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And Now We Wait

There was a lot of traffic back here in the days following Tuesday’s calls, so I didn’t want to clutter up the blog with more posts. As you can tell from this blog, it hasn’t been utilized all that much (now THERE’S an understatement!), but I found that I had a great time on Tuesday with everyone’s comments. As of yet, I don’t have a book for readers to comment on, but I am working toward it.

Which brings me to this topic: WAIT. I’ve said that WAIT and HOPE are the ugly stepsisters of an unpubbed’s visions of a Cinderella career in writing. Who doesn’t want to send out that manuscript then get glowing reviews from editors, a possible auction then that wonderful word: SOLD?

But to get there, we have to deal with HOPE and WAIT. Sometimes they’re kind, like when you get that “I enjoyed the partial; please send the full” after a three week submission period. Sometimes they’re not so nice, “Not for me” which comes after six months or more.

And now the finalists, Golden Heart and Rita, are having their afternoon tea with WAIT and HOPE. At least for them, there’s a definitive end in sight: August 2. That’s only, what? 4 months? Piece of cake, right?

I’d love to hear from any of the finalists what it IS like over the next few months. Are you querying agents? Are you getting offers? Have any of the judges requested the full? Is a book deal coming your way? Was this a new series for Rita finalists and has it morphed into any other opportunity with your publisher or maybe even another?

Thanks for taking part in my Tuesday; it made the waiting go by quicker. Maybe chatting up your WAITING process until National can go by quicker with sharing comments.

Best of luck to everyone!


One Response

  1. Wait and Hope can be b*tches, can’t they? 🙂 I’m waiting and hoping on the MS my agent (I’ll *never* get over being able to use those words without quotation marks around them) is shopping around. In the mean time I signed on to Book in a Week to keep my mind active and focused elsewhere.

    I think there’s at least one GH finalist who’s sold her book but I wouldn’t want to drop any names without permission. The entrant was also a Sheila finalist, if I’m not mistaken. That’s one heck of a Wait and Hope situation but like you said, at least there’s an end date on Waiting and Hoping. The rest of us could be waiting and hoping…forever… 🙂

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