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That’s What Friends Are For

Besides being a GREAT song, it’s a wonderful sentiment. The American Title III contest is the most high-profile thing to have happened to me in my writing career aside from that full page article The Times Herald did on me and my local chapter of Romance Writers of America (see http://www.judifennell.com/THArticle.htm). So, it always helps to have friends and this is what they’re for.

 Jennifer Talty is a Goddess. With a capital G. Our history is documented very nicely on her blog (http://jen-t.blogspot.com/) but what she (modest Goddess that she is) doesn’t mention is that she is the world’s BEST “friend promoter” in the world. (And, honestly, I thought I had that covered, but nope, she takes the cake. The patty cake? You’ll have to see her blog to understand that reference.) Anyway, my dear dear friend Jen demands one of my Beauty and The Best tshirts and then has me sign it. Sigh. My very first autograph session.

Then she proceeds to tell everyone she meets, “vote for Judi” and other accolades that make my cheeks blush if I had to repeat them (but feel free to email her to find out the exact wording). AND THEN she makes me introduce myself to an industry professional I had wanted to meet – which normally is not a problem for me, but when they’re “must have an ‘in'” to get to, it’s nice to have that ‘in.’

So, check out Jen’s blog, check out her website, and check out her fabulous book coming in June 2007 from Triskelion.

And check her out on my website: http://www.judifennell.com/Photos.htm


One Response

  1. Judi, I’m almost speechless! But lets remember one thing, everything I say about you is true (she’s even a good kisser, but we’ll get into that another time). You are a bright, talented, wonderful person who I’m honored to call friend. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait until the voting the starts. Yes, I’m shouting from the roof tops to VOTE FOR JUDI! Or I’ll have to break out the sharpies!

    I love you! 🙂 Kisses and hugs!

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