Many thanks to Joyce Lamb for allowing me some space in the HEA column in USA Today to talk about my new release in the Bottled Magic series, Magic Gone Wild.

Check it out!

Win a Signed Copy of A Manuscript

My friend, Dana Marton and I have put together a contest. Like both of our FaceBook author pages by April 30 at 5 eastern time and you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of my Beauty and The Best manuscript, an ARC of Catch of a Lifetime, and a signed tote bag, plus bookmarks, excerpt booklets and other stuff.

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On Sale for $2.97! I Dream of Genies!

Lots happening these days. First, and foremost, for a limited time, Amazon is offering both the paperback and Kindle versions of I Dream of Genies for $2.97 and $2.82 respectively, so grab ‘em while they’re hot:

Links :

Kindle for $2.82 at:

Paperback for $2.97 at:

This book received a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly:
“Cute as a pink Persian kitten, this scamper of a romance is populated by a whimsical cast of characters: Humphrey the baby dragon, Obo the talking cat, a villainous vizier, a cross-dressing High Master genie, the Egyptian goddess Bastet, and a hunky carpenter. Centuries-old genie Eden (her name one of several nods to the book’s namesake TV show) escapes her bottle only to fall for Matt Ewing, the handsome jogger she’s been watching from her glass prison’s position in the window of Murphy’s Antiques. When Eden’s magic malfunctions, the nonstop cinematic gee-whiz results will keep the reader enraptured. Fennell (Catch of a Lifetime) also tosses in sultry sex scenes, a bubble-gum–sweet but passionate romance, quick-moving action, and a variety of puns and riddle-making beasts, many of which are sure to reappear in the two planned sequels.”

Also happening:

I, and many other authors, editors and agents are offering critiques for bidders in Brenda Novak’s Online Auction to benefit Juvenile Diabetes. The auction runs for the month of May and has some AMAZING items: 2 tickets and Meet & Greet with Celine Dion, Hawaiian Getaways, iPad 2, vacations, autographed books, crafts, jewelry, etc. There are daily one-day special items to bid on and so many wonderful things I can’t list them all here.

Plus, of course, a 30-page manuscript critique from moi.

This is the 7th year for Brenda’s auction and last year, it broke the $1M mark. This is my 3rd year participating both donating and bidding, and I can tell you, it’s a lot of fun on both ends.

Stop by, take a look, and maybe you’ll win that critique that will start you on your career or break out the one you already have.

BEA 2010

I was signing at the RWA booth yesterday and took these photos beforehand. Special shout-out to the Sourcebooks crew for a gorgeous booth. Those folks were working it! There was always someone having a meeting with someone.

A huge thank you to RWA for the time to sign, to Sourcebooks (and Danielle Jackson) for the books and to the ladies from: and for “petting” my book! :)

Mers and Genies together :)

Olivia Cunning's Debut and Erotic Romance Launch book

Rick Springfield signing promo for his memoir

another shot - but you can't see his smudged guyliner

Author Kate Douglas signing at the RWA booth

James Patterson

Scott Turow

Ken Corday of Days Of Our Lives, book pubbed by Sourcebooks

Kathryne Kennedy and Jennifer Blake, Sourcebooks

More Sourcebooks authors

Today’s The Day!

Calls are going out to Romance Writers of America’s RITA and Golden Heart finalists today!

The RITA and Golden Heart awards are the “Oscars” of the Romance industry: RITAs for published authors; Golden Hearts for unpublished. The winners will be announced at the National Conference in Nashville, TN in July, but for the next four months, these talented finalists will be able to bask in the glory of “just being nominated.”

To celebrate these calls, we’re having the third annual “Squee” Party at

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All comments should go on the above-referenced page; I’ve disabled them for this one.

