Romantic Times Convention 2008 – A Photo Diary


American Title-ists I, II, III, IV

American Title-ers I, II, III, IV

Janice Lynn, Lindsey Brookes, Michele Ann Young, Jenny Gardiner, Judi Fennell, Raz Steel, Trish Milburn, Kim Howe

Fabio and JudiHeather Graham\'s Vampire BallStephanie Julian and JR WardMr. Romance 2007, Jason SantiagoAmerican Title-ists Jenny, Lindsey, Judi, Helen

          Fabio              Stephanie Julian  Steph& JR Ward        Cover Models         Lindsey, Jenny, Me, Helen

Judi Fennell, Adele Dubois, LA BanksValley Forge Romance WritersAmerican Title II winner, Gerri Russell and her momMr. Romance 2008, a fan, Helen Scott Taylor and her daughterHolli and Evonne

Me, Adele, LA Banks      Valley Forge          Gerri Rusell       Mr. Romance

                                  Romance Writers         and Mom                2008

Christie Craig and Writing Wombat JillTrish Milburn and Janice LynnRT EditorsJudi and Ellora\'s Caveman CJAdele and her cover models

Christy Craig            Trish Milburn & Janice Lynn     RT Staff                        EC Cavemen

Stephanie Julian\'s StarLynne Connolly and Judi FennellJL Wilson during the Golden Age of HollywoodEllora\'s Cave Hollywood Party

Stephanie Julian’s star      Lynne Connolly’s sari    JL Wilson’s Poodle Skirt    My Ballgown

Judi Fennell and Kim HoweDonna MichaelsEve VaughnRayna Vause

Judi and Kim Howe                           Donna Michaels       Eve Vaughn               Rayna Vause

Lynne ConnollyAdele DuboisStephanie Julian

       JL Wilson               Lynne Connolly         Adele Dubois                Stephanie Julian


10 Responses

  1. Hi Judi–

    Thanks for sharing all the RT pics with those of us who couldn’t be there! Looks like we missed a good time. And congrats on those peacock shoes!

  2. Loved seeing all the pictures, Judy! Glad you had a fabulous time at the conference. Was wonderful to see you. 🙂

  3. You have some great memories started here, Judi. You had a great time and shared it with us, via pictures and reports.

    I love your gowns pictured for each of the evenings. They did you justice. What fun to still be able to dress up.



  4. Cool pictures, Judi! It was nice to meet you and get to hang out. And I must not have seen you at the EC party because I would have remembered that gorgeous gown.

  5. Cool pics, Judi. I loved seeing JL and Lynne. And I “know” Donna Michaels and Rayna Vause from The Wild Rose Press. It really is a small world!

    I am crossing my fingers about RT in 2009 in Orlando. I should make that one. Maybe I should start looking for outfits now!!!

    double finalist National Reader’s Choice Awards

  6. I think I commented before, but it vanished. In case it doesn’t resurface, cool pics J

  7. Hey, Judi, thanks for posting the pics. I’ve been telling customers in my shoe store about your peacock/bell shoes and I’ve taken several orders. I hope you have various sizes.


  8. Looks like a great time was had by all. Thanks for sharing the pics, Judi:)

  9. Wonderful! You are the best PR person ever Judi. I swear you single handedly add to the ranks of RWA with all of your great articles and postings. Thanks for the sneak peak.

    Living vicariously,

  10. Judi, thanks so much! I luv pics of events. And you did a wonderful job. So cool to see everyone. Maybe next year? Hope so!

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