Wombatogether in Sausalito

Last night, six of The Writing Wombats, and two Wombat Fanciers (term coined by Dave a Wombat Fancier, and will be added into the Lexicon per the Queen) had a Wombatogether in Sausalito at the Yacht Club followed by dinner at The Spinnaker Restaurant.

This is my group from Gather, who have weathered several of the Gather contests, have created their own contests, shared ups and downs both in our writing lives and our personal lives and who have, on occasion, made arrangements to meet. This Wombatogether was the largest group yet.

Dana, Lisa and Judi on the ferry to Sausalito

Dana, Lisa and Judi on the ferry to Sausalito


(from Left) Judi, Dana, John, Lisa, Ken, Judy (Wombat Fancier), Brenda

(from Left) Judi, Dana, John, Lisa, Ken, Judy (Wombat Fancier), Brenda

The Queen

The Queen

Wombat Fancier Dave

Wombat Fancier Dave




Punch, I mean, Ken, and Judy

Punch, I mean, Ken, and Judy (notice the logo on the shirt!)

Brenda and John

Brenda and John

Dinner at The Spinnaker and our waiter Gary

Dinner at The Spinnaker and our waiter Gary

John, Mrs. ACA, our ACA

John, Mrs. ACA, our ACA

Dave, Judi, waiter Gary, Brenda

Dave, Judi, waiter Gary, Brenda

the partying continued...

the partying continued...

a good time was had by all

a good time was had by all

I think Gary wants to be an honorary Wombat

I think Gary wants to be an honorary Wombat

We were serenaded by our Queen and Dana. Have a listen:

and the fun continues:


21 Responses

  1. Okay, okay, I’ll post it to the thread. But first… I need to watch that again. So GREAT to see all the wombats live and in concert.

  2. Oh me oh my. And we missed it! You guys had entirely way too much fun. That first photo looks like three beautiful women on their way to trouble. And then the videos!!! Judi, this is awesome! Thank you so, so much for taping the get-together.

    I need to look at everything again…

  3. Wow! Everybody looks fantastic, they really do . . . Thanks for sharing Judi . . .

  4. OMG, the pictures are great Judi and I LOVE the videos. I laughed so hard! I watched them twice! I knew Lisa was full of devilment. I so wish I could have been there. You guys had such fun. I’m glad you were able to meet. Here’s to DC. By God, I’ll be there one way or another.

    Thanks so much for sharing this Judi!

  5. Hard to believe you people haven’t been partying together all your lives! Great video! Glad to see that everyone had so much fun.

  6. I plead the fifth. As you all can see, I was the only once actually being productive, typing away on my WIP…

    Hey, it’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    Great photos and video Judi. Again, a big, fat, Congrats on your book deals. Way to Go!

    And Dana, LOVED your impromptu rendition of Wombat Love – Priceless.

    Queen! Ein, Zwie, Sofa!

    John, a most excellent host!

    Ken, it would be nice if you’d let someone get a word in edgewise! 😉

    David and Mrs. ACA – a proper introduction to the Wombativerse – Welcome!!!

  7. Judi, what a terrific group of people, and a wonderful writing group! What a way to kick off a week of fun and excitement at the RWA conference! Congrats and champagne were definately in order! Loved all the videos and photos! Next year, I’ll be partying with you!

  8. Okay, about the German beer-drinking song…see, I learned that when I was in high school. I don’t know why I still remember it! I still remember just about any classic TV theme song you can name too. It’s a gift. Or a curse…

    We really had sooo much fun! John is the most amazing host ever. We took the ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito, get off, and there are john, Ken, Judy (Mrs. Almighty Contest Administrator) and Brenda, waiting for us with champagne and chardonney. And the restaurant was fantastic!

    Yep, it was like we’d known each other for years.

  9. I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Judi, this is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your video’s and pics. Wow, it’s so great to have met you all in person.

  10. That whole wombatarama night was too much fun – can’t wait for the next one!

  11. Other than the one picture of me alone (there’s always one I hate!), I LOVE all the pictures (especially the one on the ferry) and am so glad someone had video capabilities… It was a fantastic time and I am in the middle of my own post about it, which will probably be divided up into two sections. It is my way…

  12. We created our own little community of people who write. We struggle with the same issues (oh, the pain of the blank screen or lazy words or comma splices), celebrate the joy of other’s success and share a love of the written word. We simply skipped all the uncomfortable posturing and worry about being misinterpreted. As Lisa said, it’s as if we’ve known each other all of our lives. To be a part of this and to be a part of the greater success several of us will achieve over the next five or ten years… well, it’s an honor and a pleasure.

  13. Hey everyone! Yes, it was a blast and the reason it seemed like we’ve known each other for years is because we HAVE known each other for a year and a half. I don’t know if it’s b/c we’re writers, but what you see on the Wombat threads is who we are. All we’re missing on the threads is the 3-D aspect.

    And I’m holding all those DC-promisers to their word!!!

  14. Yep, I think what Judi says is true. As a group we aren’t people whose online personaes are wildly divergent from our off-line selves. I know a lot of people use the internet to be someone other than who they are in “real life.” I think we tend to use it to express ourselves more directly.

  15. What a great photo and video portrayal. It does give the flavor of the evening.

    I think it should be pointed out (if only for our relatives) that a surprising amount of writing talk, both craft and business, was covered during the get together.

    I had an excellent time with an excellent group of writers and friends.

    Judi, the RWA conference sounds fun and interesting. Good luck with it and with your books. Have several standing purchase orders ready for publication.

  16. Hi Judi,

    Wonderful set of photos and the videos were something else. It’s a great group of friends and so much talent besides. Woo hoo!

  17. Judi

    I regret not having been able to make it so that I could have saluted you in person for your wonderful success. (Sheesh, what a terrible sentence. I hope no agents or editors are watching!!). Anyway, I’m sure the crew that was there did the honors. You are our inspiration and you give us all hope and happiness. On to further success in the future. Here’s to you, Lady Judith.

  18. Sorry I couldn’t make it! Looks like you all had a great time!

  19. […] The alcohol flowed freely (thank you, John!) and things got silly very fast.  To see HOW silly, go here to Judi’s webpage and blog for her impressions of the evening and incriminating video […]

  20. Judi,

    Just reading and seeing all the San Fransisco happenings for the first time since regaining my internet connection. What a hoot! Thanks for sharing it all, especially the Wombathon pics and video. And congrats, again, on getting that well-earned, long-overdue “published author” ribbon. May many a reader carry IOHH (and sequels) to the cash register.

  21. Absolutely brilliant Judi. Thanks so much for posting the videos. Sorry to miss out. I’m afraid James and I were quite tame by comparison in Dublin. Though there was some fine Guinness enjoyed that eve. 🙂

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