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Romantic Times Convention

T minus 12 and counting. Approximately 12 hours (barring any nasty traffic incidents) until my Critique Partner and I arrive in Pittsburgh for the 25th Romantic Times Convention. I can’t wait.

I couldn’t figure out why I was so hyper to go. I mean, I’m a mom. I’ve got lunches to make, food shopping and laundry to do before I can leave and that’s just for my family. Never mind getting my conference clothes and the costumes ready to go. And, of course, the peacock shoes.

So I thought about why I was so hyped and realized it’s because I haven’t been to an industry “thing” since the October New Jersey RWA Chapter conference in October. We’re talking six months! My schedule is busy for the next 6 months with the Bucks County event, the Long Island event, RWA National and then NJRW again, but I guess I’m suffering from professional withdrawal.

Conferences energize me, they motivate me. Meeting other writers and readers motivates me. Seeing my fellow American Title Finalists  energizes me. Chatting with industry people motivates me. So, while I need no motivation to get up ungodly early tomorrow to drive to Pittsburgh, I’m thinking my writing can use the professional motivation.

I’m going to try to blog from the convention. Don’t hold me to it – I might be having too much “motivation” at the parties. 🙂


One Response

  1. Judi,

    Thanks for the updates and all the wonderful pictures. Your enthusiasm is motivating. I can also see why you go to these conferences. I’ll be checking out those in my area, finally (you’ve suggested it time and again, lolol!).

    Be sure to post your pic in your Under the Sea get-up. BTW my son Jake says you were ‘hot’ in the vampire outfit. “I bet guys were showing her their necks…”

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