Come hang out, cheer on your favorite author/friend/critique partner/client/chaptermate, and nibble your nails with us and other members of the Romance community. Sometimes we even get an agent or two to stop by! As an added bonus, two lucky commenters will win a signed set of my Mer trilogy: In Over Her Head, Wild Blue Under, and Catch of a Lifetime.

images from Romance Writers of America

Rod and Kyle: Uncensored After Dark

AAD with Rod and Kyle

Rod Tritone, author Judi Fennell, author Stephanie Julian, Kyle Rossini

Scene: The overcrowded bar of a large hotel somewhere on the eastern seaboard. It’s after midnight. There are mostly women talking, laughing and drinking. And drinking.

Rod Tritone rocks the no-longer-frosted beer mug in his hand, and keeps his head down. Those women have been eyeing him but he’s happily married, and he’s got the weight of the Mer world on his shoulders since he’s just taken over the throne. A land-based excursion wasn’t exactly high on his list of priorities at the moment–especially since his honeymoon wasn’t all that long ago. Luckily, Kyle Rossini, one of the few people who knows what he really is enters the bar at that moment.

Kyle: Hey, man. I was beginning to think I was the only testosterone in this place. I need a drink. All these women… (He slouches into the chair next to Rod, making sure his back’s to the wall and he had a clear view of all the exits) I’d rather be out on a run but this place is a concrete jungle. Hell, even New York City has Central Park.

Rod: And an aquarium. I can’t believe I let The Council talk me into this. The last place I need to be is surrounded by a bunch of Humans. I’ve got an ocean to run. (Drains his beer and nods to the waitress for another.) So how’d you get roped into this?

Kyle: Hell if I know. Tam and Steph were talking one night and the next thing I knew they were eyeing me like a side of beef. Then the lucani king decided I should come, have a look around. See what the humans say about us. I don’t have time for this shit. I’ve got three new sicari to train. Assassins don’t grow on trees, you know. Although I’ve got one who I swear was born to it. What about you?

Rod: Angel—you remember my younger sister, right? She’s all over me about doing some Human-Mer “dialogue” to get relations going between the races. I, frankly, think it’d be better to wait another few hundred years at the very least before we begin to even consider letting  them know we exist, but Val and Judi mentioned this gathering. (Inclines his head toward the readers milling around the bar.) Their argument is that the Humans most likely to accept new “beings” would be paranormal readers. I’m getting the lay of the land, so to speak. Must say, these women do have some very open minds.

Kyle: Yeah, that masquerade party last night was wild, all the wings and vampire fangs. I swear some of them actually believe in magic. I had a brief moment of insanity where I thought about giving them a real show. Just shifting into my pelt right in the middle of the dance floor. Would have loved to see their faces. Hell, most don’t believe we exist. But I know some of them wish we did. My daughter Cat would have a ball talking to all these writers. She loved Judi’s IN OVER HER HEAD.

Rod: I’ll have to mention that to Reel. Some of the readers jokingly asked Judi where Rod and I were, and they thought she was kidding when she said we were in her room. Good thing no one thought to check. My wife would have had serious issues with that. Being descended from the gods is one thing. Having people think I am one, entirely another. (Takes the frosted mug from the waitress as Kyle orders a 7&7.) Good thing Reel headed back to Ocean City. Two mermen walking around the place would be a bit much. Of course, I see Scarlata managed to convince everyone her pink wings were part of her costume. Wonder what they’d say if they knew there was a real Etruscan fairy hanging at the party with them.

Kyle: (snort) Yeah, Scarlata had way too much fun playing with the humans. I think pregnancy has softened her up. Of course, she’d have my head if she ever heard me say that. Too bad Justin couldn’t come. He would have had a field day with all these people talking about werewolves and fairies and Mer people. I’m surprised Scarlata showed up at all but Steph promised she’d torment Tivr in more stories, so she agreed. Scarlata really doesn’t like that god. Don’t know why. He’s been a good friend to my daughter. Cat’s got a serious case of puppy love for the guy. Of course, if he hurts her, there’s gonna be trouble. I don’t care if he is the freaking Etruscan God of the Moon. I’m sure you’d feel the same about Angel.

