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The House That Judi Built…Is Building…Whatever

I’ve been a bad girl about blogging. I’m on 2 (this one and MavensOfThePen.blogspot.com) and I’ve dropped the ball. Sigh. One of those things in life that sometimes has to fall by the wayside. Getting the knee in working order and working has taken precedence over the world of web logs, as has the revisions I’m doing on my time travel. I’ve got some folks interested in them and for a while had the proverbial writer’s block.

Oh, not that I didn’t know what to write. It was just that I was re-ordering events in the story and upping a secondary plot, and of course that has to weave in with the main plot, so there was some scene manipulation going on… It was like looking at blueprints and knowing you still had the house to build. I was seeing the house and not the walls and it was just too overwhelming.

So, I finally nailed a few 2X4s together and just started building the darn thing. You know, a few boards, a few nails, some time and voila! you’ve got a wall. A few more nails and boards and time and you’ve got a room. Keep at it and pretty soon the whole first floor is done and, well, you get the image.


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