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The Polls Are Open

It’s finally here! The day the 10 of us have been waiting for – American Title goes live to the public!

 What excitement! What a rush! What hype!

What the heck happened to my ISP???

 It figures. To quote someone I found deliriously and deliciously funny, Gilda Radnor, “It’s always something!”

So why does your ISP decide to play an April Fool’s joke on you in October (and hello? Did the calendar get the memo that Friday was the 13th???) -the ONE DAY you want it to work properly, it decides to go on vacation? I can (luckily) say that this was not my fate, but it happened to one of us. Another one had her ISP do something wacky with all her email addresses, so she had to re-type them all in and mine decided to play prima donna by allowing me to send my message to only 100 people at a time. Hello? Does it know how many spam lists I had to plunder…I mean, how many friends I have?

But it’s been quite fun, too. Giving spur-of-the-moment interviews to interested parties, sending out Thank You emails galore, keeping tabs on my fellow contestants as they hit the bottle, well, when they SAY they were hitting the bottle. They don’t really do that, I know, but they had to make me feel like part of the team since I’m still on meds from my surgery (and, yes, today the knee bent to 40 degrees – woo hoo! and OMG the pain!).

I’m planning to enjoy the next two weeks – because until then, we’re all still on the starting line up. Two of us will go to back-up status on the 30th and while whoever it is will still carry the glory of the team, right now it’s nice to know we’re all part of that line up. (Yes, I went to a football school which will explain my football references and also Jolie’s – my heroine. Check her out at: http://www.judifennell.com/BATB.htm .)

So, head on out to the first play of the game, ladies and gent! And remember, Go Team AT3!

Oh, and while you’re at it, vote for Beauty and The Best:  webmaster@RomanticTimes.com

(I’m in this for the SuperBowl ring, people! Or is that SuperBowl contract….)


One Response

  1. Best of luck with your knee and your ISP! Ay yi yi. It’s a rough go right now!

    LOL at your football analogies. I know just enough to catch the gist. 😉

    Good luck with the contest, too, Judi. 😀

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