Rod: I hear you. My problem with Angel is that she’s always been so gung-ho on Humans that I’m worried she might go looking for her “catch of a lifetime,” and you know what kind of havoc that can cause. You’d think she’d realize after the shit Reel and I went through when we were kids and pulled the prank that almost exposed our world to Humans, that Humans aren’t ready for us, but she keeps insisting they are. It takes a certain type of Human to accept that they’re not the only swimmers in the sea. (Raises his beer halfway to his lips, but then stops and smiles ruefully.) Although, I guess the fact that Reel married one and my wife is half-Human doesn’t really help my argument, does it?

Kyle: (pauses as he takes his drink from the harried waitress) I know what you mean. My Tam doesn’t have any magic at all. But she’s coming up to speed pretty fast. She doesn’t get freaked out when Cat or I come home in our pelts. She’s still having trouble with the whole Gods and Goddesses thing, though. And I’m still damn worried about whoever tried to kidnap her It pisses me off that I don’t have a clue where to even start looking. And I don’t think they’re finished.

Rod: You might want to start with those closest to you. Drake was the last person I’d have suspected when that albatross turned mercenary and recruited half the bird population of Kansas to derail our run for the coast. Guy’s just not that bright. Which he proved with his ridiculous plan, but still— (There’s a disturbance at the end of the bar. A man joins the women, sporting a red leather hat with horns.) Hey—did you get a load of him? Think he might be your guy?

Kyle: (gives an amused laugh) Yeah, probably not. But that writer, Joey W. Hill, she looks like she might know more about secret societies than she’s letting on. Have you seen those vampire books she writes? (shakes his head and downs half his drink) The woman has some serious inside information. Anyway, when I get back tomorrow, I’ve gotta get Kaine out on the trail. She’s an even better tracker than her father, and that’s saying something. And Nic and Duke need to shake a few trees, see what falls out. You heading out tomorrow?

Rod: Out of the hotel, but not too far. Reel and Erica brought in another load of Blackbeard’s treasure from my old place in the wild blue under. I dole it out every so often to keep up the stock in Val’s mother’s gift shop and fund their operation of keeping Humans away from the kimberlite veins and Mer kingdom. I told them I’d stop by to help catalogue some of that stuff. I found that pile when I was a teenager out manta-surfing with some friends. Never would have figured it’d come in handy to keep Humans away from our world, you know? Of course, that Joey Hill you mentioned… Looks like someone clued her into my world as well as yours. Wonder where she gets her information.

Kyle: No idea. But we definitely don’t need the humans figuring out there are people like us in the world. It’s be all pitchforks and lab instruments for us. Hey, thanks for the company. I’m gonna head back to my room, hopefully get some sleep. Hate sleeping without Tam. (shakes his head with a rueful) Yeah, I know. I’m pathetic.

Rod: (pats Kyle on the back and stands) Yeah, without the women we love, aren’t we all?

The guys depart, leaving behind a couple of hungry gazes, more than a few “check-them-outs,” and a roomful of female sighs.

Ah, the tribulations of being a romance hero at a readers’ conference.

IOHH 155 WBU with tail

coal just cover with mermaid

1 seducedbymagic_msr

2 seducedinshadow_msr 3 seducedandensnared_msr

4 seducedandenchanted_msr

5 seducedbychaos_msr

6 point 5 shadowmagic_msr

6 seducedbydanger_msr

7 seducedbytwo_msr

8 kissofmoonlight_msr

First Official: Book Signing at BEA


On Saturday, May 30, I went to BEA in NYC to do a book signing at the RWA Booth. It was so 

much fun to see people in line for my story,BEA signing 053009 and to see some familiar faces! Luckily, LibraryJoural caught a picture.

I also stopped by the Sourcebooks booth (more like a beautiful living room!) and saw the Casablanca Authors books on display. Very impressive and the covers look fabulous!

3 Mer books on top shelf


3 Mer books on top shelf

3 mer books

 our covers


Robin Kaye's

Robin 3



bookshelf of SB authors

RT – Cover Model Time

Mr. Romance Contestant Charles Paz

Mr. Romance Contestant Charles Paz

Day One: Wednesday.  These are from the epub expo today and the Ellora’s Cave Jungle Party this evening.

Be warned, there is video of dancing Cavemen.

