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It’s All About The Publicity, Folks

I’ve been on a few blogs since Round 2 of American Title started because there were some inflammatory, controversial (? take your pick of word) comments made from the judges and people got upset. I understand. Believe me, I do. It’s my baby out there as well. Frankly, I’m kind of bummed in a manner of speaking that Beauty and The Best didn’t get too badly drilled, because, let’s face it, in our society, controversy gets noticed. It sells. it gets the publicity.

 I could use some more publicity 🙂 I want to make it to Round 3. Any celebrity endorsements out there? Nike? Canon? Dorchester? (LOL)

 But seriously, yes, the judges have been harsh, but the beauty of their harshness (notice how I worked BEAUTY in there), is that it’s gotten people talking. People blogging. People commenting. Probably has gotten people to go to the RT website to check out exactly what everyone’s talking about. On one of the blogs I read, someone said that she was going to forward the judge’s incendiary comment about women in combat to women in combat who have never even picked up Romantic Times.  And there would be the value in bad publicity. A whole new set of people unaware of the magazine’s existence, will now be aware of it. Yes, they’ll probably be angry, but they’ll talk.

Think about our society as a whole – one where publicity can put a good spin on a bad situation. I just read today that one Bahrainian living aging pop star is making a comeback in the States. Don’t get me started on the whole but-he-didn’t-get-convicted-of-anything-nasty thing. But we are a curious society who, once the hubbub dies down seem to be a forgiving one. I believe there’s a convicted-in-one-court murderer walking around on a golf course in this country giving interviews and still maintaining a decent lifestyle. Too bad this person’s victim isn’t. But the media has forgiven this person for a story.

 Am I saying this is right? No, most definitely not. Am I saying that this is the way our society works? Sadly, yes. A certain pop star is forgiven for the extremely bad taste in pursuing a member of the opposite sex who was still in a relationship with a child on the way, now that that relationship has gone bad. Publicity.

I bet more people are talking about those American Title finalists with the controversial comments than those who don’t have the controversy. Will it segue into more votes for them? Who knows. What I do know is that each of us has put our work up for public scrutiny and that this is a tough business. But it is a business.

And controversy sells.

Besides, it’s getting us ready for critics. 🙂

Best of luck to us in Round 3 – who knows what the judges will say then?

Have a good week and don’t forget to start thawing that turkey over the weekend!  -Judi


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