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Fabio Part II

Fabio and me

So when I ran into Fabio last night, he was travel-tired and locked out of his hotel room and on his way with his luggage back to the front desk for a new key. But he graciously stopped for a photo.

Today, he was at an event I attended and we chatted before he went into the event. Well, okay, maybe I apologized for taking up his time when he was so tired and I thanked him for being so gracious. When it was my turn for the photos with him, he gave me a big hug and took a few shots with me.

A very nice guy. Sincere, gracious and patient. Thanks, Fabio!


 Fabio and Kathryn Falk of Romantic Times.

 Fabio and Pittsburgh Steelers Mascot.

 The video is Fabio’s comments at the SOS Mixer honoring our servicemen and women.


14 Responses

  1. Judi, he seems like a delightful man. And of course he takes an awesome photo. Glad you’re having a marvelous time!

  2. Would you look at that! lolol! All snuggled up in Fabio’s arms and looking delighted.

    He was prepared for the photo op this time you could tell. Hair and make-up. this is cool Judi.

  3. AACCKKK!! JUDI!! Look at you being hugged by Fabio!!! (And look at the size of his hands!!!) And you have your hand on Fabio’s chest!! Just like all those heroines on book covers! OK, drooling here. This is wonderful!

  4. I am SOOOO jealous! I’m glad you’re having a fabulous time though!!

  5. here we go steelers here we go, you’re soo lucky

  6. Wow! That’s a pretty good romance cover right there!

  7. Great photo, Judi! You both look terrific. Now, if only Brad Pitt had been at the convention, the week would have been perfect for me!

    Best–Adele Dubois

  8. Judi-you look so happy! You just cuddled up against him, that is so funny. Glad you met your idol!!


  9. Judi!

    Do I detect a blush in your cheeks? Yep, yep. You were all a’gush like a school girl. No worries–the glow looks great on you! And Fabio looks great on you too! LOL.

  10. Hmmm, Fabio is starting to look a little rough.

    Oh wait, that’s Steely McBeam, my mistake.

  11. Chris, you are a brave man for making that comment then showing your face! LOL.

    Jill – me? Blushing? Never.

  12. Nice plug for the troops.

  13. Judi – Your Mom and Dad shared your Fabio experience with us here in Utah. That is so awesome!!! Ah!! Fabio, he was and is my favorite cover model. We love the trashy romance novels at our house and look forward to you get published. That is so exciting. Good Luck!!!

  14. […] her with dubious expression and eye rolling (laughter). Judi gave a much abbreviated summary on her blog (along with photos), but if you ever corner her at a signing or conference, make her tell you the […]

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