Mr. Romance Contestant Jimi Gaskin

Mr. Romance Contestant Jimi Gaskin


Mr. Romance Contestant, Frank D'Angelo

Mr. Romance Contestant, Franco D'Angelo


Mr. Romance Contestant, Konstantinos Lelis

Mr. Romance Contestant, Konstantinos Lelis

Mr. Romance Contestant, Stefan Pinto

Mr. Romance Contestant, Stefan Pinto

Ah, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it! :)
And check out the Ellora’s Cavemen dancing onstage at the EC Jungle Party tonight:
Pictures from the rest of Wednesday:
Club RT Gift Table

Club RT Gift Table

Mr. Romance Contestants

Mr. Romance Contestants

More EC Cavemen dancing (sorry, still shots, ladies)

More EC Cavemen dancing (sorry, still shots, ladies)

'nuff said

'nuff said

More Cavemen dancing

More Cavemen dancing

At the epub expo

At the epub expo

Epub Expo

Epub Expo

Goody Room Books

Goody Room Books

In Line for the goody bags at the EC party

In Line for the goody bags at the EC party

In Line for the Epub Expo

In Line for the Epub Expo

Everyone is so excited to go in and see their favorite authors!

Everyone is so excited to go in and see their favorite authors!

me and Judi McCoy (two "Judi With an I"s)

me and author Judi McCoy (two "Judi With an I"s)

RT Magazine owner, Kathryn Falk, Lady of Barrow

RT Magazine owner, Kathryn Falk, Lady of Barrow

Koko Brown

Author Koko Brown

Liddy Midnight

EC Author, Liddy Midnight

Lynne Connolly and Helen Scott Taylor

Authors Lynne Connolly and Helen Scott Taylor (winner of American Title IV)

ATII-er, Maria Gerace

Author, Maria Geraci, American Title II Finalist

RT Staff Geniuses :) Elissa Petruzzi and Giselle Hirtenfeld/Goldfeder

RT Staff Geniuses :) Elissa Petruzzi and Giselle Hirtenfeld/Goldfeder

Sarah Wendell from

Sarah Wendell from

Author Stephanie Julian

Author Stephanie Julian

RT – Castles in the Sand

I may move to Florida.

Yes, this is  a major departure for me. For those of you who know me, you know how much I hate: A)heat, B)sweating and C)bugs. Florida has all three.

But if I could live here, I might change my mind.



My friend who lives here says tht this place was  built by a businessman for he and his wife. The guest house is here:

cimg44431 check out those stairs:







and here’s where we’re staying:






Of course I had to go to the beach. This is similar to the setting for book 3, Catch of  a Lifetime:





And don’t forget to leave a comment to have a chance to win a mermaid cell phone charm and if you have a friend comment AND leave your name, you’ll have more chances to win.

And We Have a Winnah! But Wait! There’s More!

And the winner of the Mermaid Cell Phone charm as posted on  is:


Cheryl M.!!!


Congratulations, Cheryl, and thanks for playing along!


Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday and commented on my interview with Smart Bitch Sarah. We have picked the winner of a copy of Beyond Heaving Bosoms, and it is:

(drum roll…)


Sia McKye!!



Sia is a member of The Writing Wombats and has her own blog: Sia McKye’s Thoughts On…

Congratulations, Sia!

And there’s more!


If you’d like a shot at winning something else, today I’m featured at for National Humor Month and you can win your very own Mermaid!

On the site, scroll down below the box listing the author’s names and dates to see the rules . Here are some important ones:


APRIL 15th Prize:  Mermaid cell phone charm
Today’s scavenger hunt question:  What is the name of the podcast Judi did with Rowena Cherry?  Find the answer on Judi Fennell‘s site.

Email us the answer (Note:  You MUST use “scavenger hunt” in your email subject or your entry will be deleted as spam)


Fine print for all LASR contests: 

  • The winner’s name will be posted on our website.

  • Your entry is your acknowledgement that you are at least 18 years-old at the time of this contest.

  • For all winners outside the US and Canada, an eBook of our choice may be substituted for any print book or other tangible prizes.


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