We Have A Title!


As you may know, my editor emailed me saying they wanted a different title for Book 2 in the Mer series. Instead of Whale of a Tail, they wanted something more reflective of the series. So, I put the call out and you guys sent the submissions in fast and furious.

My editor needed the list yesterday of everyone’s submission. These were the top 10:

Going Off The Deep End

Going Overboard

Hooked On You

In Too Deep

Off The Hook

Out Of The Blue   

Splash And Burn

Swept Away

Tide up in Knots

Wild Blue Under

And the winner is………………..

Wild Blue Under                      

And, more importantly to you all I’m sure, the person who nominated Wild Blue Under and who will have a character named after her is Lisa Brackmann, otherwise known as Lisa, “Queen Wombat“!

Congrats, Lisa, and thanks to everyone for helping out! This book is due out next August.

The Blurb:

       Rod Tritone, heir to the throne of the undersea world, needs a queen capable of ruling the oldest kingdom on earth. Someone regal, learned and of noble birth. Problem is, the only eligible noble-born Mer princess is half-Human – and she doesn’t have a clue about the non-Human part.

       Valerie Dumere has screwed up her life at every turn. Trying to please her over-protective, single mom while searching for that special “something” in her life, she’s made more than a few bad decisions. But when her mother dies and leaves her the family business, Val realizes it’s up to her to buckle down and get her life on track. No more excuses.

       So when a guy shows up claiming to be her destiny, she scoffs. No way. She isn’t running away from her responsibilities ever again – no matter how good the guy looks without a shirt.

       But Rod isn’t going away. He can’t claim his inheritance without her – and Val will lose hers if she goes with him.

       It’s going to take one whale of a tale to get her to chuck it all and follow him off into the wild blue under…      


21 Responses

  1. Okay that is a coll name. Congrats all!

  2. I meant cool.

  3. Very clever title, Judi! Congrats to Lisa!!

  4. Sounds great! I like that even better! Congrats!!

  5. Oh YAY!!! I loved that title! And many, many congrats to Lisa! Just brilliant!

  6. Love it! Congrats to Lisa and to you, Judi!

    Best–Adele Dubois

  7. Great title!

    Congratulations, Lisa!

  8. Congrats to Lisa! I love the title, “Wild Blue Under.”

  9. I like it! A lot. You going to make Lisa a seagal? I think she’d enjoy that. 🙂

  10. Way to go Lisa. The Queen strikes!

    Great title Judi, thrilled the editors were pleased with the choices. Looking forward to seeing its cover.

  11. Hi everyone!

    Jill, you just keep ’em coming, don’t you! Seagal…*shaking head.

    Lisa is now Lt. Lisa Brackmann of the Mer Guard – a VID (Very Important Dolphin).

    You guys gave me such a great suggestions – I’m actually glad I didn’t have to make the final choice, although my editor did ask if I liked it. I did, they do and it’s a done deal!

  12. Great title. Congrats to Lisa for suggesting it and getting the character named after her. Must be all that time working out.

  13. Marvelous title! It will suit the story well, Judi. And great job, Lisa. May your character name be remembered forever.

  14. WHOO-HOO!!!

    I never win anything! I am thrilled!!!!

    (I should mention that “Brackmann” is my pen-name should my book see print).

    Oh boy, I get to be a dolphin!! How cool is that?!!

  15. What a great title! Congratulations.

  16. You’re telling me BREATHLESS Didn’t make the top TEN? Or it was entered?Thought I had a winner, tells you how much I know? Congrats JUdi –

  17. Congrats to Lisa! This is great, a winner from Gather. That is big news for the site. Glad to hear it, and Judi, keep it coming. It is wonderful you offered this, and I am so sad I missed while ill. But am very happy Lisa won. Ellen B

  18. Great title! Should we call Lisa “Queen Wombat” or “Lt. Dolpin” now?

  19. Congrats on the new title, Judi! And hooray to Lisa for winning!


  21. Judi: Oh, no! With all the election craziness, I totally missed the deadline! But maybe you can use these for your next book…

    Knowing how much you like puns, I was going for good (ok, bad) puns on “heir,” and I came up with:

    Bad Heir Day
    Running Out of Heir
    Win by an Heir
    Let Down Your Heir
    Heir-Tight Alibi
    Heir Pressure
    Heir Supply

    I also thought of a G-Rated title (Heir in her Eyes) and then, when it was getting really late and I was getting really punchy–an NC-17 title (Heir Up Her A**!).

    Hmm…I guess that last one REALLY won’t make it.

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