’t a podcast for manatee awareness a pun? LOL!

    Good luck!

    Best–Adele Dubois

  2. Sounds like fun Judi. I personally think their eyes are lovely, so soft and gentle. Okay, maybe several months with nothing but jerky and weevil ridden bread is not conducive to rational thought. Manatees, so cute.

    Love ’em! Looking forward to the radio broadcast.

  3. I’ve had Sandy explain the manatees’ plight to me ad nauseum since she announced she’d be doing this program with you and Rowena. In my world, the creatures of the sea haven’t been hunted and harmed to near extinction so I tend to take their existence for granted. It’s sobering to learn about the dangers manatees and sea turtles and whales encounter here. I look forward to the program.
    All my best to you,
    Nigel Taiman

  4. Judi,
    It was a pleasure “meeting” you on the air Sunday night. I know folks are going to love In Over Her Head when it’s released. The excerpt you read for us showed a creative, colorful, fun world under the waves, and, I’ve got to tell you, folks need a story like that once in a while! It’s great to let an author with the pacing and flow you encapsulated in that one section just sweep you out of reality for a few hours.
    Here’s to winking floors…mwuahahahahahaha
    Hope to bump into you on the promotion circuit again!
    Sandy Lender
    “Some days, I just want the dragon to win.”

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