Long Island Luncheon

Friday the 13th – always an ominous date, yes? Well, this year, several intrepid Valley Forge Romance Writers braved the odds and black cats and set sail (okay, we went by car, train and taxi) to the Long Island Luncheon sponsored by the Long Island Romance Writers.

Daria Yanez, Stephanie Julian, moi 

         Daria Yanez, Stephanie Julian, moi                               

 Carla Faker, Jen Blackwell-Yale

        Carla Kempert, Jen Blackwell-Yale

For those who have never been, let me just say that I make the trek every year. Some years by myself, others with friends. And I’ve never been disappointed. The Luncheon committee does a great job inviting enough industry professionals that you’re guaranteed to be seated at a table with at least two. Some years I’ve tried to pick my spot, other years I let Fate decide. Fate’s been as good, if not better, to me than my own picks. You never know if you’ll be having lunch with agent Ethan Ellenberg, or having an editor ask to taste your lunch to see if hers isn’t as good.

Ethan Ellenberg

        Ethan Ellenberg
You never know who you’ll meet and what they might be interested in that you just happen to have shoved under your bed thinking no one would ever want a futuristic shape-shifting leopard/woman head of the galactic FBI (no, sorry, I pulled that out of my hat – no one requested anything remotely like that).

And the hour long ride back into the city can be just as fabulous for getting to know the industry folk on a personal level. I’ve grown several relationships in just such a way.

Add to this great food, superb champagne punch (and non-champagne punch, but really, why bother?), and the friendly ladies of LIRW, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a great way to spend a Friday.

So get that champagne out, because I plan to be there next year!


12 Responses

  1. Way to go Judi. Sounds like fun and a good idea. Did you get to rub elbows with him or was it just two ships passing in the night?

    Do dish. Seriously! 🙂

  2. Funny how I was just checking out their website today too! I’m not ready to send anything yet, but I like to snoop around so when the day comes I’ll have an idea what to do with the final ms.

  3. Looks like time well spent, Judi. And fun, too!

  4. Hey Judi,

    Another fine report from the Roving Romance Reporter. You put us right in the thick of things and that’s always cool.

    I think the best thing about various RWA functions is a person gets to see that industry big-wigs, for a lack of a better term, are just people. Takes the mystique out of it.

    Networking is vital and you’ve shown that to be true. You never know where a simple conversation may lead you with respects to future prospects.

    Still, you usually have fun at these things and share it with us. Tres kewl. I’m looking forward to doing a few of these myself.


  5. Oh God. How much do I have to pay you to burn that picture of me? Honestly, name your price. Either that, or draw a mustache and eyebrows on me so at least it’s funny in its patheticness.

    Yes, the trip was definitely all that and a bag of chips. The conversation was sparkling, the information gained was invaluable, and the fun never ended. I hated going back to my car when it was all over. This is definitely something I will do again next year! Thank you SO much, Judi, for telling us what a great opportunity the LIRW luncheon is! I hope the connections we made there will bear fruit soon!


  6. Great pictures, Judi. Looks like you had a great time. Wish I’d been there. Thanks for posting. Maybe next year I’ll join you.

  7. Next year, I’ll be there! No more teens at home to graduate from high school the same day as the LI Luncheon. Thanks for the report!

    Best–Adele Dubois

  8. Hi Judi,

    Who says that Long Island can’t be fun? Sounds like you had a great time and worked on building the network. Thanks for the update.


  9. Also very cool the way your blog points to the website or blog of the commenter. Very slick.



  10. Next year I’m definitely going!

    Thanks for sharing the pix. (And Carla, I think you look fine!)

    Laura 🙂

  11. Judi, looks like an incredible time was had by all! Thanks for posting this! I definately want to look into doing this next year! With you as my guide, how much trouble could I get into? Don’t answer that!

  12. What great fun!

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