Blogging with icepacks

So I had surgery yesterday – ACL replacement. I’d been warned. I knew it was going to be bad. I knew how bad it would be.

 It’s bad.

I get up at the unhealthy hour of 4 am to take my last shower with my ole ACL – not that I’m partial to body parts that don’t work, mind you, but it was mine. Made especially for me and put where I needed it. And then it quits on me. “Fie on ye, ” I say (well, not really), “out with the old and in with the…old.” I’m using my own tissue. Not that I consider myself old, and not that I have anything against donors – I’m one myself on my driver’s license, but why should I take somebody else’s something when I’ve got a perfectly good-if “older”-part they can use? That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

So, off we go to the hospital in the dark, making the experience all that more surreal b/c the minute we enter the inner sanctum, daylight ceases to exist. I get to meet Two-Stick Tina (who made my morning whether she believes me or not), all sorts of folks in those lovely blue, paper-thin pajama things they call work clothes and my new friends the pain meds.

It’s because of these new friends and this ice pack thingy they gave me, that I may make it through this.

“May” being the operative word (no pun intended. Well, unless you laughed, then it was definitely intended.)

So, we go home with the ice pack thingy and once we figure out how to work it properly at 3 AM – tell me again why they have you meet with the Physical Therapist and have the nurses give you follow up instructions WHILE you’re still coming out from sedation? – the machine is a wonderful little invention. I highly recommend the Cryo-Cuff the next time one of your ligaments decides it’s had enough of you. (Though, honestly, do everything in your power to keep the little buggers happy b/c this is NOT a fun thing to go through. Well, not that any surgery is, but I’ve had more than a few others and this takes the cake!).

Then the phone calls start – family calls, friends call, some even stop by (you did catch the whole “last shower” thing 36 hours ago? I have some good friends) and the doctor calls. We go over the surgery, answer my questions that I know were answered yesterday when I was 75 sheets to the wind on the meds, the ice pack thingy is hummin’, the internet gods have shined down upon me so that my wireless is running smoothly and it’s all good. Right?

Yeah, and then they tell me I have to BEND the knee…


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